Thursday, July 31, 2014

I'm grouchy

Ok, so I'm grouchy this morn'n. I get that way when I hurt like hell an' don't get a absolutely wonderful restful sound sleep. Boy howdy, I don't want much do I?

Ya see, last night I dreamed I was all set up for surgery. The damn nurse was push'n this toothbrush look'n thingy down my throat. Said it was to roughen up my throat so the medications would stick. Then she start cram'n big ol' pills down there. I'm gag'n. The doctor says..."not his throat....his butt".
Damn I'm glad I waked up when I did.

You might think that's funny, but I thought bout that for a freak'n hour. Waked up think'n bout that. Then I got think'n bout the doctor. Then I got to think'n bout the wheelchair an' walkers. Then I got to think'n bout never walk'n again. All negative thoughts an' not one positive. Now ya see why I'm grouchy this morn'n.

Ha, ya think I didn't do nuttin yesterday? Well let me tell ya, I spend a good 3 hours back there in the bedroom go'n through stuff, throw'n stuff out an' put'n other stuff on the shelves. But I'm a long ways from finished.

Books, what do I do with my books? I tole ya before that I got bout 300 western paperback books. Probly read all of 'em an' some a second time. Now what the hell am I gonna do with them? If I save 'em, I got to find a place to stow 'em. If'n I give 'em away, I don't got nuttin to read no more. Decisions decisions.
"Ok Billy Bob, when was the last time ya readed a book"? Ahh, bout a year ago when I was boondock'n. Hmmmmm....when will I ever boondock again?

Seems my life is hang'n on to what the doctor gonna say next week (Tuesday). And what he can do for me to get rid of some this daily pains I got. If nuttin can be done, I'm screwed. I looked at them MRIs again. Now if'n I was a doctor, I would cut me open an' take them smashed disks out.

Oh nevermind. I got things to do. Laters.

Poor "yo mama" is all down an' out over her foot surgery tomorrow. I know how she feels. An' she all grumpy too. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

There went a 10 dollar bill.....poooof, gone just like that

Holy crap, I should'a listen to Gypsy.

Ya see, it's like this.....yesterday I feeled better than I have for weeks. I'm gonna do something. An' boy howdy do I got some stuff what needs attention.  I jump in with both feet.

I spent a whole dad gum hour clean'n the desk top. Throwed a ton of crap in the dumpster. Sorted them plastic Walmart special container thingys. Throwed more stuff in the dumpster. My desk top looks brand spank'n new. Well, it did for a little while. Ya see, the next item on my list required some heavy duty tools....drills, drill bits, screws...stuff like that. They are sit'n on my desk top this morn'n. Then I went through the same kind of containers in my desk cabinet. More stuff to the dumpster. Yeee ha, I ain't got nuttin left....an' I know damn well I'm gonna need it sometime in the next years time. God I hate throw'n stuff in the dumpster.

The floor....let's sweep an' mop the floor. My god, where all this dog hair come from? "Sadie Mae, you next". Now sweep'n a floor ain't so bad. But I did have to take me a couple "sip up a cup" an' "light one up" breaks. The floor is sweeped. I look at my mop. Ha, there ain't no way this is gonna work. POS Walmart special. It's hands an' knees time. An' let me tell ya, that was a freak'n chore. The floors are mopped.

Dirty dishes pile is get'n bigger.

I breaks out the hair cut'n stuff. Gotta fix Sadie Mae's crookit hair. Thank ya son Billy....sheesh!!! Did I mention Sadie Mae don't like haircuts? But surprisingly, she just lay there an' let me do my thing. For over a damn hour. "Sadie Mae, you so purdy with a new haircut". Still a long ways from a professional groom'n, but she's good to go for another couple three months. Spray her down with the Frontline spray stuff for fleas, ticks an' what ever else she gets into. Check Sadie Mae off the list.

That spud gun. No further tests was done yesterday. I ate the damn tater I was gonna use for the test. Now there is a slim possibility I may go outside an' see if'n I can blow that sucker up. Well, not really blow it up, but see if'n I can make it work......BOOOOM....Phooof....fire come out the barrel. I also need to fabricate some parts to make it look like a "spud gun from hell" an' not just a plain ol' spud gun. Pistol grip with trigger. Ammo clip. An' a long range hunters scope. Paint that sucker up to a flat black finish. Yeee ha, I can hardly wait. Come on Mack, come visit papaw.

Sissy....click right here...http://musingbythecreekside.blogspot.com/ . That's your blog. Notice there is no "s" after musing. "That's all I have to say bout that"....Gump.

Now....I went to bed way way more early last night. Right at bout 10:15pm. I was think'n maybe I would get a good night sleep an' get up early this morn'n an' feel like a hunnert dollar bill. Well let me tell ya right now....don't go to bed think'n that kind of shit is gonna work. My god, I cain't walk. Well I can, but it hurt like hell. Damn bulldozers. Aspirin to the rescue....one or two?

Get'n back to how good I feel yesterday, while I was go'n through stuff, I fount a old draw'n I did a few years back. Some of ya know it as my last dream, an' then there's some of ya that ain't never seen it before. This is my RV shelter/patio.

When I look at this draw'n yesterday....damn, I git'n myself all excitis again. Even though I had given up on this dream bout a year ago.....due to old age an' not being able to "do nuttin" no more, I'm think'n there may still be a possibility to live my dream. This would make a perfect "Sally da house" homebase don't ya think? Git too cold, ya go somewheres where it's warm. Git to hot, ya go somewhere's where it's cool. Damn, I'm gonna need me a bulldozer, a dump truck an' a backhoe. An' a bunch of cheap labor. Come on stock market, do yer thing.

Ok, I'm done for the day. Cain't think of anything else to write about.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A brand spank'n new $10 dollar bill

Man boy howdy. I feel terrible when I talk bout my own back issues, while at the same time there is other people in much worser shape than I am.....by far. I ain't gonna mention no names, but you know who you are. I don't rekon I'll ever meet ya, but it sure would be nice to go for a walk, sit down on a park bench sip'n up a cup an' talk bout our dreams an' expectations. I'm think'n you know what I'm talk'n bout.

The phone ringed. It was Robert. "I'm bring'n you that piece of pipe daddy". I can see it now, we gonna be work'n on a "spud gun from hell". An' that's exactly what we did. Gimme some glue Robert. Cut this piece of pipe Robert. Hand me that big hammer Robert. We piddled with them pieces of pipe for the next 2 hours. Installed all the necessary parts an' "walla", we got a spud gun.

Now this is what a regular spud gun looks like. It's ready to send chunks of taters into the neighbors yards. All we gotta do is make it work. We spray all kind of crap in there an' the damn thing don't ignite the high octane "blow something up" propellants. What the hell???

As you can plainly see by the following photo, this above photo IS NOT a "spud gun from hell".

THIS is the "spud gun from hell".

As usual, when something don't work as designed, Google is your best friend. The chamber must be completely sealed....a tater down the barrel, an' a good dose of oxygen inside the chamber before ya spray in the propellant. If'n ya ain't got no oxygen, regular ol' air will work. That's where we went wrong. We was try'n to shoot a spud gun with no ammo in it an' no oxygen....just to be on the safe side ya know. Futher tests will be made later in the day....after I get my other eye wide open an' can see. In case you're wonder'n, this is NOT the first spud gun I ever built. But it IS the first spud gun I built that didn't work. "Hey yo mama, ya got any taters I can borry"?

Grandson Mack's interest has floundered. ?????.....what do I do now? This was "our" project, to be worked on together. Not papaw do all the work an' grandson Mack to receive all the praise an' glory.

 Speak'n of "yo mama", she is scheduled for surgery this Friday. Some kind of foot surgery. Then at a later date, knee surgery. Poor girl gonna spend the rest of her life lay'n on the couch watch'n soaps an' Judge Judy. Robert has been tak'n measurements for a handicap ramp. He's such a good boy.

Ok, got up this morn'n feel'n like a crisp 10 dollar bill. Shoot, I can do anything this morn'n. Well, maybe not anything, but I sure as hell feel better than I have for the last few weeks. How bout a 3 pain level? Hip don't hurt too bad. Got plenty sleep last night. Even got up a hour early this morn'n. "You da man Billy Bob.....yeee har".

I got tools to be put up. I got floors to sweep. I got a desk top to be cleaned. I got a bedroom what needs cleaned. Dishes gonna be fine just like they are. Trash is out. "Sadie Mae....cut Sadie Mae's hair".
Man, I got to slow down. Just think'n bout all that stuff, I may need me a nap in a bit.

Oh wait, my frick'n refrigerator is fall'n out the hole. The fridge sits on a platform in the wall.bout 15 inches off'n the floor. Well....the platform is fall'n apart an' in need to be rebuilt. I can do that. While I'm do'n that, I will remove the furnace what lives under the refrigerator an' put me in a great big ol' drawer. The furnace is unused (vents covered with walnut flooring) an' another kitchen drawer sure would be nice in it's place.

See what I'm talk'n bout, the old Billy Bob never has a dull moment. Always gotta fix stuff.



Monday, July 28, 2014

Acceptable blog matteral

Got to think'n last night bout what to post on a blog. Or should I say, what is acceptable to post on a blog. Some the stuff I post is probly right on the edge of.....holy crap, what is that word I'm look'n for?

Ya see, my blog tells ya bout everthing I do from the time I get up till the time I finally hit the sack somewheres past the midnight hours......an' then some. Now I ain't say'n I tell ya everthing, but I do paint ya a picture of my life. There ain't many bloggers what do that. They hide behind....."don't say it Billy Bob, somebody gonna git pissed". But there are a select few....an' them are my favorites. For those of ya that been read'n my blog for a hunnert year or so, know all there is to know bout me. Shoot....YOU could write a book....sell bout 14 copies.

But I wouldn't have my blog content any different. I mean like....if'n I'm gonna tell ya a story, let's put some facks in there too. Facks what led up to the story. Like when I was just a tyke, liv'n on the farm, I was a rambunctious little bastard what did stuff no normal kid would think of do'n. When ya know that little piece of fact, the story has more mean'n. Do I like mean'n in my stories? You betcha I do. And I like a bunch of spices too. Kind a sorta makes ya forget the down times a bit.

But......maybe it's time for a change. *sit'n here think'n* What should I change? Ok, forget all that stuff I just said......I ain't chang'n nuttin.

