Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The beat goes on....

Boy howdy, is the old "Billy Bob get'n beat up or what? Retirement ain't supposed to be like this ya know.

I got so much stuff to do in the maintenance department that I may never got back on the road again. Work on "that jeep" is com'n along just fine....slow but just fine. Further inspections have found a couple more little items to repair, but other than that, "that jeep" is almost lile a brand spank'n new.....Ahh, dump truck???

I were sit'n here talk'n to nephew Joseph. He say...."what the hell is that click'n noise"? That what I say too. The front A/C is go'n nutso....clickity click, clickity click...with it turned off. With summer right around the corner, I gonna need that A/C. Ten minutes later....located source of the clickity click to be in the thermostat. Why I don't know. So's I swaks it a few times with my little thermostat swak'n hammer. It ain't how hard ya swak, but where ya swak. I guess I could replace it but if it ain't mak'n a clickity click no more, I rekon it's fixed.

Then there's the dash air in "da house" what lost it's charge again. Now dash air is a must have during the heat of summer as everybody knows. I remember one time I was com'n back to Texas from Ca., driv'n through some the hottest country I ever see in my life. The dash air did not work an' the fan only blowed hot air. Said I ain't never gonna do that again. Woooeee, it were hot. Maybe "other BIL" Martin has a leak detector for R-134a. I throwed mine in the dumpster back in Deming.

Work work work....that all I ever do. 

2:15 pm......well that took care of that. Got tired of wait'n round for free stuff and went off to the local muffler shop and had them brackets cut slap off. The drive back to "da house" was a splendid ride.....just like a Cadillac....or something like that. Not much left to do to "that jeep" other than a little water leak and replace the serpentine belt. Old Billy Bob that much closer to "on the road again".

Just talk'n to myself here....."where ya gonna go Billy Bob"? Now that's a good question. Ain't really give it much thought. Been think'n of run'n on over to Falcon Lake an' catch me up some fish. Ain't very far from here....bout 3 or 4 days the way I drive. Slow and easy. And then there's Lake Amistad up Del Rio way. As the weather warms up, I'll head up north a ways. Lot's of lakes round Dallas ya know. Get too hot in Texas, there's always the north Georgia mountains....and fish. And a few grandkids of course. 

Today would have been a perfect day for golf ball swak'n, but they closed today. Who ever hear of such a deal as that? Maybe tomorrow or thursday. Hmmmmmm, wonder if the OFM Barney ever got over all his ailments?



  1. Like I have always said...you are very fortunate that you know how to fix your vehicle or when things goes wrong with Sally.

    Wish I was as resourceful as you :(

  2. meant to say ---> or when things go wrong with Sally.

  3. Here's what ya do MsB, ya go to walmart and buy you a bunch of tools...table saw, floor jacks, wrenchs, hammers....stuff like that. Then just jump in there and take stuff apart.

  4. Maybe you could flip a coin at every cross-roads and go right if it heads, left if it is tails, and straight if you drop it.

  5. I remember asking my youngest sister (who was about 20 at the time) if she ever heard such and such a noise coming from the engine compartment of her car. She said, "I just turn up the radio." So I guess if ya can't hear it anymore it must be fixed.

  6. When the Check Engine light comes on in our car, we just put a piece of black electrical tape over it so we don't have to look at it no more.

    Karen and Steve
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