Friday, July 4, 2014

Spud gun from hell....

Did you see that? The temps dropped way down low last night. Would you believe 60 degs???

Yesterday was a pretty good visit day again. Grandson Colby came back by to visit after his mom took him an' them out for supper. Once again my living room was short of sit'n room. An' everbody was talk'n all at the same time. I didn't hear a thing. Son Ronny came by for a visit. Now where we all gonna sit? My god, there is 8 people in my house.
Grandsons Colby an' Cooper.

We got on the subject of "spud guns" a little later in the evening. My grandson Mack's eyes lit up like two big ol' harvest moons....he wants a spud gun. In my old files from bout a year or so ago, I fount this drawing I did for a spud gun from hell. Harvest moon eyes again. So, a new project is on the front burner. Build this "man toy" with the assistance of Mack. 
As with any piece of weapondry (spell check is of no help), adult supervision is highly recommended. Like what type of potatoes are best suited as a projectile. What type of hair spray gives the best explosive power to sent the projectile down range bout 200 yards. What materials to use for targets. No glass, no human flesh, no living creatures (neighbors pets), no moving street traffic.....cars, pick'em up trucks, kids on bicycles....stuff like that. Yes....spud guns are completely safe in case you're wonder'n. But only when used in a safe manner. Hand one to a full fledge Budweiser drink'n southern redneck, ya better stand back......"Hey Bubba, watch this".

I clearly remember my fist home built spud gun. I lived on the boat at the time, in the City marina in Port Aransas, Texas. Me an' girlfriend went to the store an' bought up two 10 pound bags of russet taters. Tater projectiles was a fly'n that night. Sit'n in the cockpit of "Coyote" (the name my boat), I fired a tater straight up in the air.

After a few seconds, maybe bout 10, that tater come back down to earth with a loud crash. Right on my neighbors forward deck. Sound like a hammer blow. Neighbor swings his cabin hatch wide open an' out he come lickity split. A look of astonishment on his face. I quickly hides my spud gun out of view. He hollers..."WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT"? I says..."I don't know....I heard it too. Probly a meteorite from space".
Anyhows, I had to fess up the following evening when I was out there shoot'n that spud gun again.....he catched me red handed shoot'n taters across the marina. There was one occasion I was visited by the local law enforcement....spud gun related, but that's another story.

 I was gonna mention "strong" coffee this morn'n, but got to think'n I might upset one my followers. But....I did place 7 scoops of grinds in a measur'n cup....holy cows, that's 1 3/4's cup of grounds. Mixed with 16 oz. of water.......Oh nevermind.

Yo Mama just showed up for a short visit.....see ya laters.


  1. Man! You are one talented guy. Also a great grandpa--bet your kids won't think that when he gets to shooting that spud gun. Seriously it sounds like a lot of fun.

  2. "but that's another story."
    Well, we will all be disappointed if we don't hear this other story, don't you know.

    A very attention-grabbing, interesting post here. Billy Bob. A 'spud gun': Well, I never! LOL
    You are aware that an action is always followed by a reaction.
    Ha, Ha, best NOT post your gun-making directions online for us (as much as I'd like to know more; wink, wink, grin). Know why, Billy Bob? There would ensue a run on potatoes and create, as the Jimbob up-road would say "uh turribul tater shortage"; probably runaway inflated price for future potatoes, just like real ammunition is so highly inflated.
    l o l

    Okay, so I'm finished bs-ing. Now I will go back and read the rest of your post; maybe another comment later.

  3. That older grandson looks just like you! Handsome. That boat is very handsome also or maybe boats are shes and should be described as pretty. Well, it is beautiful. That's very nice having a bunch of people around you - making good memories, eh?

    I'm heading out down-road to my daughter's for hotdogs and burgers, some good ole "Tater Salad" and I don't know what else is on the menu. Yum, yum, strawberry shortcake would be great. I spied bags of berries in her freezer recently; yeah, yeah, I'm crossing my fingers!

  4. My son made a spud gun and it sure did surprise me how far that sucker could shoot a potato!!

  5. Sounds like another fun project for ya, have fun!

  6. You are in GA now so your spud gun should be a non-issue. However, combustion spud guns (what you are a building) are considered firearms in the state of Texas.

    I wonder if you can get a Concealed Carry for a combustion spun gun?

  7. Your grandson Colby is the spitting image of you!