Now bout last night. "My god Billy Bob, nobody is still awake at 5am in the morn'n". Well, I was. My mind was in high gear....think'n bout stuff that ain't got no mean'n what so ever. My pet chicken. My dogs. My cats. Run'n a red light in Kansas. Swim'n in a creek an' I cain't swim. Mountain lion hunt'n. Swak'n a rattlesnake with a brand spank'n new fish pole. Health issues came to mind. Broke stuff came to mind. See what I'm talk'n bout.....I think weird stuff when I should be sound asleep.

Only 8 more days. That's my appointment with the surgeon doctor ya know. Now while I'm sit'n here think'n bout it, too many people think there ain't "nuttin to it" get'n my back fixed. Well, let me tell ya right now, there IS something to it. I got the MRI ya know an' what I see in that thing is a beat up old pick'em up truck with a bent frame, ball joints wore slap out....bunch of whiskey dents, broke winders....an' a dead battery. Get'n this close to my appointment, do'n further research....look'n at that pick'em up truck, I get'n them negative feel'ns again. It keeps me awake at night....see above.

I had so much company yesterday I didn't do a damn thing. But, I didn't make no plans to do nuttin anyhows. Well I did, but it will still be there tomorrow....or the next day. I don't believe in rush'n in to anything ya know, especially work. Hmmmmmm....is in to the same as into?


Sunday, July 27, 2014

One more project job checked off

Today has started out "one of them days". But I suppose we could talk bout that later on.

Yup, I did it. Hope some of ya won some bucks. The cabinet doors were cut to size an' them modified hinges are installed an' the doors installed on the awaiting cabinet.

 As you can plainly see....it's perfect. Now...perfect can be interpreted by many as a wonderful piece of art. But if'n you're a libra, there are no imperfections that go unnoticed. I'm a libra ya know an' I strive to build "perfect" every time. I'll buy this job as almost perfect. 1/32 of a inch does make a difference. "Scratch it off the list Billy Bob, nobody will ever know".

Now, get'n back to go'n places. I was serious when I said I ain't all excitis no more bout hook'n up "billy jeep" an' head'n down the road a thousand miles. But that don't mean I don't want to be somewheres else. Even cruis'n down the highway a hunnert mile a hour don't excite me no more. I rekon I'm just a worry wart that something ain't gonna work out right. Like stranded along some hunnert mile stretch of gravel road an' no other traffic. Or the damn generator won't crank up for a fresh pot of coffee. By the way....Onan generator is fixed. "Wait a minute Billy Bob, ya only tested it 1 time".

Anyhows, all my hopes an' dreams bout "go'n down the road a piece" is hang'n on the results of my next doctor appointment. My back issues is what has me in this mood I talk bout so much. More in this after Aug 5th.

I been lay'n back not do'n nuttin for too long now. All them new shelves I builded are still empty. Stuff is still lay'n all over the place. The floor needs sweeped again. I suppose it could be mopped too. My desk top is a total conglomeration of "stuff" that don't belong there. Walk in my "da house", you would call me a slob. An' Sadie Mae, I need to try to fix her haircut. Thanks wonderful son Billy.

Let's face it....I need to git off'n my ass a do something.

Went out to supper last night with "yo mama" an' HIL (husband in law) Harry. Chinese. In all the Chinese eat'n places I ever been, this one has to be the best. Bookooos of great tast'n food. I eat way too much. I need a nap. But that didn't happen, I got the squirts.....for 4 hours. Ha ha, you didn't think I would say that did ya? Then this morn'n, I waked up at 6:30.....wide freak'n awake. My god, I need some sleep.  

What else ya wanna talk bout today? The weather? A bit on the warm side...94 degs, no breeze all sunshiny. Damn, I should be on the golf course.

Speak'n of golf course, I went outside, grab holt my pitch'n wedge an' hit some balls. But only for a few minutes. My back side says...."that's it, ya gonna sit down". See, this is what I been talk'n bout....I cain't do nuttin no more an' that pisses me off.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Wrong kind of PVC pipe

Ok, let's try this one more time. I didn't do too well yesterday when I corrected a couple followers. Ha....I still ain't learnt to talk English right yet. Sorry guys.

Yesterday weren't a very good day. Ya see, me an' Mack jump in the "billy jeep" an' heads for town. When we got to town, I'm slap lost....done go the wrong way. Mack ain't no help, he's lost too. We finally get all straighten out an' pull into Home Depot. We gonna buy us a 3 inch piece of PVC pipe. "Nope, no ya ain't Billy Bob". All they got is PVC DWV pipe. DWV is for drain, waste an' vent. We ain't build'n no dad gum drain or nuttin like that ya know. Went off to Lowes. Same damn story. Ain't go nuttin but DWV. Long story short, we ain't got no high pressure PVC pipe. Hmmmmm.....can pvc pipe made out of foam hurt ya if'n it blows up? An' who's idea was it to make pipe out of foam anyhows??? See what ya can find Ed......I need help here.

As requested, Sadie Mae is do'n fine. Damn dog don't do nuttin but get under my feet an' bark at the grandkids. Then she lays on her back an' says...."scratch my belly". Billy give her a bath the other day an' attempted to cut her hair. More work for the old Billy Bob to try to fix it. But not today.

Been have'n me some more them depressing thoughts bout the rest of my life. I don't like think'n bout that kind of stuff.....but somebody gotta do it. It ain't really so much bout this winter, but bout the rest my life in general. I just cain't get excitis bout nuttin.....summer or winter. I got me a whole bucket full of "dreads". Have ya ever dreaded driv'n down the road a piece? But it goes further than that. Camp site set ups. Get'n gas. Dump'n tanks. Look'n for my damn dog. Well, with Sadie Mae, that ain't a problem. All I gotta do is look under my camp chair.....there she are.

Now....if'n I had me some excit'n places to go, it would be a different story. Well (for Dizzy Dick), if'n I could do something other than sit on my ass, maybe I could get a little bit excitis. I don't do that no more. Only thing what goes through my mind is ..."you gonna work yer ass off Billy Bob".

I'm sit'n here look'n at them pieces of plexiglass. An' them new "modified" hinges. I can do that I betcha a dollar. For ya bet'n people, don't bet too much. Shoot, I may decide to take a nap.

Speak'n of nap. Last night I ate me up the other half of my Subway sammich....with ranch dress'n on it. Yum boy howdy. An a bowl of cucumber, onion an' maters....with ranch dress'n on it. Yum boy howdy. Then I got sleepy. Not for just a couple minutes, but a couple hours. That's why I was still wide awake at 2am this morn'n. I either gotta quit eat'n or I gotta quit nap'n. How ya quit nap'n when you're asleep? Figger that one out.....

Ok, nuttin excit'n go'n on. It's already afternoon an' I ain't done a damn thing. Let me see what I can do bout that.



Friday, July 25, 2014

Booooom.....it works

Well shoot, here it is Friday already.....where the hell did the week go? Ha....an' I got out of bed way too early.

Ya see, it was like this.....I had to pee, had a leg cramp an' my mind went to work too early. Toss an' turn for bout two hours before I said to hell with it an' scrambled down the hallway to the coffee pot. Ahhhh, nuttin like a fresh cup of strong coffee to start your day.

It's a beautiful day out there....what will I do today?

Back to that "spud gun from hell". I git'n all excitis. So excitis that I went outside an' slip some parts together, spray some flamable propellant in it, pushes the igniter button, an'.....booom.....fire come out the back that thing. Burn my whiskers. Ya see, I was check'n the location I installed the igniter thingy...look'n in the back end to make sure it would spark an' set off the explosive stuff I sprayed in there. Yup, it did. But.....

Sit'n there look'n at the 3 inch PVC high pressure gas chamber, I notice something I didn't see before. "NOT FOR PRESSURE" wrote all over that piece of 3 inch PVC pipe. Spud guns create pressure. High pressure. This will NOT work. Well, maybe it will, but Mack is only 13 years old an' his mama would be highly pissed if'n that thing blowed up while he was shoot'n taters at the neighbors cat. Don't git excitis....Mack ain't gonna shoot no cats. The gas chamber will have to be replaced. 

Been kind of lay'n aside all my whinn'n, bitch'n an' moan'n bout this back issue. One day I'm fine. The next day I hurt like hell. Yesterday was good. Today I have no complaints. In 11 days I will know something....or I hope I will know something. Good news would be a plus.

I got a email to answer.....so don't think I forgot ya. Some emails are easy to answer. Some is hard. Hang in there, watch for the mailman, a letter may be com'n yer way. Good thing it weren't a dad gum phone call. I hate phones.

Mayo Clinic. A few years ago I contacted Mayo for another serious issue I have. "We no longer accept Medicare".
*Google, google google*
It seems they have changed their policy. But right now, I'm not in need to go to Mayo. The organization I am go'n to for my back is a very big corporation....or something like that. Resurgens Orthopaedics if'n ya wanna check em' out. Got great big ol' buildings all over the state of Georgia. A ton of doctors an' staff. So far, I have no complaints....other than talk'n to a damn "needle" doctor an' time between appointments.

I just seen Ed's most recent comment on yesterdays blog. I never said Medicare pays my medical bills 100 %. I said I am covered 100% of what the doctors charge....don't never cost me a cent. What Medicare don't pay, my secondary insurance pays.....BCBS. My BCBS is paid by The University of Texas through my retirement from them. I do pay a "cheap" sum quarterly ($124) for extra coverage UT does not pay for....dental an' vision care. 

Ok, Mack showed up this morn'n. We got to go shop'n for a piece of PVC pipe.....an' a 10 pound bag of taters. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Verizon, Walmart an' back home....long day

Had problems this morn'n. Weren't gonna say nuttin today, but then everbody would accuse me of ignor'n 'em, an ain't no way I'm gonna do that. Now all I got to do is figger out something to write about.

Now that there is what I call a slice of pizza. An' boy howdy let me tell ya.....it was good. I et' the whole damn thing. DeeJournal makes the best pizza in the world....for home cook'n that is. Other half is patiently wait'n in the freezer.
Did I mention when I pick up that skillet thing, my heavy duty pot holder start smok'n. My god that thing was hot. An' speak'n of hot, I cooked that thing bout 5 minutes too long. Start turn'n black on the bottom side. Next time I'll watch it....check on it so's it don't catch a'fire. 

