Monday, July 14, 2014

Work'n for nuttin....1958

Ok, I've sat here for the last hour try'n to think of something funny to write about today. This old crap bout writ'n bout pain an' nasty coffee is get'n old. But......

A while back when the pains became almost unbearable an' all my funny stuff was at the back my mind.....hide'n under big ol' blankets, I was gonna shut down "Billy Bob's Place". Now it's been bout two years an' all ya hear bout is "Oh my back hurts". "I cain't do this I cain't do that". That's NOT what Billy Bob's Place is all bout. This is supposed to be a humor site. It was designed as a humor site. Where you can get your daily LOL's, HAHAHA's an' giggles an' go bout your day with a smile on yer face. You don't miss them days any more than I do. Bear with me a little bit longer.

Remember when I was tell'n ya bout my "hitchhik'n" trip back in 1958? We went to Washington state, Idaho an' Montana. Got throwed in jail in Oregon for hop'n a freight (steal'n a ride on the nations railway systems). We stoled cherries from a lady's front yard in Washington. Picked blueberries in Spokane. Sleeped in a jail house in Idaho. Bears in the garden in Libby Montana. Rode through the Rocky mountains with a sleep'n trucker. *that skeer hell out me* Stacked a hunnert bales of hay for a dad gum balony sammich. *mind you, only one slice of balony an' 2 slices bread*

Ya see, me an' my partner was mak'n our way across Washington in hopes of get'n a ride back to southern California out of Seattle. We had a total .47 cents in our pockets. We was broke an' hungry. We go'n home where there's fresh food on the table every night. Yum Yum boy howdy.

We crossed a long highway bridge over some river. I threatened to toss the suitcase in the river. I been lugg'n this heavy ass thing tooo long. We come to this little farm. Up on the hill was a farmer unload'n hay bales into the barn. Maybe that farmer needs some help. Yup he did an' he went in the house while we busted our butts with them hay bales. I ain't never unloaded an' stack hay bales in my life an' here I are get'n first hand experience. "Are you boys hungry"? You bet we are......ain't eat nuttin since yesterday....an' today is get'n gone. One freak'n balony sammich. That's what we got. Weren't nuttin on that sammich but two slices day old bread. No mayo. No maters. No lettuce. Nuttin but a thin slice of balony.

But wait, I ain't come to the good part yet. Before we arrived at the farm house, we passed a little motel place. By the time we unloaded an' stack all that hay, we was cover from head to foot with little bitty "scratchy" hay particles an' a bucket full of sweat. We was itch'n up a storm....an' no wheres to warsh it off. Not even a cold ass creek. The farmer hands us $7. My god....we rich. Five or so hours work'n in the hot sun....we rich.

It's get'n on to dark an' we ain't got no place to sleep for the night. It should be noted at this time.....the farmer said we need to "hit the road, you cain't sleep here". "The motel, we can get a room, take a shower an' be good as new in the morn'n". An' that exactly what we did. Room rent was $3 a person....we got $1 left....plus the .47 cents in our pockets. For $1.25 the nice motel lady made us a breakfast of hot cakes an'  black rot gut coffee. If'n ya wanted cream an' sugar, that was a nickle extra.

So's, the way I look at it today, we unloaded all them bales of hay for nuttin. But we did learn one good lesson....stay way far away from farms, farmers an' motels. You gonna work yer ass off for nuttin.

For many many years I kept the road atlas of that trip. Litttle stars marked the excit'n stops we made along the way. Like the local jail house we sleeped in.....for free. Sure do wished I still had that old road atlas. The memories it held.   


  1. Sounds like you and your buddy had quite an adventure, So far, I've not hopped a train nor slept in a hay barn (bet that motel room and shower was worth its cost) but I did load hay bales once and since I was a girl, the old dog didn't offer me a cent. (I'm not SHY these days) Created a life-long resentment for low wage employers; they are still doing it too.

    I MUST be living on a farm for I work for nothing still yet.

    There are plenty of giggle-makers left in you, my friend. We'll keep waiting, never you fear.

  2. The upside of today??? Those memories are still in your head!! And you have shared them with us! So now they aren't totally lost. You did a good job in the entertainment department today. I appreciate that. But the plan is to stay with you no matter what the ups and downs. No worries about that. Just keep on hanging in there.

  3. Sounds like you had a hard adventure.

    I"m thinking I live on a farm since I work for no pay still yet. I been thinking of just running away, maybe hop a train. Well, dog, that's out; somebody in charge had the train track ripped out; there goes my bright escape plan.

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  5. So the sleep in the jail-- was it required or just convenient ? The above mentions are very true.

  6. Now that sounds like the old Billy Bob that we all know and love. Good blog posting!!

  7. Great story about some fun times in the good ole days.