Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Stuck in a rut....

Yep, it were definitely cold last night. My thermometer thingy says the low last night was 26 degs. And I trust my thermometer thingy. Maybe this is the last day of winter for south Texas. Let's hope so.

Don't suppose any of ya want to hear bout "toad" hunt'n no more. Well, I gonna tell ya anyhows. Yesterday afternoon was spent in it's entirety of cruis'n car lots look'n for the perfect towable vehicle. Light curb weight and enough carry'n capacity for my "junk" and collectables. Well, it weren't a successful day. Although I did find 3 possibilities, but guess what, they all weigh bout the same as "that jeep".
Isuzu Trooper

Isuzu Rodeo

2005 Dodge Dakota 4x4
Of the 3, I like the Trooper the best, but still not exactly what I'm look'n for. More look'n on the horizon.
Then I got to think'n. "Oh boy, here we go with the think'n again". What if I just keep the "that jeep" and spend some more $$$$$ on it? Got to do some serious think'n on that.

I were sit'n here think'n last night. Where I gonna go to next and what I'm gonna do in 2012. It didn't take me very long to figger out that I have no freak'n idea for my future. This is one of the drawbacks of get'n older and run'n out of dreams.
Got to do some serious think'n on that. "Take yer time Billy Bob, it all gonna be fine".


  1. Just what's wrong with finding a place to stay (as much as u like) with fishing and golf handy? Warm weather most of the time. You make friends everywhere. I don't call that losing your dreams, i call it being satisfied where you are, to relive those dreams. What you save in fuel would go a long way on monthly expenses..
    Just a thot.

  2. Trouble, you missed the point of why we RV'ers buy an RV in the first place. It's to travel to different destinations to our liking. One day we could be on "da beach" and the next climbing some mountain out in west Texas. My mind is not clear of which I want to do.

    When ya get down to only 1 last dream, it makes it hard to make decisions pointed at that dream.

    Save on fuel??? Monthly expenses??? My monthly expenses consist of food, fun, camp sites and fuel. To do away with 1 would be disastrous to the other 3.

  3. You should keep up the RV life. Once the weather warms up and the fish start biting, you will start feeling much better.

  4. Yep we are at the average bottom of winter temps here. By Feb. 1 the avg temps start to climb and the tires get restless.

  5. Well PARDON ME! Thot you had been talking about having to stay in one place. And by monthly expense, thot that might include rent in a good place. And i DO UNDERSTAND about RVing. Would have loved to do it too, when i was younger and able.