Saturday, July 12, 2014

MRI is over....backs don't suppose to look like that

It's probly a bit early for me to be sit'n here writ'n stuff on my computer. Got one eye what ain't look'n at the same things I am. It's a typical morn'n at Billy Bob's house.

I was gonna write a long post this morn'n bout yesterdays trip to the MRI place. In short, the trip sucked an' the MRI machine skeered hell out me. Oh the machine was one them so called open ones...or I suppose it was. But when they put me in there, there was a freak'n big ol' fiberglass ceiling thingy not 4 inches from my face. Think'n it was a magnet thingy. My first thought was...."how do I git out this thing"? I got crustyfobia ya know. In 20 minutes it was all over.

Have ya ever go on a trip an' know exacty where you're go'n an' exactly how to get there? That was yesterday, I knowed what roads we was supposed to take, where to turn....all that good stuff (Google Maps). Me an' Robert stopped by an' pick up Billy. First thing he do is break out some kind of GPS thingy. I'm enjoy'n the scenery. Billy says...."git in the right lane, turn here". But but but, that's not highway 120. Highway 120 goes right up to the front door of the MRI place....only 5 more miles. Now we're lost. I'm a bit upset....more like pissed. Arrived at our destination 30 minutes late. But still before my appointment.

Return trip back home??? You guessed it.....Billy. When we pull out the park'n lot, I tell Robert, turn left right here, it's highway 120......straight shot home. Ha....Billy says..."No Robert, go straight". We turn here, we turn there....we're lost again. Over 30 minutes later, we make a right turn. There's a sign beside the road....highway 120. I shouldn't have to say no more. Dang boys!!!

Anyhows, I got me a copy of the MRI. Loaded it up in the computer an'...."What the hell is this"? Now I've seen pictures of backs before an' this one don't look nuttin like them others. Bumps, one miss'n vertibre disk, pinched nerves ( I suppose that's what they are)....crookit stuff. L4 an' 5 don't look right to me. Damn, why didn't I go to doctor school? Follow up with the "needle" doctor on the 16th. This is tak'n entirely way too long.

Oh crap, I forgot to tell ya.....the Onan is fixed. Well, I hope it is. If'n ya remember, I wanted to leave the load test to Robert. He plug "da house" into the Onan plug. Push the start button, that Onan fire right up, come up to speed an' the front 15,000 btu a/c start blow'n cold air right now. I'm think'n all is good to go, but that was only "one" load test. When ya test something, ya test it more than one time.

Mailman come by an' drop off another piece of black plexiglass for the other door on my "desk/table/cabinet" project. A trip to Home Depot will complete the job with a set of hinges. Well I guess I could fire up the table saw an' cut the plexiglass for a perfect fit. Damn I hope it don't chip.

I got to think'n bout my coffee situation again. As one commenter said...."mix 'em together". Well, I got to think'n bout that. If'n I have 3 brands of coffee an' I don't like any of 'em, how would mix'n them make it taste good? So here's what I'm gonna do. Go'n back to the Folger classic roast, I'm gonna add a extra scoop (1/4 cup) to my next pot (8 cups). I already drink it a little bit on the strong side (two heap'n scoops), but I want the flavor of fresh picked, dried an' roasted coffee beans. Catch my drift???

Bout that beef stew I made. One more big bowl an' I'm done with it. Ya cain't eat the same thing every day for over 4 days. Now where the hell did I put them hot dogs.....Weber time. Speak'n of Weber, how long does it take to cure the cast iron grate? Mine still sticks.....even with oil.

Ok, that's the MRI stuff. An' get'n lost a couple times. All is well at "Billy Bob's Place".

Dang....that's all I can think of for today. Possibility I might go outside an' work on a project.....foot stool maybe? I got plenty to do. I just don't feel like "do'n nuttin". "The bedroom Billy Bob, ya got 4 days work to do back there".


  1. I have listened to the GPS and gotten lost before, so now if I even think I know where I'm going I just do it my way. Love to hear that voice sayin' "Recalculate". I've learned to where I just cook one meal at a time. I love soups and stews, but unless I can freeze some of it I get sick & tired of it after the 2nd day.

    Well, you got through that MRI, and I gotta say "Good for you!". I hope some good doctor can figure out what to do about fixing you up.

  2. If I listened to the GPS, I would have difficulty getting out of my neighborhood. I tested it to see about getting into my neighborhood from another town. I am on a highway. Why would the GPS take someone out on county roads for twenty miles? Straight shot, just like you say.