Started clean'n off the desk top this morn'n. Ha...forget that. I started work'n on the grill igniter thingy for the "spud gun from hell". I got stuff lay'n everwheres.

An' while I'm think'n bout it....Verizon. Ya see, a whole bunch of news sites an' Facebook are play'n auto-play videos. That eats up my bandwidth like the cookie monster. When I go over my monthly allotment, they charge me a arm an' a leg....extra. I need more bandwidth, right?

So I go up the road to Verizon. I tell the boy...."I got a air card issue". He says...."what's a air card"? I tell him I need to talk to somebody else. He weren't much better.....said he couldn't change my account 'cause my account was too old. Hmmmm, three years is too old? I left the Verizon store pissed.

So I went to Walmart.....buy'n up stuff. That where my DeeJournal pizza come from. When I finally got out of Walmart, my feet hurt. My back hurt, an' I was pissed some more. Walmart don't got all the stuff I was look'n for. Can you believe, they only had 2 packs of Ball Park beef hot dogs? Just 2, an' I had 4 on my shop'n list. Then I was gonna buy me some maters (tomatoes fer ya northern folk). Somebody sprayed 'em with car polish....all shiny like. At $1.88 a pound, I left with no maters.

By the time I return to "da house", I got a car load of stuff to carry in. I hurt. Brewed up a pot, take me 2 aspirin an' sit my ass down. Light up a smoke. Company show up. Grandson Tim carry in the remain'n bags. Granddaughter giv'n out hugs, daughter flap'n jaws, son in law says...."what's a spud gun"? Man....I need a break.

Fired up my internet an' got on my Verizon account....logged in ya know. Take me a whole 5 minutes to change my account from 5 gigs to 10 gigs. Now I can watch videos. I was hesitant to make the change, but got to think'n...."ya gotta have innernet Billy Bob". Does it matter that I will be pay'n more? Nope, not really. As long as I am still under my monthy allotted living expenses, I'm fine. Less trips to Walmart will equal out the difference. Damn I spend a lot at Walmart.

Well shoot, that bout covers it. I ain't done a damn thing. Well, I did throw out a bowl of cucumbers, maters an' onions what was stink'n up the fridge. An' a bag of rotten taters. Suckers had dad gum arms on 'em in place of eyes.

Speak'n of throw'n stuff out, I bought me some them cherry turnover thingys from the deli at Walmart. Set 'em on the stove. This morn'n them suckers was covered with itty bitty ants. Got as many as I could off'n two of 'em. That was breakfast......ants an' all.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Big bang theory....by Billy Bob & Company

Dad gum it, I don't know where to start this morn'n. Well, I could tell ya I feel much better this morn' than what I did yesterday. I actually walked a straight line to the coffee pot. "Hmmmmm...not a bad cup of coffee Billy Bob".

Before I was so rudely innerrupted yesterday (yes I know that's spell wrong...innerrupted is a redneck word), my thoughts was on winter. An' I was gonna tell ya all bout it. I made it all the way to Phoenix an' in the door walks "yo mama"....jaws a flap'n. "Ya got any coffee"? In walks granddaughter. Face a glow with smiles, big ol' hugs an' a hairbrush. The phone rings....it's Billy. "I'll be there in a few minutes....ya need anything"? I can only talk to one person at a time. I quit writ'n my blog.

Me an' Billy jump in his truck an' goes to Home Depot. We gonna look at hinges for the plexiglass cabinet doors. Just in case, I take along my HD shop'n list. Dang, we almost forget the hinges an' it still costed me almost $50. Betcha a dollar ya don't know what was on my HD shop'n list. If'n ya think'n fried taters, you close.

Back at "da house", Billy get all excitis bout them hinges. Trys 'em this way an' trys 'em that way. "This ain't gonna work daddy". I take one look an' says...."modify 'em". An' that's what we did. No one will ever know. They will work perfect. I modify stuff ya know.

What I have now is no longer a flat hinge, it's a offset hinge.....just what I was need'n.

Now what could all this stuff be for?

If you guessed "spud gun from hell", you got it right. Dang....I git'n excitis. But this is a "papaw" "grandson" project, so's I got to wait for Mack to show up with his work'n clothes on. The barrel inside dimension has been decreased due to the cost of potatoes. White Rain hair spray will be the propellant, ignited with a Walmart special bbq grill spark ignition device. "Hey Bubba, watch this".

I jist go back an' read bout 4 more comments on yesterdays post.
I need to make it plain that my insurance covers 100% what I get fixed in the US. In Mexico, I would have to pay. An' speak'n of Mexico, I ain't go'n. I don't want to go. I ain't lost nuttin there. I git all I want an' need right here at home. But....I would go shop'n there.....hint, hint, hint. "Ya ain't got no passport Billy Bob......sheesh". 


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Itty bitty blog post....bout nuttin

Holy crap, I so much wanted today to be a good day. My god, I can hardly walk this morn'n.

I been do'n a lot of think'n bout the condition of my back issues. You know, think'n back a few years bout when the pain started get'n really bad. It's been gradual.....not all at oncest. Up to bout three years ago, I had a constant bearable pain, what I accepted an' could live with for the rest of my life. The next two years I bitched an' moaned. This last year, that's all I talk about.....as I sit on my ass.

Oh, before I forget, my surgeon doctor appointment has been changed. It's now Aug. 5th at 1pm.

Now bout where I'm gonna end up this winter. You already know it's gonna be somewheres where it's warm, night time temps in the lower 40's is acceptable. I usually "boondock" (no hook ups) every winter. Do ya know how much $$$$ ya can save by not pay'n outrageous monthly space rental?  But, this winter may be different....as I tole ya yesterday. In the comments yesterday, it was suggested I spend the winter in Arizona. Even had me one invitation in Phoenix. That's the place I said I would never ever go back to.

Oh crap....forget it....too much company to be writ'n a blog. See ya tomorrow.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Is it winter yet???

If day time temps were in the lower 40's, I would be stand'n in snow. I'm talk'n bout this winter ya know.

A few suggestions were made yesterday for a comfortable winter stay. Phoenix be'n one of 'em.
I drove through Phoenix one time. I drove....an' I drove....an' I drove....an' I was still in Phoenix. It was cold (Feb, 2002). I swored I would never ever go through Phoenix again. An' I ain't yet. By the time we finally got out of Phoenix, "first mate" Vickie Lynn was already stone drunk an' wanted tacos from Taco Bell. But that's another story.

I've found that anywheres north of I-10 is not a great winter destination for somebody that don't do cold. Maybe a week or two in one them places, but when the old Billy Bob sets up camp for the winter, he is there for a while. But....I was younger then....all full of piss an' vinegar. This year will be much different I rekon, consider'n all the freak'n health crap I got go'n on.

In the entire US, there are only three places that meet my winter needs. I been watch'n them weather guys ya know. Out west, in southern Ca., Yuma an' Quartzite included, the winters are perfect. In Texas, down in the Rio Grande Vally, the winters are perfect. An' then ya got Florida. Take yer pick.

But, as I just said....this winter will be different. In the back my mind, I'm think'n RV park with full hook-ups. Walmart just down the road a piece. A Mexican restaurant with-in walk'n distance. "Ha Billy Bob, like you're gonna walk anywheres". Golf courses. See what I'm get'n at?
I have no plans for this winter. An' now is the time to be think'n bout it.

After I visit the surgeon next month, I may have me some different thoughts. But as of today....this is it.

I ain't been camp'n yet ya know. My god, I been in Ga. for two months an' all I do is sit here "think'n" bout camp'n. Not that I'm well enough to be climb'n all over the place in the north Ga. mountains an' stuff like that.....but damn, I wanna go camp'n. Camp fires, cook'n up fresh catched rainbow trout....scream'n at the grandkids....stuff like that.

But, as I sit here think'n bout all that stuff, fellow blogger Gypsy is busy set'n up her camp tent in campgrounds all over northern California. Walk'n a hunnert miles a day. Tak'n beautiful pictures of "a camp'n trip". Dang that woman make me feel soooo jealous.

Ha....dishes are warshed. I was sit'n here last night an' said "what the hell, let's do some dishes". Dang, I hate to warsh dishes.

Now....do I go shop'n at Walmart today?      

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Talk'n in a big circle

Oh boy, today is Sunday. Does that mean I get to "do nuttin" today.

I don't know how all ya people see my days, but on this end, I always get something done before the sun goes down. I mean....like, if it's only to sweep the floor, I got something done.

Now, bout that parking brake "fix" I been talk'n bout for a week or so. You may think Robert is the only one up under "da house" work'n on that thing, but let me tell ya right now, the old Billy Bob was up under there too, show'n him what to do. I got the bruises to prove it. I know bout that kind of shit ya know.
Well anyways, the drum is still hang'n up....drag'n. One cable is not releasing all the way. Hmmmm, must be something wrong with that there cable.
Ahh ha, there is something wrong with that cable. See that white plastic sleeve? The cable runs through that thing. An' it hangs up in that thing. The purpose of the sleeve is so's the cable don't wear out slide'n back an' forth. I tear that dad gum plastic sleeve slap out....throws it in the dumpster. Now the cable works perfectly. Ever thing is put back together, shoes adjusted an' "tested" for correct operation. Yeee haa, check it off'n the "fix it" list. No more nightmares bout "Sally da house" sink'n in some lake somewheres down the road. I am sooo proud of my wonderful son Robert.

Speak'n of down the road....where the hell do I want to go for winter? Old man winter, that's "mama nature's" grandpa ya know, will be here in short order. I say short order 'cause I ain't gonna be in Georgia when the first norther hits here. Ya gotta plan ahead for this kind of stuff ya know. A couple three four months ahead.

As far as I'm concerned, Falcon Lake in way down south Texas, on the border with Mexico, is out this year. That big ol' 14 pounds bass fish is just gonna have to wait for better times afore I catches him.
I can see it now, I wake up some morn'n, look out into my camp'n site an' there's a hunnert kids wait'n for me to fix breakfast. I ain't the only one avoid'n the border towns as this immigration thing is go'n on. You did see in the news didn't ya, where border patrol was fired on with high power rifles from Mexico? When it was over, 50 kids surrendered to the officers after they had safely crossed the Rio Grande river into the US. That was in way down south Texas. Did I hear somebody say "winter in Florida"? 

