Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Comfort, I love comfort

Yesterdays talk bout coffee drew a few comments. Nuttin else was of interest. But it was to me.

On with the coffee discussion. I'm a coffee drinker. Started drink'n the stuff when I was bout 14 year old. Hated it back then, but that's all I had to drink.....other than water, an' I don't like water. Then I started put'n cream (half & half) in it. That helped. A little sugar by the time I turned 16 an' I was set for life.

I've tried many brands of coffee in my life time. I now drink Folgers Classic roast. That's the closest I can come to "good tast'n" coffee. For a few years, bout 10 or 15, I drinked Maxwell House....good to the last drop ya know. Then they come out with MH Rich French roast. Oh my god, I loved that stuff. Now all they  (MH) have is just plain ol' French roast.....what ain't all that good far as I'm concerned.

I don't order coffee online. If'n Walmart ain't got it, I check out the local grocery store. A new brand will be tried my next trip to Walmart. What could it be???

I was sit'n here last night. I says to myself...."damn, this is comfortable". Most of the liv'n room is cleaned up, floor swept an' all that good stuff. I can live in here. Did I mention I "love" my new table/desk an' cabinet?
*just a thought* How bout one them high dollar gravity chairs.....modified with wheels? It ain't a recliner, but it's close. "Google Billy Bob, Google". 

I don't know what was happen'n yesterday, but ever few minutes I was get'n 2 or 3 spam emails....not in the spam folder. Bout 30 all total in a hour. Then all a sudden, they quit. I'm think'n one of the sites I had visited gave my email addy away. That's only happen one other time....an' boy howdy was I pissed.

Ok, let's talk bout pain level for a minute. I cain't believe it, I don't hurt near as bad as I did a week ago. Well, I should say, for not as long as a week ago. I still get up each morn'n bended over, but that don't last much over 30 minutes.....or so. The pain levels have been in the below 5's for the last few days with a occasional 8 poke'n me in the back. Think'n bulldozer here.
"Billy Bob, how much pain is a 8 an' a 5"? Well, a 8 would be bout a "swaked my thumb with a big ol' hammer". A 5 would be like....*damn, I'm think'n here*....how bout a chop suey punch to the throat. No....a swift kick to the shins. A bump on the noggin from a fall. Somewheres round there. 
So here's the difference. I been stay'n off'n that damn couch. Well, not stay'n off'n it, but limit'n my "sit down" time on it. Work'n on my projects, I was on my feet a lot an' mov'n round a bit...with less "sit'n on my ass". Damn I cain't wait to get my back fixed. I could go chas'n wimmins again....go danc'n, stuff like that. Ha, forget that...."how old did ya say ya was Billy Bob"?

Dang, I could sit here for another hour, but I got stuff I need to do. More sort'n an' toss'n. Throw stuff out in the yard. I can fix lawn mowers ya know. Yo Mama's Snapper needs some tune'n up.


  1. I sure am glad to hear your pain levels are down to a more manageable level. I've also heard that sitting is the worst thing you can do, and that anything you can do standing up should be done that way. You oughtta see me trying to put my socks on while standing on one foot! Sometimes I can do it, and my balance is getting better, but I have to stand close to a wall so I can fall into something rather than on the floor!

  2. That's good stuff getting that pain to be more manageable. Hope it keeps going that way.

  3. You are "plumb" funny. Good deal that you are doing better. Yeah, it gives one a very good feeling to see everything cleaned and cleared away. Sure wishing that was my situation.

    To doctor yesterday; on the verge of a stroke! I wonder: a tiny one or a big whopper one. Sure feel weird for a fact.

    How fortunate for Yo Mama, having a Snapper Whiz on the premises. Too bad I'm not near you, me and my Snapper; maybe, you'd take a look at it. Being unaware, I let the gas get too low; now carburator BIG problems - black smoke, putt, putt, splat, putt. And of COURSE, the grass is now knee-tall.

    Damn, I need a herd of goats!

    Guessing if I didn't have daily problems, I might not realize I'm truly alive. Eh?

    I like your new desk too. Nice, nice, really nice.

  4. I like good strong coffee. I buy Colombia Classico by Community Coffee Co. I use a sixteen ounce cup, but a funnel in it with a coffee filter in the funnel and add two scoops of Folgers Classic and five scoops of the Colombia Classico. Mmmmmm Goooood. I just can't stand week coffee.

    1. Wow, DD. That would be very strong coffee. I wouldn't sleep for a week.
      I tried Colombia by Community, but to me, it doesn't taste as good as Maxwell House Colombian.
      Happy Tails and Trails, Penny

  5. hmmm. My comments are not showing up on blogs. Earlier I tried to post:

    I don't know what age is too old to chase wimmins, but I'm guessing you are not yet that old.--------------------

  6. "Yo Mama's Snapper needs some tune'n up."

    After you tune it up are you just going to watch her mow the grass like last time...or are you going to help her mow it? Just curious...

  7. Yeah, Billy Bob, my husband has always been a firm believer in "if it hurts, get up and move it". He, at 73, exercises for several hours a day, and looks great. I, on the other hand, am 10 years behind him, and about 20 pounds overweight. I also work full-time, not yet retired, and have a broken ankle, so my gym time is severly limited. But, I do know that just moving around when you least feel like it will help make things better. Sounds like you're learning, that, too! Happy days to you ~

  8. Well BB, if you won't order any Arbuckles then consider Folgers Black Silk. When I run out of Arbuckles and waiting to get someplace where I can have it shipped that has been the 'store bought' brand that I have been drinking.
    I think you can get that at WalMart (I don't shop there) but have found it in some VERY small town grocery stores.