Thursday, January 26, 2012

Look'n up.....

Boy howdy, things are look'n up this morning. Woke up all bushy tail after my first good nights sleep in bout a week. Made it to the coffee pot straight as a board instead of all bend over an' stagger'n. Yup, my back is better today. That's good news.

Speak'n of good news, did any of ya see where Arizona Gov Jan sticked her finger in Mohammad Ali Obama's face. Now that was funny....from my prospective anyhows. But wait.....I don't talk no politics on my blog. Just stuff I find funny. Now had she stuck her finger in my face.....hmmmmm, broke finger? I'm think'n Obama had the same thoughts. I'm sure she's really on his poo poo list now.

Anyhows, the old Billy Bob is gonna try a new outlook on "the rest of my life". I've let myself be influenced by others and by what others think of me for too many years. That's not living your own life, it's living your life through the eyes of others. Just in this last year I let myself be influenced into do'n things I really didn't want to do. So maybe this year I'll be the old Billy Bob ya used to know from 2 years ago. I'll still be open to suggestions and welcome each and every one of 'em. But......"this is my life". If I feel like complain'n bout something, I'm gonna complain. If I feel like talk'n bout something what don't interest ya, I'm gonna talk bout it. If I decide to go to Alaska in the dead of winter, that what I gonna do. Of course you gonna hear me complain bout it.

Open my UPS delivery package. My God, why so much packaging? The empty boxes weigh as much as the merchandise.

Won't be no more dead batteries in "da house" no more.

Since it has warmed up a bit outside and my back feels better, I think I'll climb up on the roof and change my TV antenna. May even crawl up under "that jeep" to change out a U-joint what is vibrat'n. Although, first I need to go downtown and pick up a rear transfer case seal what is leak'n. Not a whole lot of sense of pull'n the drive shaft two times.

Ok....I'm off to the roof.


  1. Dad, i am so glad that your back is feeling better. But in my experience when I feel that good, coming off a episode of my back feeling bad, I would take it slow a few days. climbing on the roof is one thing, climbing under the jeep is another. just saying. Well just thought that I would share. love you and hope to see ya soon.
    your son William

  2. I agree with your son, the roof is enough for one day. My back hurts the worst when my wife drags me off shopping (grin).

  3. wish you'd left a comment AFTER that roof job...lol.

  4. BB That the wayto go do your own thing. If i was to tell you about the day i had yesterday ever one would think mi was crazy.