Wednesday, July 30, 2014

There went a 10 dollar bill.....poooof, gone just like that

Holy crap, I should'a listen to Gypsy.

Ya see, it's like this.....yesterday I feeled better than I have for weeks. I'm gonna do something. An' boy howdy do I got some stuff what needs attention.  I jump in with both feet.

I spent a whole dad gum hour clean'n the desk top. Throwed a ton of crap in the dumpster. Sorted them plastic Walmart special container thingys. Throwed more stuff in the dumpster. My desk top looks brand spank'n new. Well, it did for a little while. Ya see, the next item on my list required some heavy duty tools....drills, drill bits, screws...stuff like that. They are sit'n on my desk top this morn'n. Then I went through the same kind of containers in my desk cabinet. More stuff to the dumpster. Yeee ha, I ain't got nuttin left....an' I know damn well I'm gonna need it sometime in the next years time. God I hate throw'n stuff in the dumpster.

The floor....let's sweep an' mop the floor. My god, where all this dog hair come from? "Sadie Mae, you next". Now sweep'n a floor ain't so bad. But I did have to take me a couple "sip up a cup" an' "light one up" breaks. The floor is sweeped. I look at my mop. Ha, there ain't no way this is gonna work. POS Walmart special. It's hands an' knees time. An' let me tell ya, that was a freak'n chore. The floors are mopped.

Dirty dishes pile is get'n bigger.

I breaks out the hair cut'n stuff. Gotta fix Sadie Mae's crookit hair. Thank ya son Billy....sheesh!!! Did I mention Sadie Mae don't like haircuts? But surprisingly, she just lay there an' let me do my thing. For over a damn hour. "Sadie Mae, you so purdy with a new haircut". Still a long ways from a professional groom'n, but she's good to go for another couple three months. Spray her down with the Frontline spray stuff for fleas, ticks an' what ever else she gets into. Check Sadie Mae off the list.

That spud gun. No further tests was done yesterday. I ate the damn tater I was gonna use for the test. Now there is a slim possibility I may go outside an' see if'n I can blow that sucker up. Well, not really blow it up, but see if'n I can make it work......BOOOOM....Phooof....fire come out the barrel. I also need to fabricate some parts to make it look like a "spud gun from hell" an' not just a plain ol' spud gun. Pistol grip with trigger. Ammo clip. An' a long range hunters scope. Paint that sucker up to a flat black finish. Yeee ha, I can hardly wait. Come on Mack, come visit papaw.

Sissy....click right here...http://musingbythecreekside.blogspot.com/ . That's your blog. Notice there is no "s" after musing. "That's all I have to say bout that"....Gump.

Now....I went to bed way way more early last night. Right at bout 10:15pm. I was think'n maybe I would get a good night sleep an' get up early this morn'n an' feel like a hunnert dollar bill. Well let me tell ya right now....don't go to bed think'n that kind of shit is gonna work. My god, I cain't walk. Well I can, but it hurt like hell. Damn bulldozers. Aspirin to the rescue....one or two?

Get'n back to how good I feel yesterday, while I was go'n through stuff, I fount a old draw'n I did a few years back. Some of ya know it as my last dream, an' then there's some of ya that ain't never seen it before. This is my RV shelter/patio.

When I look at this draw'n yesterday....damn, I git'n myself all excitis again. Even though I had given up on this dream bout a year ago.....due to old age an' not being able to "do nuttin" no more, I'm think'n there may still be a possibility to live my dream. This would make a perfect "Sally da house" homebase don't ya think? Git too cold, ya go somewheres where it's warm. Git to hot, ya go somewhere's where it's cool. Damn, I'm gonna need me a bulldozer, a dump truck an' a backhoe. An' a bunch of cheap labor. Come on stock market, do yer thing.

Ok, I'm done for the day. Cain't think of anything else to write about.


  1. I have also been going through old stuff, throwing most of it out but finding some things I just have to keep. Still not done, going to do some more today if I have time.

  2. I want to throw out old stuff but just can't make my hands work to do it. And a little voice keeps whispering in my ear, "You might need that some day".

    1. Ha...in so many ways our thoughts cross on sooo many occasions. You ain't my long lost sister are ya???

    2. I could be if you're my long lost brother!

  3. hi B.B. I remember you wanted to buy a couple of acres and build your long lost dream RV shelter/patio. then one day you just got too old .matter of a fact ,is that not one of the reasons you drove through terlingua tx where they where selling a ten acres plots for a rediculous price of some thing like $75 per acre but you had to buy a minimum of ten acres? you remember over there in the big bend national park area of texas? what ever happened to your good friend you used too go visit ? those where the days my friend when you used to have all kinds of big big dreams.

  4. hey B.B. you never answer me . i asked you what ever happened to you porch and cool dog house you built out in demming new mexico ? and you never talk about your old pesky neighbor WAYNE ? how is wayne ?

  5. Whoo, Hoo. It DID open. What a relief and surprise and a shock really but Billy Bob I can only read the posts, so it is messed up badly. No dashboard, can't post. Was able to make a comment Second time I look again. Favorite blog list gone, labels list gone. Followers list was gone at first. think it is now there.
    Croft too sent link to blog and that worked better but still so much has disappeared from the opening page except my posts.

    Also today, I started receiving hundreds, literally 100s, of Spam in my yahoo mail

    Thinking you and Gypsy might be MY siblings (you reading this Gyspy?) 'cause I too vaccilate EVERY time I go to clear out or throw away. Invariably, when I do dispose of something, it has never failed that within a month I need it. Finally feared to throw anything away. 'Tween 'the devil and the deep blue sea' with all my STUFF and SUCH. Yeck! Yeek!

    I too often think of and wonder how your friend. Wayne is doing. The web is an amazing thing: a good thing but sometimes a very EVIL contraption; and it doesn't pay to EVER disagree with some users. And I 'ain't' referring in the least to you. I love who you are on your blog...a very decent human being. In time possibly you will understand or discover that which I allude to. I sit here in deep shock!!!!

  6. I like the RV/Shelter/ patio, looks like it could be perfect home base.