Well damn, somebody left a half a can of coke on my brand spank'n new desk. Grankids need to be more respectful of new stuff. It got turned slap over....coke all over the desk top. Bout 10 paper towels later, the coke is gone an' desktop somewhat neat....removal of all the stuff what got throwed up there. Tools, boxes of screws, duct tape, measure sticks (yard sticks), saws, files....well shoot, you know what I'm talk'n bout....work'n stuff.

Speak'n of work'n on stuff, I like to work on stuff. Well it ain't really work, it's more like a hobby. I sit here, take a look at something....."I can fix or modify that". I do fix stuff what don't need to be fixed.....just to be do'n something. But, it ain't like it used to be.....now days I'm slow an' I ain't in no hurry. "Tomorrow Billy Bob, it will still be there tomorrow".

Now....do I do dishes on a Sunday, or do I wait till tomorrow? Got to sit down, sip me up a cup an' do me some think'n bout that. What ever choice I make, it will still be a good one. 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Short man syndrome....a short post

Todays post will be a short 'un. Ya see, Robert showed up a bit early an' he's want'n to go places. Find some hinges for the plexiglass cabinet doors.

Speak'n of go'n places.....Robert picked up my shorty propane tank this morn'n from Ace Hardware. I'm sooo proud of my son. This is gonna be sooo much easier than tote'n round a hunnert pound tank.

Ok, now what do ya do with the 5 gallon tank? Ha, that's a simple decision.....dumpster.

11:30am.... Robert decided he would climb up under "da house" an' remove the parking brake shoes for clean'n an' install the cable return spring. That should fix up the park'n brake problem. More on this when everthing is put back together.

It rained. Not near as much as was forecast by the weather guy, but it is/was still rain. Dang I hate rain.

My mind wandered off on my back issue again last night. I got to think'n "what if". Then later I had me a dream. OFM Barney showed up at my door want'n to go play a round of golf. I grab holt to my walker an' away we go to the golf course. There IS that possibility ya know. I just have to accept it if it happens that way. Damn I hate walkers on the golf course.

Pain level this morn'n was a bit more than I expected since it was down last night....an' most of yesterday. Did I spend too much time in Ace Hardware....bout a hour or so??? There was no couch time involved. Damn I hate that couch.  I still need to order the new foam rubber for that sucker.

That milk'n stool. Ha, you ain't took ya a close look at it have ya? Using it last night, I done figger out it may not be the correct height. Or maybe I shouldn't prop my feet up at all. One or the other......I was NOT float'n on a cloud.

I'm gonna leave todays post at this. Will catch up to ya tomorrow.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Yesterday was a total success....yeeee haaa!!!!

Whoa, slow down....take it easy. I'll get my meds.....but it's just the way I need to go about it. I was just pass'n time yesterday when I mentioned Dr. Fronkinstool an' his stress test....meds an' stuff. I'm still good up till the end of Sept an' a simple phone call will renew my prescriptions for another month. In that time, I will figger out what I want to do. I surely won't be look'n in Ga. for a NEW doctor. There's 30\18 of 'em in Corpus Christi. "Yo Mama's" doctor would probly write me a prescription if'n it comes down to it.
Dang....now ya got me all twist up think'n bout that stuff.

I do need to mention bout that stress test. The first part of it is to get my heart rate way to hell an' gone....a hunnert mile a hour. They do it with a freak'n needle 'cause my back injuries won't let me on a treadmill. But the important part of the stress test is the nuclear part (inject some kind of radioactive shit in me an' run me through a open MRI look'n machine). Look'n for leaks in the bypasses they done. 

Yeee haaa....boy howdy an' all that good stuff. I'm talk'n bout that auto park brake system on "Sally da house". There are days when ya fix something an' feel good bout it....even give a little smile at the good work ya done. But let me tell ya....I was smil'n from one ear to the other one. Had me one them possum grins.

Ya see....this auto park system on "Sally da house" is a MAJOR repair....Oh wait, I don't say repair, I say fix. I spend hour after hour think'n bout what could be wrong....how much it gonna cost me. I have nightmares bout "da house" roll'n down some hill, entering some lake an' ....sink'n....while I'm in Walmart buy'n stuff.
Anyhows, Robert crawl up under there, after preparations. *preparations: Key on, tranny in neutral, leveling jacks up, auto park button pushed in, rear wheels chocked/chalked....blocked* This put the park brake in the off position.....it will roll at the slightest touch. An hour later the drive shaft is disconnected. The parking brake drum is lay'n on the ground. Looks brand spank'n new to me. The brake shoes are inspected. Look brand spank'n new to me.

No need to spend a few hunnert dollars for new parts. Up to this point, me an' Robert are all excitis. Nuttin left to do but put it back together an' adjust the brake shoes (drive shaft disconnected).

Now we have a problem. The shoes drag when ya turn the drum. That's no good. We pull the brake drum for the third time. Hmmmm, the shoes are hang'n up, not return'n to the full off (disengaged) position. WD-40 that sucker. It still don't return. To make this short.....hahahahaha....lololol....we find the cables are hang'n up, not the shoes. I notice a cable return spring is missing. Now we all excitis again.....we can fix this....an' we call it a day. With big smiles on our faces.

Foot stool project is finished. Now I can go milk me some cows. That's what it look like...a freak'n cow milk'n stool. When not using it, I can hide it up under the desk....out of sight.
"Billy Bob, you don't build ugly stuff like that". Apparently he do. He's a redneck ya know.

Ok, it's now time to head down the road a piece. Ace Hardware for the missing spring. Auto parts store for some clean'n stuff for the brake shoes an' drum. Drop off empty prescriptions at Walmart for refills.
"Sadie Mae....ya wanna go for a ride"?


Thursday, July 17, 2014

We got work to do...

After yesterdays "needle" doctor follow up on my MRI's, I gotten a further dislike for doctors. Although.....this guy IS professional in what he has learned from "skool". Kind of make me wonder if'n they teach in them doctor schools....if the patient is old, tell 'em "it cain't be fixed".

So where I sit today, time has been wasted. I say wasted 'cause if'n I had seen a surgeon in the first place, I could possibly be scheduled for surgery next week. Or maybe even recover'n from surgery. But....I do at least have a MRI and a appointment with a surgeon to take a "look see".

Speak'n of my surgeon. Google is your best friend. This guy specializes in what is wrong with my back. He does reconstructive surgery what I hope I don't need. Ha....he even gives shots.
Out of bout 20 patient reviews, he is top notch. Calls ya by name, not number. Has compassion. Talks to ya like a friend, not a doctor. Explains everthing an' gives options. His success rate is right up there with the best....a 5. Rating numbers 1 to 5. I suppose I'll wait for another month to see what my remaining life will be like. Ha....sit'n out on "da porch" sip'n up a cup, lookn out across a lake full of big ol' bass fishes.

Robert showed up this morn'n all full of piss an' vinegar...."let's fix stuff". I weren't ready yet, wait'n for that other eye to open an' aspirin to kick in. Damn....it was cold last night. Try 56 degs at "da house".

We gonna tackle the parking brake problem today. Now the problem......how the hell do ya release a auto park'n brake to work on it? Note: A auto parking brake has no hand lever or no foot lever to set the parking brake. It's all done by hydraulics....relays, sensors, high pressure pumps....stuff like that. Wish us luck.

Ok, bout that foot stool thingy I was gonna make. I went out there, fires up the table saw an' I builds me a foot stool. But it don't look nuttin like what I had in mind. But....it will do the job an' it's ugliness I can hide under the desk.....only to be seen at night when I prop my feet up on it. Now if I can only talk "yo mama" into cover'n the foam rubber with some cheap material. Hmmmmm....I got me a idea, the material out the back of that jacket I never wear. Was gonna throw it in the dumpster anyhows.

Now, what the hell am I gonna do for the next two months? I know one thing, I'm gonna miss my yearly appointment with Dr. Frinkansteen in Deming. That's my heart doctor ya know....the one I was gonna fire an' find me a replacement in Corpus Christi, Texas. Ha....I procrastinated didn't I???
Anyhows, come the first of Sept. I'm gonna need another years prescriptions for my heart meds. Had also decided that 2014 was the year I would get that stress test I been put'n off for the last 4 years.

Damn I hope I make it to 2015.   



Wednesday, July 16, 2014

It still cain't be fixed......maybe.

First off....my Weber grill issue. This is probly the best portable grill I ever had in my life. Well, my "jet powered" grill was great too, but it's been long gone. The Weber is great for almost anything I cook.....until I throws some chicken on there. Then all hell breaks loose. Burns the skin slap to charcoal briquettes an' nobody eats charcoal briquettes. So....the damn thing burns too hot (325 to 350 degs) on the lowest setting. The grate is still not cured all the way....like a cast iron skillet. That why stuff sticks I betcha a dollar. Anyways, when I get a chance, I'll take a look see bout installing a deflector.

Ok, "needle" doctor is behind me. He's stick'n to his story....."your back cain't be fixed". That was a huge let down. But he did say...."I can give you some shots". A asked him bout them shots...."will they kill the pain"? His answer was "NO". I will still feel pain. That's when I tole him I want to see a surgeon. Then he proceded to 'splain to me that even surgery could cause more injury....an' possibly more pain an' future surgeries. An appointment was made. Aug. 15th. That's a freak'n month away. I'm [this] close to throw'n in the towel an' say'n "to hell with it".

Back at "da house". Robert is on the roof work'n on the bedroom a/c. There are no oilers on the motor...so he is do'n a Billy Bob modification. Poke'n a freak'n hole in the bearing wick doo dads on the ends of the motor. Got a couple fingers crossed in hopes he does it the same way his daddy does. Put some oil in them holes an' put it all back together. Yeee haa....gonna check that off'n the "fix it" list.

Two great big drawers in the bedroom is in need of attention. Come off the drawer guides.....one bended. As per my plans (a drawing), me an' Robert will tackle that job shortly. Fix it up like brand spank'n new. In my case, better than what the dad gum coach manufacturer did. They cheap....don't do nuttin right to last over the first warranty year. Yeee haa....then we can mark that job off'n the "fix it" list". "No Robert, do it like your daddy said....sheesh!". I love supervis'n.  

Ok....Robert is in need of help. I'll talk to you folks later.....

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sleep'n in the jailhouse......is that a song?

Now.....bout that jail house. We just slept in it for the night.

