Tuesday, January 15, 2019

He lives....if'n this is living

Boy howdy time sure does flys. This don't mean that I'll gonna be posting for another year, but jist wanted to let ya know I ain't quite kick the bucket yet. Trip over it a few times but ain't got no broke toes from kick'n it.

I never ever wanted my blog to end this way but health issues will do that to ya. Talk'n bout aches an' pains an' die'n ain't what this blog was about. It was about my adventurous travel'n days in "Alice an' "Sally da house". 'Member'n those days makes a dust storm blow thru the house an' cause me tears in my eyes cause I cain't do it no more. Old is age ain't so bad, but health issues are. I was surprised to make it to 77 last birthday...September.

Much has happen since the last time we talked.....some good an' some bad. In my case it all been down hills like on a roller coaster. Up an' down day to day with the ups get'n farther apart. Now days what I call a good day, one year ago I called it a bad day. Does that make sense?

More on my poor health later, but first.....cancer. A year ago my oldest daughter was found to have breast cancer. That breast was removed an' radiation got it gone. Reconstruction was done along with some other surgery...a women thing. Today she is cancer free and went back to work for a big lawyer place in Atlanta where she worked 10 year ago as a executive secretary.....or something like that.

Two months ago my oldest son Robert was found to have a cancer in his chest...(damn, cain't remember what kind it is but the doc says it's rare). It's not inside his lungs but between the lungs an' rib cage. It's not a cancer that can just be cut out and say good-bye to it. His first dose of chemo started last week thru a hose they placed in his chest. Radiation will follow the chemo. So far he has had no real effects from the chemo. Not sick an' stuff like that. Time will tell. He gets a big dose of my prayer requests ever day. All other prayers will be appreciated.

In a few months....????...I will be a great grandaddy again....by my son Billy's second daughter Alysa. I have a 8 year old one what lives up in Iowa what I ain't never seen. Hopefully this summer. His name is Ian, son to my oldest grandaughter Violet...Billy's oldest daughter.

Back to roller coasters....man you should have took that ride with me the other night. I have chosen to not go to bed until bout 1:30am ever nite. Any time before midnight I'm wide awake at 4am an' I don't do get'n up while it still dark outside. Even go'n to bed at that time (1:30), I seldom get over 5 hour sleep and it ain't no good sleep. Afternoon naps help.....an' I never miss my naps. Pooof, just like that, I'm out like a light.

My breathing issues have got worster than a year ago. Last exam, 4 months ago, I was down to 32 what is very close to go'n into phase 4. I sleep with oxygen at nite but daytime I ain't got no stink'n rubber hose stuck in my nose. Awake blood/oxygen levels at 95 an' 96. I have 3 puffers I take ever day. Spriva Respimat, Symbicort, an' Pro Air.....my life saver. Do my mebulizer 2 or 3 time a day but the Pro Air does a much better job. Almost instant relief from a panic situation. Have ya ever go into a panic when ya cain't breathe? I'll tell ya righ now, it ain't no fun.

I could go on an' on bout all the shit I go thru everday, but I'll leave that to another time. Ha Ha, maybe in a year or so. In the mean time I'll post this just so's y'all know I'm still kick'n, bitch'n an' moan'n.

Hope everbody had a great Christmas and hope you have a great new year. Love ya all.


  1. Well Happy 77 Birthday. Glad you are still keeping on keeping on.


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  2. Hey, I'm so glad you finally posted. I think about you all the time when I scroll down the blog list and see your name & blog down at the bottom. Glad you are still kickin'. I just turned 78 a couple months back, and let me tell you, enjoy everything you can about 77 bcause 78 doesn't get a whole lot easier! But I'm glad to be alive, and glad you are alive, and I know you are glad as well. Don't wait a year to post again, ya hear? People care and worry about how you're doing. Luv ya, Billy Bob!

  3. It's good to see you up & about, even talking about going to Iowa next summer! Billy Bob's traveling again!!
    My prayers are there for your kids.... Hang in there Billy Bob...

    1. No No No Rob, you took what I said wrong. I am NOT able to travel, my grandaughter has plans to come to Georgia this summer. But I sure do wish I was able to do some more adventurous travels. But those days are gone. Sorry.

