Friday, January 27, 2012

Hog wash....

Sometimes I get my days mixed up, but don't everybody? Here I was think'n today was Saturday, not that it matters what day it is, I ain't got to go to work nohows.

Holy crap!!! I got me some change invested in the stock market and yesterday my portfolio spranged a leak. Money was pour'n out it like water. Watch'n the news, I noticed there was another "speech" in Washington. Hmmmmmm, could this have something to do with the leak? Somebody needs to just "shut up". This is cost'n me money.

My new diet is working. I've been on this new diet for 3 weeks now and have gained a pound. Ya see, diets ain't just for los'n weight, but also for gain'n weight. Oh, did you know that chicharones are a good laxative?

"I tole you Billy Bob, don't go on the roof". I was up there for bout 10 minutes.....what can go wrong with climb'n on the roof? Well, you could fall off ya know, but apparently that didn't happen.....thank God for balance and a sound mind. "It's the ladder Billy Bob, stay off the damn ladder". Anyhows, before I changed my TV antenna I had 11 channels. Of which 3 were Mexican channels. Now I have 16 channels. Of which 6 are Mexican channels. Now that's what I'm talk'n bout. Yee Haa!!!

How bout some cajun music to start out the day?  Holy cows, turn that thing down. Sit'n here rock'n an' shak'n the winders with that big ol' bass speaker thingy. If'n I was sit'n in a rv park, I would have an irate neighbor that for sure. Some people just don't appreciate good music.

Speak'n of Cajun, when was the last time ya visited New Orleans? I ain't talk'n bout New Orleans proper, but the French Quarter. Been quite a while since I been there. Back in 2004 I think it was. Not that I lost anything there, but I sure would like to go back for another visit. Buy me one them Hover Round thingys so's I don't have to walk......"Git out the way, here come Billy Bob". Yeah, that would work. A hunnert mile a hour in a Hover Round. (Think bout it.....Billy Bob is dangerous on a bicycle)

Was a mite chilly this morn'n.....38 degs. Sun is out. Not a cloud in the sky. Be a good day to go somewheres, but damn, I still got to crawl up under "that jeep".....or not. Maybe I'll change clothes and go see if Barney the OFM is home.

LOL, funny thing just happen. I were talk'n bout my diet to gain weight and I just received a email (spam) for a weight loss diet. What the hell, is somebody read'n my posts before I post them???

Weren't 5 minutes after I made my blog post....the phone rang. It were Barney an' he was say'n "yeah I'm home.....hurry, I'm hungry.....fish is bite'n everywhere....we can go for a ride....do some walk'n....yeah come on.....I'm home, yeah I'm home....c..c..cooooome oooooon". We had a wonderful dinner at the Jalisco's Mexican Restaurant right there in Rockport. I ate too much as usual, like I always do when I sit down to Mexican food. Love the stuff....what ever it is. I'm wait'n for someone to open up a Chinese Mexican all you can eat buffet. Yum boy howdy I mean to tell ya. Then we went fish'n. Did I mention the wind was blow'n a hunnert mile a hour? Well, it were, I swear.....take my word for it. Then we went for a ride. Seem like half way to Galveston, but Barney assured me it was only 7 miles. Yeah, the wind was blow'n there too. I fount me a nice little bench to sit down on and watch seasoned fishermen try'n to catch fish in the wind. Remind me of the time me and Barney went fish'n in the wind....only an hour earlier. Like spit'n in da wind ya know.

Now I'm back at "da house". Got to lay down....NOW!!!!


  1. Loveeee that zedeco music! Turn it UP.
    Amazing what you can get now with antennas. Even here.
    Front coming in for tomorrow, take the day off and have some fun.

  2. I cashed my 401 in and bought a motorhome. They told me that my money would not be good anymore, so I bouth things with it. Ain't that what you are suppose to do, get rid of the good for nothing money and get things?

  3. HOG WASH, that is what Ms. Piggy bathes with.

  4. When you eat too much and have too much fun with Barney, you just got to lie down, right?

  5. Actually DD I am so interesting it puts folks to sleep.

  6. Billy Bob I do not know whether to check on my 401-K or not because I do not want to ruin my weekend and there is really nothing I can do about it :-(

    I always wanted to go to the French Quarter or Mardi Gras but my friends never had any money and I did not want to go by myself nor was I about to pay for them.

    In retrospect maybe I should have paid their way as now I am too old to be able to enjoy it and I no longer like crowds "sigh"...