Ya see, we hit this little town bout sundown. I'm talk'n little. There was a cafe what sold hamburgers really really cheap. We was hungry. Two dollars later an' we both had full bellys. It was dark outside an' get'n rides in the dark.....well you know what I'm talk'n bout, few an' far between.
"Is there anywheres in this town two hichhikers can sleep"? The cafe guy tells us...."you can sleep at the jailhouse, but ya gotta be out by 7am when the sheriff shows up".

The front door is unlocked. A desk sits under a winder. Two wooden chairs adorn the room. The 2 vacant cells contain'n beds an' blankets are locked. The wooden floor is empty. We sleep on the floor tonight. Old stink'n Army blankets are pulled from the locked cells an' we turn out the lights for a restful an' much needed sleep.

It was dark outside when we waked up......only one eye open. No idea what time it was. All that was important was to be outta here before the sheriff showed up. Dang, we could be in one them cells by lunch time try'n to 'splain why we was sleep'n in the jail. We had enough dollars in our pockets, so we weren't no vagrants. How much time can ya get for sleep'n at night?.

We warshed our faces in the provided filthy nasty little sink. We peed out the back door. Folded our blankets an' was get'n ready to depart the premises. "Hmmmmm.....wonder what a sheriff keeps in his desk". Evil kicks in, we ramsack his desk. Some loose change an' a perfectly good pocket knife. We hit the road.
To this day, I regret our actions of the theft of bout 17 cents in change an' a old rusty pocket knife.

Now....on the bottom side of the rock...."I don't give a care" this morn'n. If'n I could just get up in the morn'n an' feel like I did the night before, I would be happy. I do my think'n at night ya know. Tomorrow I'm gonna do this an' I'm gonna do that.....fix stuff, modify stuff, projects....go shop'n....shit like that. Then dur'n the night when I least expect it, somebody climbs in my bed an' beats the liv'n hell out me. By morn'n, I ain't "do'n nuttin".

Speak'n of my wonderful Weber grill.....dumpster time. Now I ain't say'n that I don't like my Weber grill, it's pretty an' all that stuff....but the damn thing....ever thing sticks, an' it's too hot for grill'n chicken. That is unless you like "black" grilled chicken. There is no way to cut down the regulator for a smaller flame....less than 300 degs. I Googled Weber Q reviews, an' I ain't the only one eat'n "black" chicken. Ha....you should a see that ear of corn I took out of there. Throw that sucker in the dumpster.
"Modify it Billy Bob, you can do it".
Now it just so happens, I was think'n bout that last night.....maybe put me some deflectors above the burners. Hmmmm....that might work.
Now for a perfectly grilled steak....I can grill ya up the best steak ya ever eat in yer life. I'm call'n Weber....this ain't right.

I'll leave it at that for this morn'ns blog post, although I could go on for another hour or so. Dad gum mind just won't take a break.


Monday, July 14, 2014

Work'n for nuttin....1958

Ok, I've sat here for the last hour try'n to think of something funny to write about today. This old crap bout writ'n bout pain an' nasty coffee is get'n old. But......

A while back when the pains became almost unbearable an' all my funny stuff was at the back my mind.....hide'n under big ol' blankets, I was gonna shut down "Billy Bob's Place". Now it's been bout two years an' all ya hear bout is "Oh my back hurts". "I cain't do this I cain't do that". That's NOT what Billy Bob's Place is all bout. This is supposed to be a humor site. It was designed as a humor site. Where you can get your daily LOL's, HAHAHA's an' giggles an' go bout your day with a smile on yer face. You don't miss them days any more than I do. Bear with me a little bit longer.

Remember when I was tell'n ya bout my "hitchhik'n" trip back in 1958? We went to Washington state, Idaho an' Montana. Got throwed in jail in Oregon for hop'n a freight (steal'n a ride on the nations railway systems). We stoled cherries from a lady's front yard in Washington. Picked blueberries in Spokane. Sleeped in a jail house in Idaho. Bears in the garden in Libby Montana. Rode through the Rocky mountains with a sleep'n trucker. *that skeer hell out me* Stacked a hunnert bales of hay for a dad gum balony sammich. *mind you, only one slice of balony an' 2 slices bread*

Ya see, me an' my partner was mak'n our way across Washington in hopes of get'n a ride back to southern California out of Seattle. We had a total .47 cents in our pockets. We was broke an' hungry. We go'n home where there's fresh food on the table every night. Yum Yum boy howdy.

We crossed a long highway bridge over some river. I threatened to toss the suitcase in the river. I been lugg'n this heavy ass thing tooo long. We come to this little farm. Up on the hill was a farmer unload'n hay bales into the barn. Maybe that farmer needs some help. Yup he did an' he went in the house while we busted our butts with them hay bales. I ain't never unloaded an' stack hay bales in my life an' here I are get'n first hand experience. "Are you boys hungry"? You bet we are......ain't eat nuttin since yesterday....an' today is get'n gone. One freak'n balony sammich. That's what we got. Weren't nuttin on that sammich but two slices day old bread. No mayo. No maters. No lettuce. Nuttin but a thin slice of balony.

But wait, I ain't come to the good part yet. Before we arrived at the farm house, we passed a little motel place. By the time we unloaded an' stack all that hay, we was cover from head to foot with little bitty "scratchy" hay particles an' a bucket full of sweat. We was itch'n up a storm....an' no wheres to warsh it off. Not even a cold ass creek. The farmer hands us $7. My god....we rich. Five or so hours work'n in the hot sun....we rich.

It's get'n on to dark an' we ain't got no place to sleep for the night. It should be noted at this time.....the farmer said we need to "hit the road, you cain't sleep here". "The motel, we can get a room, take a shower an' be good as new in the morn'n". An' that exactly what we did. Room rent was $3 a person....we got $1 left....plus the .47 cents in our pockets. For $1.25 the nice motel lady made us a breakfast of hot cakes an'  black rot gut coffee. If'n ya wanted cream an' sugar, that was a nickle extra.

So's, the way I look at it today, we unloaded all them bales of hay for nuttin. But we did learn one good lesson....stay way far away from farms, farmers an' motels. You gonna work yer ass off for nuttin.

For many many years I kept the road atlas of that trip. Litttle stars marked the excit'n stops we made along the way. Like the local jail house we sleeped in.....for free. Sure do wished I still had that old road atlas. The memories it held.   

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Another week gone bye bye.....where it go?

The coffee discussion gets better every day. Now I'm told that I drink "girlie" coffee. So let's do some Google research an' see what the manufacturers of coffee have to say. A clean coffee maker??? They are kidding right? I leave all  that stuff in there so's I don't taste plastic an' rust from the metal parts. I know what I'm do'n. Then ya gotta use fresh roasted coffee grinds. Ok, now where the hell do ya buy fresh roasted grinds? Columbia or Brazil??? Walmart don't sell fresh stuff like that. The water has to be a certain temp (195 to 205 degs). Ok, how the hell do ya adjust that on a Mr Coffee? Then ya got make a accurate measurement on the grinds. As per each Coffee seller (Folgers/MH), add 1 tablespoon per cup for a perfect cup of coffee. That's what ya get when ya visit a high dollar fancy restaurant.....or Starbucks.....one tablespoon per cup.

Well, I'm over the recommended perfect brew rate of coffee grinds. When I say I use 2 (two) 1/4 cup scoops for 8 cups of brew, them scoops are over the top more than full. *think'n like bout 2 1/2 scoops per 8 cups* Everbody complains....."how you drink this shit Billy Bob"?

Yesterday afternoon, I brewed me up a 3 scoop pot. This morn'n I brewed me up another. I'm think'n I may need to clean the Mr Coffee. It still ain't quite what I'm look'n for. But....out of 3/4 cup of grinds, I think I tasted one fresh roasted bean. Should I try 4 scoops???

Before I went to bed last night, I was sit'n here think'n. "I ain't happy". Oh I got it made an' all that stuff....retired, don't have to do nuttin, don't have to be anywheres....well shoot, you know what I'm talk'n bout. But if'n you ain't happy.....you are losing the game/(changed from battle).

Kids an' grankids have been keep'n their distance from me for the last week or so. Say I'm too damn grouchy....an' I cain't hear what they are say'n. Golf ain't been mentioned. Fix'n stuff ain't been mentioned. Go'n out to eat ain't been mentioned. Camp'n an' fish'n ain't been mentioned. I just sit here wonder'n if any will show up today (any day) an' we can do something together.  Damn get'n old sucks.

This damn hip been bother'n me for the last week....or so. All the stuff I had planned for yesterday....I had to go sit down....take a aspirin. Didn't git nuttin done.

Oh, while I think bout it.....have ya ever see a MRI?
Now I don't know bout anybody else, but that don't look right to me.Now, if'n you was a doctor, could you fix that? Or would you tell me "it cain't be fixed". Them last two vertebraes sit'n on top each other, all crookit an' stuff an' them disks squished into the spinal column, just ain't right. There's more that I don't think is right, but then, I ain't no doctor.

Boy howdy, last night I had all kinds of stuff I was gonna do today. Clean an' put stuff on the new shelves mainly. Ha.....this morn'n, that stuff can wait. "Coffee Billy Bob, drink some coffee....you'll feel better". Damn I wanna go swak a golf ball.

Ok Blogger, what the hell are you do'n......post this.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

MRI is over....backs don't suppose to look like that

It's probly a bit early for me to be sit'n here writ'n stuff on my computer. Got one eye what ain't look'n at the same things I am. It's a typical morn'n at Billy Bob's house.

I was gonna write a long post this morn'n bout yesterdays trip to the MRI place. In short, the trip sucked an' the MRI machine skeered hell out me. Oh the machine was one them so called open ones...or I suppose it was. But when they put me in there, there was a freak'n big ol' fiberglass ceiling thingy not 4 inches from my face. Think'n it was a magnet thingy. My first thought was...."how do I git out this thing"? I got crustyfobia ya know. In 20 minutes it was all over.

Have ya ever go on a trip an' know exacty where you're go'n an' exactly how to get there? That was yesterday, I knowed what roads we was supposed to take, where to turn....all that good stuff (Google Maps). Me an' Robert stopped by an' pick up Billy. First thing he do is break out some kind of GPS thingy. I'm enjoy'n the scenery. Billy says...."git in the right lane, turn here". But but but, that's not highway 120. Highway 120 goes right up to the front door of the MRI place....only 5 more miles. Now we're lost. I'm a bit upset....more like pissed. Arrived at our destination 30 minutes late. But still before my appointment.

