Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Another one them days......look on the bright side

Boy howdy I'm glad we talk'n bout coffee. I love my coffee ya know. But damn, it just don't taste no good no more. Well it does, but just not as good as I remember a few years back.....bout 20 or so.
Like Ed said, Arbuckle is the coffee that won the west. But, like any other excellent great tast'n coffee, ya gotta order it. Walmart don't carry it. You did know I do my shop'n at Walmart right???

As far as a coffee pot, I don't care what kind it is....as long as the brew'n water gets up to the right temp. My Mr Coffee is a few degrees short. Oh don't get me wrong now, it'll burn yer lips in a second. Then I got to think'n bout coffee filters. I know they are paper, but what kind of paper? Recycled shit or from some old trash tree grow'n in a swamp that the alligators pee on ever day?
Ok, we done with a good cup of coffee.....let's move on.

Yesterday I ordered black 1/4 inches plexiglass from Amazon for the cabinet doors. Don't know what the hell I'm gonna get, but black will be just fine....as long as it has a shine to it. Damn, I wanted smoked.
"You da man Billy Bob"!
Ha....a while later I got a email from Amazon. My plexiglass had been shipped. I took a close look that the order....ONE piece had been shipped an' my cabinet takes TWO pieces. I'll blame Amazon 'cause when I was fill'n out the order, I only clicked ONE. I cancelled that order an' went back an' ordered TWO. They shipped ONE....as per the order they received. That makes it their fault, not mine. But anyhows, I'm all excitis. The second piece has been ordered.

With projects completed, I ain't got nuttin to do. Well I do, but I don't want to "do nuttin" such as clean'n an' stuff like that. I tried to conn Yo Mama into clean'n but she just sit there on the couch look'n at me funny.....like "do it yerself". Maybe I need to increase her wages a tad.

This morn'n was kind of a repeat of yesterday....I don't give a crap. I got over yesterdays, so I will get over todays. Sometimes I hate my brain when it does this shit to me. It ain't right ya know. Shoot, I'm one lucky sum-a-gun when ya come right down to it. I'm retired. I don't owe nobody nuttin (well I do have a small note on "Sally da house"). I don't pay no taxes on a $500,000 house. I don't have a John Deere lawn tractor to maintain. My insurance pays for everthing 100%. I can come an' go as I please. Yes, I got it made. "So what the frick are you whinn'n bout Billy Bob....just shut up"?

Now, get'n back to "fix'n" stuff on "da house". It seems my wonderful sons have forgotten that there's still a bunch of stuff what needs fixed. Work'n on MY projects does not fix nuttin on the "fix it" list. I can do it all myself, but somebody gotta help me off'n the roof. Somebody gotta help me out from under "da house". Somebody gotta help me carry all this heavy stuff. Let's face it....I need help.
"That's all I have to say bout that"....Gump.

There is a new law com'n up in Texas, March of 2015. There will no longer be safety inspection stickers glued to your windshield. A yearly inspection will still be required.....but, you will not be able to complete registration with out a "passed" safety inspection. I hope the "passed" is recorded through the DMV computer systems as I register "Sally da house" online. Now, the problem for RV'ers, you will have to return to Texas for the "yearly" inspection before you can get your registration. "What if we are in freak'n Alaska Billy Bob when the registration is due"?



  1. My dotter was telling me that about the stickers, and she thot they would be included with the tags. So far, i haven't seen anything. My tags are due this month.

    1. it don't take effect until mar of next year.
      Tes it will be included in the registration, but you can't get registration until you have passed the inspection. How DMV determines "passed"....hell I don't know. Hopefully by computer.

  2. Have you tried searching for your coffee on Amazon.com or, now that you are back in the east, you may find it at a local grocery store. I have purchased MH Fr Roast at Publix here in Jax., Fl. Just a thought!

  3. I make the best coffee in the world, but I mix a couple of kinds in my secret blend. I brewed all the coffee for the family camping trip and I'm sure everyone had an extra cup or two 'cause it's so good.

  4. ..." think'n bout coffee filters. I know they are paper, but what kind of paper? "

    No need to worry about alligator pee, Billy Bob. White coffee filters are bleached... with chlorine bleach and we know chlorine kills EVERYTHING! Brown filters 'supposedly' best to use but quite expensive compared to white ones.
    I buy MH French Roast in my area. You might email/call the company to send you a good supply. How's that sound? No harm in trying, is there?

    Sure hope your Amazon order got straightened out. Recently, they goofed on my order.

    Hope you're fairing well in the heat this week. It is beyond miserable here in this tin box.