Friday, January 13, 2012


A few of the blogs this morning are talk'n bout superstitions since today is Friday the 13th.

Ya see, superstitions were started when "mama" was look'n for way to keep her irresponsible children from do'n stupit stuff. Walk'n under a ladder don't really cause ya to have bad luck, it's just plain stupit when there's a guy up there work'n....ya know he gonna drop something. That ol' black cat is just go'n to the other side of the street....maybe to meet a friend for breakfast or just to hang out. Now if you break mama's mirror, that ain't superstition. Mama is gonna be pissed, that's all there is to it.

I remember the "bigger kids" on the farm used to tell me if I sleep on my left side, the devil will get under my bed and stab me right in the heart. I sleep on my right side to this day....but I'm not superstitious. I'm comfortable.
And then I have this ring I wear. Found it many years ago. It has been nothing less than good luck to me since the first day I put it on. But I ain't in the least superstitious.

Let me tell ya a little bout this ring and you draw your own conclusions. I were unemployed the day I found this ring. I put it on and the next day I had a job offering. Purty good job too. This went on for the next couple years. Good job and good times. We lived in West Virginia at the time and used coal for heat. I notice the set was missing from my ring. My son found it a few days later out on the porch amongst all the coal chips where I was bust'n up coal. Another time it was missing again. Fount it in a cast iron skillet just before I pour out the grease from breakfast. The next time it were missing, it was found on the computer keyboard. The set is a black star sapphire mounted in a white gold mounting....or what ever ya call it.

In 1987 I had all the cold and snow I could deal with in W.Va.. Hooked it up to Port Aransas, Texas with nary a dollar in my pocket, two VW busses and a ton of junk. Did a few odd jobs to make ends meet. We were out of money, low on food, so I hock my ring for $50. We ate that $50 in bout a week and I had no ring. Immediately after retrieving the ring from the hock shop, things began to look up again.  New job with the University of Texas (that where I retired from), food on the table and good times. Been up hill ever since. Well maybe 3 heart attacks can't be considered up hill, but I never had a worry in the world when I had my open heart surgery in 2008. That is until they told me to take off my ring and shave off my beard. I survived.

Now let me tell ya bout cold. I knowed last night from the weather forecast it were gonna be cold. But they didn't know just how cold it were gonna be. If my thermometer is right, I woke up to 25 degs this morning. It were 45 degs inside even with a little electric heater on full blast. With being this far south in Texas, my heart bleeds for all those poor souls that live north of here.....Brrrrrrrrrr.

Yesterdays trip to Port Aransas turned out to be a success. Drove the "dump truck" down the road do'n a hunnert mile a hour. Took care of all my business an' head 'em back to "da house". Holy crap, it get'n dark....and look where them headlights are shining. One up in the air and the other over there in the ditch. But that's ok, the new headlights are scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Also picked up a couple parts that need to be replaced. Will it ever end???


  1. I don't know which is worse, having heart surgery or having to shave your beard. That would be a hard decision for me. Would probably opt to keep the beard, and try alternative medicine. Do you know any good witch doctors?

  2. To show you just how superstitious I am, I'm sitting in the airport in Honduras waiting to board a flight back to the States for a visit. So, if you don't hear from me again there may be something to that 'Friday the 13th' stuff...

  3. hhheyyy wait! didn't you leave out the part of ,,,,how you got that ring back???

  4. Interesting ring story. I didn't find but bought a ring and the story of luck goes with it to some extent, when I had to lay down my motorcycle to avoid broadsiding a car that crossed in front of me, riding the cycle on it's side the ring on little figer left hand saved my finger althought the diamonds were ripped out.
    Still have both, ring and cycle25 years later, never repaired either.
    Cycle has 3 thousad plus miles on it.

  5. I'm a thinkin' ya best be keepin' dat ring on yur finger!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  6. Your headlights sound like the headlights on mom's mini van...well guess it does not matter as we can not drive it, what with no brakes ;(