    Fortunately or unfortunately, I can eat the same thing for four days. But, freezing is a good option for anything over two days. I have a large freezer. Some days, it is great to have a frozen meal.

    If you did not care for the open MRI, you would have hated the closed MRI. I think the ceiling is closer than 4 inches. One time I tried to adjust myself in their and almost broke my nose.

  3. Gadgets! The world is too full of gadgets. Always hearing how these techny things make life easier. I think a GPS takes you "as the crow flies". I've read of a few people using one and winding up stranded out on a cow path or old unused forest road in hip deep snow, winding up losing their lives. Not for me! I'll stick to those old fashioned road maps.

    Scared the first time being in MRI or CT scan machines but next time knew what was coming and stayed calm. The worst part is "Don't move" or Don't breathe much" - What the hay? Breathing and moving are my best talents.

    Did you know you are hit with as much radiation (I believe this is what I read) with one test as that of a 1000 X-Rays? So, yes, I'm leery of medicines high technology also. You can address me as Ms Para Noid.

    How wild! And what provoked this? I had a long involved dream last night, BB. You were the main character of the cast. Weird.

    1. Ms Para Noid,

      There is no radiation involved with a MRI - none.

      CT scans are a different issue however; one chest CT scan typically delivers about 70 times the radiation of one chest X-ray, Not quite the 1000 time that you believe but more than you want to have very often.

    2. http://content.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,1818520,00.html
      Ed, this article says 500 times, yet I know what I read - within the past month , just don't know where the item was. Do you have the link to your information? Also, I don't think I said that MRIs involved radiation.

  4. No more MRIs for me! I barely made it thru a cat scan, and they are quick. Gotten claustrophobic in my old age. I can NOT lay on that little narrow table, and not move for ages, with my arms above my head, inside that small tunnel!!!

  5. BB, just wanted to let you know I read every one of your blogs, you are as important to me as my morning coffee. I hope you find your perfect coffee soon. Mine is Folgers Breakfast Blend, but then I like the "weak stuff". You wouldn't like it. I had Chicory in N'Awlins and it damnnear made me sick. Extremely strong. By the way, I stick to regular ole road maps and Benchmark Atlases, and stuff. I have gotten lost every single time with a GPS. But then I'm Old School. HAHAA!! I'm 60 and I guess that makes me Old School.
    Jool in North Texas (out Weatherford way)

  6. It's just a test ya know....I brewed me up another pot using 3 scoops of grinds. Ummmmmm....is that fresh picked coffee beans I taste?

    1. Bingo! Hope you have a winner. But "fresh picked" ones are green! I wish I could find some raw dried coffee beans. I'd try to grow a plant. My thumb is green, ya know; when and ifn the weather behaves also, which is a rarity.

    2. Ya gittin there!

      "I'm gonna add a extra scoop (1/4 cup) to my next pot (8 cups). I already drink it a little bit on the strong side (two heap'n scoops), "

      Most 'expert' coffee makers use 2 tbl spoons of grinds per cup. There are 4 tbl spoons in 1/4 cup so you were using about 1/2 the amount of grinds that the 'expert' would recommend. If you thought 3 scoops was starting to taste good add one more - then you will be drinkin' some coffee.

      I use 4 tbl spoons of Arbuckles or Folgers Black Silk for an 8 oz cup. That makes ME a good cup of coffee.

  7. hi SISSY so thank-you for sharing with me that it was in fact you who deleted your comment the other day . now if you think i owe mr. BB an apology ? do you not think mr. BB owes me an apology for deleting me , not once but 2 comments that i sent to him ?
    now as far as not chipping plexi-glass from a table saw you must turn the saw blade the opposite direction ( backwards ) than you will not chip the plexi-glass.
    now i have never drunking coffee or tee in my life , i am a canadian and i know what every single coffee drinking canadian tells me that the coffee in usa is like water not strong very week not even worth 2cents . so if you have a need for good tasting strong coffee get it from canada.

  8. I thought about you all day Friday wondering how you survived the MRI. Glad to hear it all worked out.

    I can not comment on the use of a GPS as I have never owned or used one in my life and have no plans to. Only have heard my friends gripe about them.

    Good luck with the plexi-glass project.

  9. Weber Grill, I get it smoking hot 15 minutes in high, turn down med low, oil the food not the grill. When the meat is ready to turn it will be released from the grill no sticking. Thats all I have ever done since our Weber Q was new.
    Good luck with you plexiglass.

    1. Ps: I spray oil and put spice or my pork, chicken, turkey, beef etc.. before putting on the grill. (I like Pam with olive oil) less messy, than rubbing oil on by hand.

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