Saturday, January 21, 2012

Yes I can.....


Yeasterdays weather caused me to do something what I knowed was gonna cause me a problem at a later time. And I was correct. I had  made a cash offer to "Bubba" a few days ago to wash and wax "that jeep" with some kind of "special" yellow stuff....or maybe it's orange. Well anyhows, two days later and "that jeep" was still dirty. So, the old Billy Bob go outside yesterday, since it were a beautiful day, an' do it his self. The $20 I had offered is nuttin compared to the pain and agony from a simple wash job.

The first time I hurt my back I was only a rambunctious teenager. Ya see, this was at a time when batteries was a precious commodity, much like gold is today. The battery in my 1946 Ford 2 door was one of the many batteries that would fail me in the worst of circumstances......like skeek'n the car back in the yard late at night. So ya push it....'cause the damn thing won't start. Up a little hill being as quiet as possible. This could possibly be my first experience into the art of cuss'n like a sailor. Fifty years later and four more self inflicted "I can pick that up" injuries, I now have two deteriorated discs an' a torn whatsamacallit....ligiment/tendon or something like that. Google sciatica to understand why I might "whine" from time to time.

Actually there ain't nuttin wrong with cuss'n if it's used in a constructive way. Some sentences in writings require a little cuss word here an' there for the sentence to have full impact and meaning to the reader. Fortunately there ain't many blogs that use hi octane profanity in their writings.

Today I will be mostly "do'n nuttin". It's wet outside...not from rain, but high humidity. But this is normal for this part of the world, being only a few miles from the Gulf of Mexico. If I was camped out on the island, I would be dealing with salt on the ground and in the air. Grrrrrrrr to salt.    


  1. Lol, Billy Bob...I meant "whine" in the most respectful way :)

    I too suffer from a bad back so I understand fully what pain you are experiencing.

    Don't you hate it when you hire someone and they don't show up?

  2. I feel for you, BB. My back hurts like heck and why is it everything you want out of the "basement" is under a slide-out?