Sunday, January 1, 2012

Break'n wind.....

Billy Bob, you make some of the dumbest decisions I ever see. Had you looked at the weather forecast for today, Sunday January 1st 2012, you would have known the winds were 25 to 30 mile a hour out of the north and will progress throughout the rest of the day.

Let me tell ya a little bout driv'n a big motorhome against high winds. First off, it ain't nuttin like driv'n a little red pick up or a big ol' high dollar SUV into the wind. It's more like tak'n a 20 foot sailboat out to sea during a raging hurricane with 20 foot swells. I was headed down the road, just east of Roswell, NM back in 2003. There was road construction with only one lane of traffic each way. The winds were kick'n up in the 40's and 50's mile a hour. No place to pull off the road. Traffic was heavy. By the time I got to Roswell, my hands had to be pried off the steer wheel. Just a slight gust of wind in the 40 mile a hour range will change the direction of a class A motorhome into interesting territory....usually into an occupied travel lane. So you see, old Billy Bob don't like driv'n "Sally da house" in the wind.

After OFM Barneys surprise visit yesterday, I proceeded to the laundrymat. Loaded up 3 huge washers with a months supply of clothes that was in need of a good wash'n. That was the important stuff. The sheets and blankets will have to wait for another day.

Andrea asked if I were gonna be bored in Sinton. Well yeah I'm gonna be bored. There ain't nuttin there but a golf course. It's a hunnert mile drive to Corpus Christi there and back. I'll have no water other than what I bring with me. Electricity will be from an old 100 foots extension cord. But I'm not go'n there for pleasure. I got things to do. Mainly find a replacement for "that jeep". Nephew Joseph call me yesterday evening an' say he done fount me two to look at. Ya see, Joe knows lots of used car dealers and stuff like that. He gets around. And he's a wheeler dealer unlike his uncle Billy Bob who will buy anything for any price.

Ok...got to get stuff ready to roll. Things to do ya know.

4pm update...
Well that didn't take long. Pull out of my campsite right at 11:45 and head to the dump station. After a good dump, I pull straight onto the awaiting ferry for an exciting ride across the ship channel. No wait'n in line like I had expected. At 1:30pm I had backed "Sally da house" into her space and hook up 20 amp electric service. That mean if'n it gets cold, I gonna be using my propane heater.
"Hello,..... can I come in to visit"?
"Well sure, make your self to home". Just don't pee or poop on the carpet.....OK???


  1. Don't sound like you will be bored,,having to find a replacement for "that jeep", that has to be fun,,and i KNOW you had fun driving in that wind..hahahaha,,gotta have a little excitement, right?
    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I hope you will not be going over the jfk bridge in this wind......you would be staring Death in the face.

  3. Yeah Trouble, I'm really excited.

    Andrea, I may have no other choice if the ferry line is a hunnert mile long. Would much rather take the shorter route through Aransas Pass.
    The JFK bridge don't really scare till I'm right at the top.....then I gets all tight an' stuff.

  4. Make sure that you check the web site that tells you which cars are towable 4 down. Don't want to buy something that has to be towed on a dolly or needs a driveshaft disconnect kit. What happened to your little red Bronco? pour a few hundred dollors into that and your good to go.

    Happy New Year

  5. So are you pulling out today or not?

    If there is a golf course anywhere near you I know you will not be bored.

    Glad you have a nephew who is has your best interest at heart. You are very fortunate.

  6. Now that is what I would call a proper towing distance! I came looking for you in Sinton just to have something to do and could not find you. Have fun.

  7. Be careful who or what comes to visit you, they may start calling you an old goat!!! You old goat. . .