Return trip back home??? You guessed it.....Billy. When we pull out the park'n lot, I tell Robert, turn left right here, it's highway 120......straight shot home. Ha....Billy says..."No Robert, go straight". We turn here, we turn there....we're lost again. Over 30 minutes later, we make a right turn. There's a sign beside the road....highway 120. I shouldn't have to say no more. Dang boys!!!

Anyhows, I got me a copy of the MRI. Loaded it up in the computer an'...."What the hell is this"? Now I've seen pictures of backs before an' this one don't look nuttin like them others. Bumps, one miss'n vertibre disk, pinched nerves ( I suppose that's what they are)....crookit stuff. L4 an' 5 don't look right to me. Damn, why didn't I go to doctor school? Follow up with the "needle" doctor on the 16th. This is tak'n entirely way too long.

Oh crap, I forgot to tell ya.....the Onan is fixed. Well, I hope it is. If'n ya remember, I wanted to leave the load test to Robert. He plug "da house" into the Onan plug. Push the start button, that Onan fire right up, come up to speed an' the front 15,000 btu a/c start blow'n cold air right now. I'm think'n all is good to go, but that was only "one" load test. When ya test something, ya test it more than one time.

Mailman come by an' drop off another piece of black plexiglass for the other door on my "desk/table/cabinet" project. A trip to Home Depot will complete the job with a set of hinges. Well I guess I could fire up the table saw an' cut the plexiglass for a perfect fit. Damn I hope it don't chip.

I got to think'n bout my coffee situation again. As one commenter said...."mix 'em together". Well, I got to think'n bout that. If'n I have 3 brands of coffee an' I don't like any of 'em, how would mix'n them make it taste good? So here's what I'm gonna do. Go'n back to the Folger classic roast, I'm gonna add a extra scoop (1/4 cup) to my next pot (8 cups). I already drink it a little bit on the strong side (two heap'n scoops), but I want the flavor of fresh picked, dried an' roasted coffee beans. Catch my drift???

Bout that beef stew I made. One more big bowl an' I'm done with it. Ya cain't eat the same thing every day for over 4 days. Now where the hell did I put them hot dogs.....Weber time. Speak'n of Weber, how long does it take to cure the cast iron grate? Mine still sticks.....even with oil.

Ok, that's the MRI stuff. An' get'n lost a couple times. All is well at "Billy Bob's Place".

Dang....that's all I can think of for today. Possibility I might go outside an' work on a project.....foot stool maybe? I got plenty to do. I just don't feel like "do'n nuttin". "The bedroom Billy Bob, ya got 4 days work to do back there".

Friday, July 11, 2014

Just a reminder....Billy Bob is still alive

Ok, I will try to explain tomorrow.

I got up this morn'n.
Robert come by to take my way the hell an' gone for my MRI.
I got my MRI.
We drove in the rain.
I made it back home safely.
I took two great big ol' aspirins.
I feel better.
My other plexiglass door came in the mail.

Speak'n of coffee.....the Black Silk by Folgers ain't really all that bad.....but!!!!
I still have the unopened can of Maxwell House French roast to open. Community coffee was try'ed a few years back. That wasn't what I was look'n for neither. With the open can of Classic an' the open can of Black Silk....an' the can of unopened French roast, it's gonna be a while before I bitch an' moan bout coffee again. Ha....probly ain't a damn thing wrong with the coffee. My taste buds ain't like they used to be....everthing taste like chicken.

Ok, who deleted Sissy's comment yesterday? That girl makes good comments....leave her be.

Also, bout that pressure cooker. I'm gonna give it to one of the "family cooks". That way it will get some use, where I would probly never use it again.

See ya in the morn'n.....

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Pressure cooker beef stew.......yum yum eat'em up

Ok, I feel much better this morn'n than I have in bout 4 days....let's see what I can write today.

Let's start with a pot of beef stew. Not "Billy Bob beef stew soup", but just plain ol' regular beef stew like gramma used to make. Beef, taters an' carrots. It ain't offen that I brew up plain ol' beef stew, but I got a pressure cooker I'm think'n bout throw'n in the dumpster. Super quick cook'n in a pressure cooker ya know. This is only a test.
Anyhows, I been carry'n this thing around for the last 50,000 or 75,000 miles (bout 11 years) an' I only used it maybe two three times. "Let's make some beef stew Billy Bob". An' that's what I did. In 1 hour an' 10 minutes it was close to "over done". The meat was fall'n apart.....I call that "girlie meat". The carrots come out perfect, an' I do mean perfect.....yum yum boy howdy. The taters was a little bit on the soft side, but damn, they tasted just like taters.

Now....do I keep the pressure cooker for another 11 years or do I give it away?

I wasn't able to do much yesterday. Sit in the damn chair most the day. Got me a little sunshine out there on "da porch" during the hot afternoon. Picked up a few things lay'n on the floor. Stubbed my toe on a pile of tools. Yup, yesterday was a "do nuttin" day. Don't see much change in today.

With only one more day for my MRI appointment, I'm get'n the gitters. Not with the MRI, but it's one more day closer to another round with the "needle" doctor (July 16th). Kind of makes me think of go'n to the emergency room with a broke leg where ya fell out a tree, an' they spend 2 hours work'n on a splinter in yer finger. The way things are go'n, how am I gonna get my yearly prescriptions filled? They expire in Sept. My god, no more drugs for the old Billy Bob.

For MsB. Billy Bob is a excellent electrician. I don't get shocked like Robert did. I know where the black wire goes. I fix stuff ya know. Even have a knack for modify'n stuff. Before I was a electrician in the Navy (1961 to 1966), I already knowed how to change light bubs an' turn switches on an' off. I could "hot wire" a car in 5 minutes.

But.....let me tell ya bout the time. I was work'n on a walk in cooler at the local fried chicken place in Texas City, Texas. The coil was freez'n up, what would make the cooler get warm....throw chicken an' stuff in the dumpster. The defrost heater had burn slap out. Well shoot, I can change that defrost heater. I takes all the screws out, grab holt to that heater an' give a quick yank. YOWEEEE!!!...."turn it off, turn it off". I was get'n eat up with 230 volts of mind boggl'n electricity....stand'n on a wet metal floor. Done forget what my name was. I were holler'n obscenities right an' left. I survived.

 Ha.....I got me another little project. A stool to prop my feet up on. But Oh wait.....remember that "spud gun from hell" me an' grandson Mack was gonna build? Well, it's back on the front burner. Look out Home Depot, here we come Billy Bob an' Mack look'n for parts. Does Home Depot sell hair spray?

My humm'nbird is back. I'm think'n he/she went to the beach in Florida for a few days (July 4th weekend). I only got 1 humm'nbird. Just one. Where the hell are the rest of 'em?

On the down side....I cain't play golf. Robert mentioned a round a couple times, but my back hurted too much to even think bout it. Now, the OFM Barney is only 200 miles away an' he got a freak'n golf course in his back yard.....an' I cain't go. That was the plan ya know. Shoot, by the time I get my back fixed, Barney will be in Colorado.....or somewheres like that. This sucks.

Ok....I got to do something. Git off'n my dead ass. See ya laters.....

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

New electrical project.....done to perfection

"What the hell Billy Bob, do you know what freak'n time it is"? Yup, I sure do.....ya see, it's like this. Yo Mama waked me up this morn'n at right bout 10am bang'n on my dad gum door.  Way pass the time I usually get up. I don't recall last night be'n "one of them nights", so's I must of just needed the extra sleep. I did wake up bout three times earlier though, but I don't get up when it's pitch black outside. That's for farmers.

I were gonna try to answer comments yesterday, but when I started......"you cain't say that Billy Bob". Well, it weren't really that way, I just couldn't think of what to say. That happens a lot these days......Grrrrrr!
Whether ya know it or not, comments make my day....make me do some think'n bout the situation I got myself into. Why the hell didn't I get my back fixed right after I hurt it, instead of think'n it would fix it's self? Damn, it's been 14 years. Yes, I put myself in this situation.

After Yo Mama visited for a while, drinked coffee, beat her gums, an' she left, my wonderful son Robert shows up with a bag full of goodies, an' another bag with 4 Krystal hamburgers in it. "Hot damn, Krystals for breakfast". I love Krystals.  
He's gonna do some electrical work for me. He says to me...."git out the way daddy, I got work to do".....so no blog until now. Now let me tell ya bout modern day electricians.....they need supervision.
I now have a brand spank'n new 4 gang 120 volt receptacle, moved the 12 volt plug in thingy for the internet signal amplifier an' reinstalled the 120 volt inverter receptacle. That turn into a chore 'cause he don't listen to his daddy.
I love my son Robert......
In case you're wonder'n, there is yet to be installed under the desk a gutter to hold all them wires from hang'n down like that. It gonna be purdy. 

That's all I can think of right now. Sorry I'm late. Maybe, just maybe....tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Not much today....

I've got to just sit back this morn'n an' see what everbody else has to say. Anything I say right now, would be of no interest.....I feel like shit this morn'n. Be very careful where you walk. That "pile" lay'n on the floor may be me.

For the last 3 or 4 days, I have gotten up hurt'n like hell an' don't care one way or the other. I know, I know....I'm whinn'n again. Boo Hoo Billy Bob. " Take a aspirin Billy Bob. An a couple them antidepressants.....hell, try one them "needle doctor" pills".

I know there's other people out there that feel the same way I do. Hurt all day long, don't give a crap....bout to give slap up on everthing. Come on Friday, let's get a MRI an' fix something.

After read'n the OFM's blog, I feeled a bit better bout my condition. A couple minutes later I took a aspirin an' a alka seltzer. 

Ok....I got to quit right here afore I upset one my readers. Tomorrow I may feel better an' have something humorous to say. Write a story....something like that.

Monday, July 7, 2014

I don't give a crap

This morn'n I probly gonna say some things I will regret say'n later in the day. When I got up this morn'n, after another restless sleep, I din't give a crap bout nuttin. A couple hours later, I still don't give a crap bout nuttin.

I bought me some Hershey candy bars. Some M&M's. An' a can of red skin peanuts. Along with my Folgers Black Silk coffee, a big ol' peanutbutter jelly sammich an' a cold hot dog, I got sicker an' a dog. Even Alka Seltzer didn't work. I were belch'n out both ends. Thought I was gonna puke.

