Monday, July 7, 2014

I don't give a crap

This morn'n I probly gonna say some things I will regret say'n later in the day. When I got up this morn'n, after another restless sleep, I din't give a crap bout nuttin. A couple hours later, I still don't give a crap bout nuttin.

I bought me some Hershey candy bars. Some M&M's. An' a can of red skin peanuts. Along with my Folgers Black Silk coffee, a big ol' peanutbutter jelly sammich an' a cold hot dog, I got sicker an' a dog. Even Alka Seltzer didn't work. I were belch'n out both ends. Thought I was gonna puke.

This morn'n, I ain't sick no more. But I still don't give a crap. This happens almost ever day, so I ain't gonna dwell on it....it clears up as the day progresses. But, by the time it clears up, it's too damn late in the day to do anything productive. I feel like I'm sit'n on a time bomb just wait'n for that sucker to explode. Ya ever feel like that????

Many many years ago, I married a little Mexican girl named Maria. We had 5 wonderful children (4 boys an' 1 darling little girl) ranging anywheres from "Mama's boy" to "My god, you act just like yer daddy".  Not much has changed in the last 40 some years. We divorced an' went on with our lives.

In 2003, I needed a place to park "Alice", my first motorhome. The kids said...."park at momma's". It was convenient for kid an' grankid visitation, so I did. That's when I began to call my park'n spot at "Momma's" "Yo Mama's RV Resort"...."yo mama" mean'n "you're mother". We get along just fine. Me an' "husband in law" Harry get along just fine. No need to say any more.

Work on the "fix it" list has turn into a non-priority for Robert an' Billy.....the only two boys that have tackled the chore of fix'n stuff. I mean like, it's only been bout 6 weeks now an' that list ain't shrink'n much. But I did take a couple items off'n it. Come on boys, let's fix stuff.

Speak'n of fix'n stuff, I still have to go outside an' test the Onan generator after we Seafoamed it. I'm think'n positive.....it's gonna work. Now if'n it don't work, that could mean a trip to the Onan fix'n place.....hunnert dollar a hour.

The same goes with get'n my back fixed. It's only been bout 6 weeks an' I ain't got a thing fixed. But, this Friday, the 11th, I get my MRI. On the 16th, I go back to see the "needle" doctor. This to me is a wasted appointment....I want to see a freak'n surgeon for his opinion. Hmmmmmm, how long will that take? Let him look at a x-ray an' my MRI an' tell me it cain't be fixed. That was sarcasm if'n ya missed it. 

Then there's the daily chore of writ'n a blog post. Some days I "just don't give a flip". But my blog is very important to me. I have online friends....an' some not so friendly. I try to please each of them with my words of wisdom.....LOLOLOL....hahahaha, but it's fun. I cover some my medical stuff so I'll have me some kind of a record....like how I feel today. When I fell down from "try'n" psychotic mind altering drugs. My blog is my life's story an' some times I have a excit'n life.



  1. We are all entitled to days when we just don't care about nuttin'. I happens a lot when we don't feel well. I sure hope your MRI shows something they can work with and fix. Hang in there, ol' buddy.

  2. Heck Billy Bob, I couldn't get through the day without reading your words of wisdom and adventures at Wal-Mart. Keep them coming.

  3. Hey BB sorry I haven't been around and that goes for all the blogs I read form Gypsy on down. At a new campground this year and offer to do some work to offset the bill, well dam I ain't never pumped so much poop in my whole life(65) but I do get to see what everybody been eating...LOL the magic clear end on the the pickup side.So are you in Ga now? Hey also the POS jeep gave out on me and don't trust it to going too very in th heat so I got me a new Honda FSC600-ABS big boy scooter. You know up M/C are a no no in campgrounds but say scooter and all is ok with the world. Been pay with that and having a blast even Chippy the wornder dog like it in his new Saddlermen Doggie House on the back,even keeps his goggles on like a good boy girls love it...So still heading out to El Paso Tx to see number 2 son later this summer and will like to get a face to face with ya. Oh well I gabbed enough on your site let me go see what Gypsy is been up too...

  4. Been thinking about your nausea and vomiting etc. Wonder if you have gall bladder problems?

    1. Did you read what BB said:
      "I bought me some Hershey candy bars. Some M&M's. An' a can of red skin peanuts. Along with my Folgers Black Silk coffee, a big ol' peanutbutter jelly sammich an' a cold hot dog, I got sicker an' a dog."

      That is not a gall bladder problem that is a eating problem. They only thing on that list that was good for him was the Folgers Black Silk and the peanutbutter jelly sammich. Then to top it all off the man eats like a snake; goes without eating then gouges on the likes of this.

  5. quote BB ( my blog is very important to me. I have online friends.... I try to please each of them.)
    you please your friends by ignoring them and wiping them right off the face of you blog.
    why would you do that Mr. P. ? why? why ?why ?

  6. Well, that clears up a lot of things...including why one of your sons thought I looked like his mother :-)

  7. Ha ha now we got things all figgered out. No more mystery stuff.
    Good luck with that MRI.

  8. Thanks, Billy Bob for clearing up my question. Kinda thought that was the case, but was for a long time too polite to ask. Glad being nosy won out. I feel good about your chances with the MRI - thinkin' positive for you down the road with the wind blowing that pony tail later this fall. Maybe even back on the Billy Bike, who knows...Look forward to our daily visit, evn when you don't give a crap..