    2. My mistake... sorry about that.. I saw Iowa & just jumped...

  4. Glad to hear from you, Billy Bob. I have oxygen generators that I use at night when I go to bed. I have been known to quite breathing in my sleep and being saturated with oxygen from my machine gets me through it. So far so good. In a few weeks I will be 76, so am not too far behind you. Stay well and kicking and please post a blog once in awhile.

  5. It was good to see this post from you. Many prayers to your son and to you too. Keep bitch n its good for the soul. Not being able to breath is no fun and yes the panic it even worse.

  6. Wow, what a great to see your blog update.!
    Don't hold back on "bad" news, we all care about you, and want to stay up to date.

  7. Well howdy Billy Bob nice to see you post with an update and that you still upright and breathing , happy 77th sorry to hear about the young un's with there cancer issues.
    Was thinking about you last fall when we were in Georigia. Keep on keeping on !

  8. Billy Bob, great to hear you are still alive, you scared me there for about a year, hahaha. I'm praying for Robert and you. Cancer sucks. Max. Currently in Quartzsite, AZ.

  9. Glad to finally hear from you after so long. Hope everything gets better around your place and the family.

  10. Hi, Billy Bob! I was some glad to get the news from Barney that you had posted! Do wish you would have had happier news to talk about. Great that your daughter came through all right. Sure hope Robert does well, too. My specially-made-for–me Billy Bob log cabin bird house is waiting for some babies this spring. Please keep us up to date. We care about you.

  11. Ditto everyone else's comments. Good 👍to hear from you. Keep on kicking and breathing, Billy Bob.

  12. So glad to see your post BB, been watching and hoping you were still on the sunny side! Will say a special prayer for you and your family!

  13. Nice to know you're still around.

  14. Back when I was in Nam , we never complained about our age.
    Of course we were young then. Billy bob and Dave ina can, let's all go to the legion some day and raise haides.

  15. hi billy bob ,yes agree with everyone else that it is so nice to here from you again and sure hope to here form you soon and often , just let me know when you want me to take you back to mexico for some real mexican plate , you do still like mexican food don't you ? take care

    1. Just in case you check back to see if I answered your sooo welcome comment.....here I am. I almost started another blog post this morning but you see how far I got with that. No promises but I am thinking about it.
      It would be great to cross the border and get some Mexican food but those days are gone. Now I just sit in my chair and pray I'll do it again tomorrow. Miss ya Louie. Hope you are doing fine.

  16. yes we all have been missing you too bb, maybe this will make you fell better , i am in extreme pain in my heart , i am nursing a broken heart since 7 monday morning . i wish i could show you a picture of this 55 year old beautiful lady her name is amelia and she don't speak a word of english , we have been all day in mexico approx.20 times but she like to go dancing and she did with out me on sunday night and monday morning i told her i do not want a butterfly in my life that go pollinating flower to flower if you get my meaning. there a song you can youtube called mariposa traicionera and ask for the english translation than you'll see. take care bb.

  17. I check in here once a month or so hoping to find a new post from you.was watching TV the other night and saw a story about a seafood joint in s.padra island called Dirty Alsand thought.i wish BB was here I bet he could tell some stories about that place.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Wish you were still up for traveling....been 9 years since you visited The Field Lab.

  20. Good to hear from you again. I miss your stories and beautiful projects. Take care

  21. I do not know how I missed this post. Was reading another blog when I caught your blog update on their sidebar this evening.

    I think about you often in particular when I see your tree at San Pedro or when I drive by Taco Bell...I guess I will never get that five course meal you promised me :-(

    I am sorry to hear about your kids health issues with cancer. I do not know one family that has not been touched by this horrible disease.

    Please do not give up on your blog. We enjoy hearing from you.

  22. Great to hear from you. Yes life is a challenge but you are still in the race. Keep us posted.

  23. Good "hearin'" from ya, Billy Bob. Right up there with you in age. Know about what you're going through. Blesings to you and moreover, your precious family.

  24. Glad to hear you are still out there, Bob. Hope to see you posting again :)

  25. I just stopped in to say hello and see how things are going...

  26. Sure would be nice to hear from you, Billy Bob ! Hope you and Robert are hanging in there!

  27. If you are able, Billy Bob, post us a line or two. High level of concern out here.

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  29. Billy Bob, Can you talk to us blog friends?

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