This morn'n, I ain't sick no more. But I still don't give a crap. This happens almost ever day, so I ain't gonna dwell on it....it clears up as the day progresses. But, by the time it clears up, it's too damn late in the day to do anything productive. I feel like I'm sit'n on a time bomb just wait'n for that sucker to explode. Ya ever feel like that????

Many many years ago, I married a little Mexican girl named Maria. We had 5 wonderful children (4 boys an' 1 darling little girl) ranging anywheres from "Mama's boy" to "My god, you act just like yer daddy".  Not much has changed in the last 40 some years. We divorced an' went on with our lives.

In 2003, I needed a place to park "Alice", my first motorhome. The kids said...."park at momma's". It was convenient for kid an' grankid visitation, so I did. That's when I began to call my park'n spot at "Momma's" "Yo Mama's RV Resort"...."yo mama" mean'n "you're mother". We get along just fine. Me an' "husband in law" Harry get along just fine. No need to say any more.

Work on the "fix it" list has turn into a non-priority for Robert an' Billy.....the only two boys that have tackled the chore of fix'n stuff. I mean like, it's only been bout 6 weeks now an' that list ain't shrink'n much. But I did take a couple items off'n it. Come on boys, let's fix stuff.

Speak'n of fix'n stuff, I still have to go outside an' test the Onan generator after we Seafoamed it. I'm think'n positive.....it's gonna work. Now if'n it don't work, that could mean a trip to the Onan fix'n place.....hunnert dollar a hour.

The same goes with get'n my back fixed. It's only been bout 6 weeks an' I ain't got a thing fixed. But, this Friday, the 11th, I get my MRI. On the 16th, I go back to see the "needle" doctor. This to me is a wasted appointment....I want to see a freak'n surgeon for his opinion. Hmmmmmm, how long will that take? Let him look at a x-ray an' my MRI an' tell me it cain't be fixed. That was sarcasm if'n ya missed it. 

Then there's the daily chore of writ'n a blog post. Some days I "just don't give a flip". But my blog is very important to me. I have online friends....an' some not so friendly. I try to please each of them with my words of wisdom.....LOLOLOL....hahahaha, but it's fun. I cover some my medical stuff so I'll have me some kind of a record....like how I feel today. When I fell down from "try'n" psychotic mind altering drugs. My blog is my life's story an' some times I have a excit'n life.


Sunday, July 6, 2014

A very sleepless night

3:30 am.....what the hell????

Why am I writing a blog at 3:30am? Well let me tell ya why. I cain't sleep....simple as that. I got every kind of leg cramps knowed to man. Legs twitch'n, bend'n in all directions all by themselves, dad gum muscles tighten'n up an' jump'n, toes stick'n in the air....pains from my hips to my big toes. Why????

Ok, we gonna try this bed thing one more time....at 4:15am. Sheesh....I ain't gonna git up till close to noon.....an' by that time I'm gonna be hungry.
10:45am....see I tole you, it's almost noon.

Last night has got to be one of the worster nights I've had in the last hunnert years. It weren't so much all the twitch'n nerves, muscles, leg cramps....that stuff. I could not go to sleep no matter what position I was in. Eye balls wide open. An' I was sleepy. My mind was build'n "air glide" wheelless roller skates an' skate boards. Ha, if'n that would work, I would be a billionaire. 

You ain't ever see the old Billy Bob ride a skate board have ya? Well, ya ain't never gonna see me do it no more neither. That sucker fly out from under me like a bullet.....hunnert mile a hour. I went straight down on that concrete with a terrible crash.....butt cheeks hurt like hell. I don't do skate boards.

My Walmart trip yesterday was a disaster. Well, maybe not a disaster, but it sure did a number on this old body of mine. 14 miles of walk'n in a Super Walmart does that ya know. I weren't even to the grocery section yet, an' I was say'n...."this ain't gonna work, I got to sit down". Walmart ain't got no place to sit down. Two nice check out ladies helped me.....loaded all my stuff into the cart an' the cure little blond even asked if she could push the cart to my car. Dang, do I look THAT old???

At the General Dollar just up the street, I stop for my ice cream....an' a couple other much needed items. "Ha Billy Bob, you don't need none that stuff". 6 wash clothes made in Pakistan....bet them are gonna be some good'uns. A rug for the bathroom....that sucker don't fit.
Anyhows....there was this couple in front me. The check out girl was in training....or so it seemed. She couldn't do nuttin right. Out of thin air arrives, I'm guess'n, the store manager. Grabs stuff out the little girls hands an' says...."Now pay attention, this is how you do it". It didn't work....three times. She says "pay attention" one more time. By now I'm pissed, my ice cream is melt'n. An' I tole her that. One more time she tell that little girl...."pay attention an' you'll learn something". Well shoot, if'n the manager cain't do it, she ain't gonna learn a damn thing. I says...."Pay attention only if it works".

Then it's my turn to check out. That out of the back woods redneck manager is still on the girls case...."don't push that, don't do that, put it in a bag". The poor girl ringed up my rug for the bathroom two times. Now my credit card transaction had to be cancelled an' start all over. My freak'n ice cream is melt'n. There's a long line behind me. People look'n at me like it's all my fault for buy'n a freak'n rug.
Damn I was glad to get back to "da house" an' put my melt'n ice cream in the freezer.  There ain't nuttin worse than melt'n ice cream.

Oh wait, I got to tell ya bout the time. On the farm, we would load up the old Ford sedan an' head off to town on a shop'n trip bout once a month. The general store sold ice cream cones. Us 6 boys was sit'n out there on the porch/stoop....what ever ya wanna call it, eat'n up ice cream cones. A family of blacks pull up in front the store. One the "mean" boys grinned an' says to me...."Billy, if'n them black people see you stick out yer tongue to take a lick, they gonna chop it slap off with a big ol' knife". I look at my ice cream, an' I look at them black people. My ice cream is begin'n to melt. I'm skeered to take me a lick. Little droplets of ice cream land at my feet....in the dirt. Bastard "mean" kid.
Note: It should be noted that in 1946 or there bouts, black people didn't have hardly any rights at all. They was looked down on by the general population. Don't believe me??? Ask yer grandpa.

So, being today is Sunday, that means I don't have to do a thing today....right?

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Spud gun....maybe not

When your mind goes astray, ya need to change your think'n. I suppose that could be said for everbody, not just me....but this morn'n we talk'n bout just me.

My god I cain't believe some the stuff what goes through my mind. You would think a person what ain't got a care in the world, would only think of good stuff....be positive, smile all the time, holler "Yeee Har" all day long. Dang I wished I could do that every day. When I say I ain't got a care in the world, I'm talk'n bout things like.....I ain't got no warrants for my arrest, Sadie Mae ain't dead yet, I don't owe the IRS nuttin, I don't have to be somewheres at a certain time....stuff like that. I got enough pocket change for another month. I'm retired.....not a care in the world.
Boy howdy I sure do hope ya can figger all that out this morn'n. In otherwords, my dad gum mind goes off on stuff that don't even pertain to my life....or my lifestyle. I know I'm a bit confused by what I just said. *think'n....that don't even make sense* Or does it???

Ok, bout that dad gum spud gun. I got to think'n bout it after read'n some the comments. Maybe I should set that "spud gun from hell" draw'n slap on fire. Ya see, my grankids ain't raised like the old Billy Bob was...their "papaw". They sissy's....with dad gum cell phones an video games....or whatever they call 'em now days. They eat "politically correct" healthy food. No real milk....1% an' 2% is NOT milk. They don't know what a dirt clod is, or a worm. They also don't know what one tastes like. Sun block....if the sun is shin'n, they wear sun block. They got to wear shoes to play in the grass....what is NOT a every day thing. Shoot, they even got to take a dad gum shower every day. With girlie soap.
Dang, did I just say that??? But it's true, kids now days are sissies.

Now what the hell was I talk'n bout.....Oh yeah, the spud gun. After much thought, it's probly best we place it on the back burner until I talk to "mommy an' daddy". An' explain to 'em how safe a spud gun is. More on this subject laters. "Dang I want to shoot a spud gun".

The cops showed up at my boat...."Coyote". "We have complaints you are shoot'n a gun in the marina Mr. P". There weren't a whole bunch I could say at the time, as the spud gun was in plain view. They read me City ordinances, state laws.....all that legal stuff. A spud gun is a firearm. They gonna write me a ticket. Visit the judge, get a big ol' fine. But....the one cop I knew so well, was impressed. "I ain't never seen a spud gun before" an' he wanted to see it shoot. Wheels began to turn....if this cop shoots my spud gun, I'm off the hook. He did an' I was scott free. In case you're wonder'n, this weren't the first time I had a encounter with the local law enforcement while liv'n on a boat. Have ya ever see a 3 liter soda bottle blow up?  Bottle, a little water an a chunk of dry ice....toss in the drink away from observers. That's also a law enforcement visit. I do stuff like that ya know.

Yesterday Yo Mama invited me to a 4th of July supper. My "husband in law" Harry had grilled up some burgers an' hot dogs.....seasoned french fries. Man boy howdy....I eat way too much for a little guy. Sadie Mae even got her a perfectly grilled hamburger an' a hand full of them french fries. We was happy.

In case you're wonder'n, no my back don't feel good. Although it is a little better than a month ago. "Projects Billy Bob, projects make the back better". But I'm out of projects....other than a spud gun. An' I'm put'n that one on hold.

As far as golf goes, I don't think I can complete 18 holes without cry'n like a baby. Dang I hope them doctors can do me some good. But I'm begin'n to have doubts. An' have'n doubts makes the mind think stupit things. An' think'n stupit things keeps me awake at night. An' stay'n awake at night makes me feel like shit crap in the morn'n. An' feel'n like shit crap in the morn'n, I don't want to "do nuttin". An' everbody knows what do'n nuttin does to ya. Ya sit on your ass all day long....an' that makes your back hurt where ya cain't go play golf.

Ok, maybe I'll do something today. I have my doubts, but it sounds good anyhows. Sit'n here with a #6 in the right hip.    

Friday, July 4, 2014

Spud gun from hell....

Did you see that? The temps dropped way down low last night. Would you believe 60 degs???

