Tuesday, January 15, 2019

He lives....if'n this is living

Boy howdy time sure does flys. This don't mean that I'll gonna be posting for another year, but jist wanted to let ya know I ain't quite kick the bucket yet. Trip over it a few times but ain't got no broke toes from kick'n it.

I never ever wanted my blog to end this way but health issues will do that to ya. Talk'n bout aches an' pains an' die'n ain't what this blog was about. It was about my adventurous travel'n days in "Alice an' "Sally da house". 'Member'n those days makes a dust storm blow thru the house an' cause me tears in my eyes cause I cain't do it no more. Old is age ain't so bad, but health issues are. I was surprised to make it to 77 last birthday...September.

Much has happen since the last time we talked.....some good an' some bad. In my case it all been down hills like on a roller coaster. Up an' down day to day with the ups get'n farther apart. Now days what I call a good day, one year ago I called it a bad day. Does that make sense?

More on my poor health later, but first.....cancer. A year ago my oldest daughter was found to have breast cancer. That breast was removed an' radiation got it gone. Reconstruction was done along with some other surgery...a women thing. Today she is cancer free and went back to work for a big lawyer place in Atlanta where she worked 10 year ago as a executive secretary.....or something like that.

Two months ago my oldest son Robert was found to have a cancer in his chest...(damn, cain't remember what kind it is but the doc says it's rare). It's not inside his lungs but between the lungs an' rib cage. It's not a cancer that can just be cut out and say good-bye to it. His first dose of chemo started last week thru a hose they placed in his chest. Radiation will follow the chemo. So far he has had no real effects from the chemo. Not sick an' stuff like that. Time will tell. He gets a big dose of my prayer requests ever day. All other prayers will be appreciated.

In a few months....????...I will be a great grandaddy again....by my son Billy's second daughter Alysa. I have a 8 year old one what lives up in Iowa what I ain't never seen. Hopefully this summer. His name is Ian, son to my oldest grandaughter Violet...Billy's oldest daughter.

Back to roller coasters....man you should have took that ride with me the other night. I have chosen to not go to bed until bout 1:30am ever nite. Any time before midnight I'm wide awake at 4am an' I don't do get'n up while it still dark outside. Even go'n to bed at that time (1:30), I seldom get over 5 hour sleep and it ain't no good sleep. Afternoon naps help.....an' I never miss my naps. Pooof, just like that, I'm out like a light.

My breathing issues have got worster than a year ago. Last exam, 4 months ago, I was down to 32 what is very close to go'n into phase 4. I sleep with oxygen at nite but daytime I ain't got no stink'n rubber hose stuck in my nose. Awake blood/oxygen levels at 95 an' 96. I have 3 puffers I take ever day. Spriva Respimat, Symbicort, an' Pro Air.....my life saver. Do my mebulizer 2 or 3 time a day but the Pro Air does a much better job. Almost instant relief from a panic situation. Have ya ever go into a panic when ya cain't breathe? I'll tell ya righ now, it ain't no fun.

I could go on an' on bout all the shit I go thru everday, but I'll leave that to another time. Ha Ha, maybe in a year or so. In the mean time I'll post this just so's y'all know I'm still kick'n, bitch'n an' moan'n.

Hope everbody had a great Christmas and hope you have a great new year. Love ya all.