Yesterday was a pretty good visit day again. Grandson Colby came back by to visit after his mom took him an' them out for supper. Once again my living room was short of sit'n room. An' everbody was talk'n all at the same time. I didn't hear a thing. Son Ronny came by for a visit. Now where we all gonna sit? My god, there is 8 people in my house.
Grandsons Colby an' Cooper.

We got on the subject of "spud guns" a little later in the evening. My grandson Mack's eyes lit up like two big ol' harvest moons....he wants a spud gun. In my old files from bout a year or so ago, I fount this drawing I did for a spud gun from hell. Harvest moon eyes again. So, a new project is on the front burner. Build this "man toy" with the assistance of Mack. 
As with any piece of weapondry (spell check is of no help), adult supervision is highly recommended. Like what type of potatoes are best suited as a projectile. What type of hair spray gives the best explosive power to sent the projectile down range bout 200 yards. What materials to use for targets. No glass, no human flesh, no living creatures (neighbors pets), no moving street traffic.....cars, pick'em up trucks, kids on bicycles....stuff like that. Yes....spud guns are completely safe in case you're wonder'n. But only when used in a safe manner. Hand one to a full fledge Budweiser drink'n southern redneck, ya better stand back......"Hey Bubba, watch this".

I clearly remember my fist home built spud gun. I lived on the boat at the time, in the City marina in Port Aransas, Texas. Me an' girlfriend went to the store an' bought up two 10 pound bags of russet taters. Tater projectiles was a fly'n that night. Sit'n in the cockpit of "Coyote" (the name my boat), I fired a tater straight up in the air.

After a few seconds, maybe bout 10, that tater come back down to earth with a loud crash. Right on my neighbors forward deck. Sound like a hammer blow. Neighbor swings his cabin hatch wide open an' out he come lickity split. A look of astonishment on his face. I quickly hides my spud gun out of view. He hollers..."WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT"? I says..."I don't know....I heard it too. Probly a meteorite from space".
Anyhows, I had to fess up the following evening when I was out there shoot'n that spud gun again.....he catched me red handed shoot'n taters across the marina. There was one occasion I was visited by the local law enforcement....spud gun related, but that's another story.

 I was gonna mention "strong" coffee this morn'n, but got to think'n I might upset one my followers. But....I did place 7 scoops of grinds in a measur'n cup....holy cows, that's 1 3/4's cup of grounds. Mixed with 16 oz. of water.......Oh nevermind.

Yo Mama just showed up for a short visit.....see ya laters.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

This is another day.....yeeee har!!!

Hmmmmm, Folgers Black Silk? I just wrote that down on my Walmart list. Thanks Ed.

Ok, so I'm late with today's exciting post. But I done that one time before.....it's gonna be Ok.

Yesterday was a visit'n day at Billy Bob's house. Must a been bout a hunnert people drop by to say hello. Sure were glad when they all loaded up an' went home.

Me an' Robert went out there an' worked on the Onan for a bit. Him work'n an' me sit'n there watch'n. Squirted that Seafoam in the carburetor to decarb the engine. Dang, that sucker smoke like a sum-a-gun. Hope it's all fixed now. Won't know until I crank it up with a load on it.

Grandson Colby dropped by for a visit this morn'n. I ain't seen him since he joined the Navy a couple years ago. Now if I can just talk him into get'n a transfer to a big ol' ship instead of spend'n all his time at a "land base" in North Carolina....Camp Lejeune. Land bases is not Navy. Ya gotta be on a ship an' get some salt water in  yer veins. Learn to cuss....git sea sick...that kind of stuff.
I sure are proud on my grandson Colby. He's a good boy.

I sure do need to make a Walmart run. My shop'n list is a full page list....no more room to write stuff down. I'm think'n $300 plus here. Now some the stuff on my list is just to "go take a look see". Maybe buy it, maybe not. Still think'n bout them venetian blinds. The plus side is that I don't have to clean the day/night shades. The way I see it, it's gonna take a whole day to clean an' reinstall these two nasty dirty shades, versus a hour or so to install brand spank'n new venetian blinds....("or so" being anywheres from 1 hour to 5 hours). Decisions decisions. 

Only 8 more days till my MRI. I'm get'n a bit skeered by this time. What if???? It's a open MRI so's I ain't worried bout tear'n that machine plumb apart try'n to get out it. The last one I was in was one them little tube thingy's. My MRI's were blurred from me look'n for a way out.
But....I'm still worried that my NEW doctor is gonna tell me the same thing the "needle" doctor tole me...."it cain't be fixed". 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Comfort, I love comfort

Yesterdays talk bout coffee drew a few comments. Nuttin else was of interest. But it was to me.

On with the coffee discussion. I'm a coffee drinker. Started drink'n the stuff when I was bout 14 year old. Hated it back then, but that's all I had to drink.....other than water, an' I don't like water. Then I started put'n cream (half & half) in it. That helped. A little sugar by the time I turned 16 an' I was set for life.

I've tried many brands of coffee in my life time. I now drink Folgers Classic roast. That's the closest I can come to "good tast'n" coffee. For a few years, bout 10 or 15, I drinked Maxwell House....good to the last drop ya know. Then they come out with MH Rich French roast. Oh my god, I loved that stuff. Now all they  (MH) have is just plain ol' French roast.....what ain't all that good far as I'm concerned.

I don't order coffee online. If'n Walmart ain't got it, I check out the local grocery store. A new brand will be tried my next trip to Walmart. What could it be???

I was sit'n here last night. I says to myself...."damn, this is comfortable". Most of the liv'n room is cleaned up, floor swept an' all that good stuff. I can live in here. Did I mention I "love" my new table/desk an' cabinet?
*just a thought* How bout one them high dollar gravity chairs.....modified with wheels? It ain't a recliner, but it's close. "Google Billy Bob, Google". 

I don't know what was happen'n yesterday, but ever few minutes I was get'n 2 or 3 spam emails....not in the spam folder. Bout 30 all total in a hour. Then all a sudden, they quit. I'm think'n one of the sites I had visited gave my email addy away. That's only happen one other time....an' boy howdy was I pissed.

Ok, let's talk bout pain level for a minute. I cain't believe it, I don't hurt near as bad as I did a week ago. Well, I should say, for not as long as a week ago. I still get up each morn'n bended over, but that don't last much over 30 minutes.....or so. The pain levels have been in the below 5's for the last few days with a occasional 8 poke'n me in the back. Think'n bulldozer here.
"Billy Bob, how much pain is a 8 an' a 5"? Well, a 8 would be bout a "swaked my thumb with a big ol' hammer". A 5 would be like....*damn, I'm think'n here*....how bout a chop suey punch to the throat. No....a swift kick to the shins. A bump on the noggin from a fall. Somewheres round there. 
So here's the difference. I been stay'n off'n that damn couch. Well, not stay'n off'n it, but limit'n my "sit down" time on it. Work'n on my projects, I was on my feet a lot an' mov'n round a bit...with less "sit'n on my ass". Damn I cain't wait to get my back fixed. I could go chas'n wimmins again....go danc'n, stuff like that. Ha, forget that...."how old did ya say ya was Billy Bob"?

Dang, I could sit here for another hour, but I got stuff I need to do. More sort'n an' toss'n. Throw stuff out in the yard. I can fix lawn mowers ya know. Yo Mama's Snapper needs some tune'n up.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Another one them days......look on the bright side

Boy howdy I'm glad we talk'n bout coffee. I love my coffee ya know. But damn, it just don't taste no good no more. Well it does, but just not as good as I remember a few years back.....bout 20 or so.
Like Ed said, Arbuckle is the coffee that won the west. But, like any other excellent great tast'n coffee, ya gotta order it. Walmart don't carry it. You did know I do my shop'n at Walmart right???

As far as a coffee pot, I don't care what kind it is....as long as the brew'n water gets up to the right temp. My Mr Coffee is a few degrees short. Oh don't get me wrong now, it'll burn yer lips in a second. Then I got to think'n bout coffee filters. I know they are paper, but what kind of paper? Recycled shit or from some old trash tree grow'n in a swamp that the alligators pee on ever day?
Ok, we done with a good cup of coffee.....let's move on.

Yesterday I ordered black 1/4 inches plexiglass from Amazon for the cabinet doors. Don't know what the hell I'm gonna get, but black will be just fine....as long as it has a shine to it. Damn, I wanted smoked.
"You da man Billy Bob"!
Ha....a while later I got a email from Amazon. My plexiglass had been shipped. I took a close look that the order....ONE piece had been shipped an' my cabinet takes TWO pieces. I'll blame Amazon 'cause when I was fill'n out the order, I only clicked ONE. I cancelled that order an' went back an' ordered TWO. They shipped ONE....as per the order they received. That makes it their fault, not mine. But anyhows, I'm all excitis. The second piece has been ordered.

With projects completed, I ain't got nuttin to do. Well I do, but I don't want to "do nuttin" such as clean'n an' stuff like that. I tried to conn Yo Mama into clean'n but she just sit there on the couch look'n at me funny.....like "do it yerself". Maybe I need to increase her wages a tad.

This morn'n was kind of a repeat of yesterday....I don't give a crap. I got over yesterdays, so I will get over todays. Sometimes I hate my brain when it does this shit to me. It ain't right ya know. Shoot, I'm one lucky sum-a-gun when ya come right down to it. I'm retired. I don't owe nobody nuttin (well I do have a small note on "Sally da house"). I don't pay no taxes on a $500,000 house. I don't have a John Deere lawn tractor to maintain. My insurance pays for everthing 100%. I can come an' go as I please. Yes, I got it made. "So what the frick are you whinn'n bout Billy Bob....just shut up"?

Now, get'n back to "fix'n" stuff on "da house". It seems my wonderful sons have forgotten that there's still a bunch of stuff what needs fixed. Work'n on MY projects does not fix nuttin on the "fix it" list. I can do it all myself, but somebody gotta help me off'n the roof. Somebody gotta help me out from under "da house". Somebody gotta help me carry all this heavy stuff. Let's face it....I need help.
"That's all I have to say bout that"....Gump.

There is a new law com'n up in Texas, March of 2015. There will no longer be safety inspection stickers glued to your windshield. A yearly inspection will still be required.....but, you will not be able to complete registration with out a "passed" safety inspection. I hope the "passed" is recorded through the DMV computer systems as I register "Sally da house" online. Now, the problem for RV'ers, you will have to return to Texas for the "yearly" inspection before you can get your registration. "What if we are in freak'n Alaska Billy Bob when the registration is due"?