Friday, October 21, 2016

Time does not wait.....do it now.

Boy howdy how time passes us by. It's been 3 weeks since I last posted, but all y'all know all bout that don't ya?

I been one busy little feller since I last seen ya. Got that 18 item project list completed an' started on a new one. The shop has been finished and organized....gonna work out Ok if'n Robert don't clutter up the benches. Betcha a dollar he do as soon as he returns from his out of town job.

 Since these photos were took, there has been changes. Shelves, lumber racks, clean up an' that kind of stuff. It's now a woodworking shop.

I had me a winter inside "da house" project for front windershield curtains. Well guess what, it's done. Now let old Mother Nature try to come in an' make me cold this winter. That's my "wall".....no open borders in "da house".

I've done all I'm gonna do on the gnome house. I got me some photos of it an' that's all that matters at this point. No freak'n help at all from nobody. The two wheelbarrow loads of dirt are still sit'n in the back yard. The flowers "yo mama" was gonna plant is still at the nursery. The toys the grankids was gonna bring for the yard is still in toy boxes at home.

Since my last report on my back issues, my back has been do'n super good. Yup, no pains is super good. But I do have this one little spot that flares up ever once in a while. Could be I'm do'n much more than I should think'n I'm all fix up when I really ain't all fix up. You know what I'm talk'n bout.

Breath'n. Now breath'n is a issue I cain't do nuttin about. All these puffer thingys make a huge difference, but I'm still on a downhill trend. Get out of breath in nuttin flat. Got to go sit me down for a spell.

I'm still think'n I don't need this dad gum oxygen mak'n machine. It makes no difference in how I feel....not that it's supposed to. Ya see, they was tell'n me I quit breath'n at night an' my oxygen goes low. Well I check my oxygen levels at night when I wake up for a leg cramp or something like that. It's never been under 95% or what ever that number is. My next appointment I'm gonna have me a looksee at the reports from that overnight test thingy I wore.

Lost another 5 freak'n much needed pounds. "Ya gotta eat Billy Bob". Most days when I'm busy do'n stuff, I don't eat no breakfast....well I never eat no breakfast. For lunch I may wrap me up a cold hot dog in a slice of bread an' call it a meal. Many of my suppers are a peanutbutter jelly sammich dunked in a cup of milk. When I do decide to cook a meal, I get all the stuff my body needs, but that also ain't very offen. Gonna make me a daily high calorie menu an' see how that works out. "Walmart, I need to go to Walmart an' buy me some high calorie stuff".

Had me a couple three campfires burn'n up old scrap wood from the shop. One lasted up to 2am on one beautiful night. Ha ha, I runned out of wood. Well I really didn't run out of wood. We got a bunch of old oak an' pine from the two trees what died a sudden death. The oak won't produce no flames an' the pine is still green. The dead limbs off the pine burn pretty dad gum good though. I love campfires.

I thought I had some pics of my other projects, but I don't.
To gain more room in the lawnmower shed, I builded some shelves.

"HIL Harry, use the shelves, not the ground".
    Have ya ever see a plastic shed? This sucker is all plastic. But the doors are real.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Two weeks of blissful living....My God, I'm still alive.

Yeah I know, I have problems too an' just don't feel up to mak'n a blog post. I didn't realize it's been so long, but I did know it's been a while.

So Ok, here's the deal.....I been busy as hell do'n projects. Since "yo mama" an' FIL Harry has been in Texas, I ain't had me nobody to talk to all day long. So I been do'n stuff around the place....fix'n broke stuff, yard maintenance, attempting to repair a John Deere lawnmower, writ'n shit down that I want to do.... Had me a list 17 projects long. Down to only 5 to go. I been a busy little feller.
Did I mention I mowed bout a acre or so of tall grass? Took me 2 days.....I mow slow an' articulate.
Freak'n weed eater ate my lunch.

Oh shit, I almost forget to tell ya. I made it to 75 year old. Let's see if'n I make it another year.

The gnome house is done minus gnomes an' landscaping.
"yo mama" an' HIL Harry returned from their Texas trip an' I talk her into no flower garden on the backside of the stump. Now I can do anything I like to the landscape.

DIL Mandi is a short little girl. Getting into the pop up camper is a 16 inches step for her. Getting into the pull behind camper, it's a 10 inches step for her. So's I builded her a dual purpose step for both campers.
The step is in 2 pieces....it comes apart. The black an' pink is for the pop up camper...8 inch step. The pink is for the pull behind....4 inch step. Robert gets the job of carpet on the top to suit her desires.

Another big 2 day project was to make repairs to a crookit lawnmower shed. There are no photos.
Broked off key in the deadbolt lock thingy. Fix that right up....2 hours to put back together an' install.
We now have a "happy" lawnmower shed.

Me an' Robert talked for a few days bout adding on to the shop/shed we builded a while back. Bout a year I'm think'n. Today I sended Robert to the Home Depot to pick up some lumber for the floor. Add on is 8 foots by 16 foots. To be used ONLY for storage an' Roberts work tools he throws on the benches in the shop.

This will make the building 16 x 22 feets.

Tomorrow afternoon Robert will be picking up lumber for the walls. This will give me something to work on while Robert is out slav'n his ass off making a gazillion dollars a day. I know how to build walls ya know.

Ok, went to the back doctor the other day....Tuesday, an' the doc says...."what can I do for ya"? I tell him he can kill some nerves, L3, L4, L5 an' 2 nerves in the SI. The next day I was sedated an' he kill all them nerves....radio frequency ablation. Damn I love RFA. I have only two pains. One where he made an injection an' the other is a slight pain at the top of my right hip.

The lung doctor had sended me a device to check my oxygen level while asleep. A week later a health care place bringed me a oxygen mak'n thingy for me to use at night. Apparently I quit breath'n at night or something like that.
The first 4 days I used this device, I was still wide awake at 4 an' 5am every night. So's last night, I didn't use oxygen an' I falled fast asleep before 2 am. An' I sleeped all the ways to 10am. Hmmmm, what's the deal with this????

I been eat'n half ways decent, but still feel like I'm los'n more weight. Well....there are some days I only eat one meal....or what ever ya want to call it. Maybe that has something to do with it.

Poor Leonard hurted his right foot...2 days ago. He's been limp'n an' cry'n..."daddy I hurt, pet me for a hour or so". Today he is get'n round much much better an' says..."I'll let ya know when you can pet me". Think'n he will be OK in a couple more days.

This is all I can think of right now. I been feel'n super good, got my back fix up again, been work'n on projects, gnome house is done.....damn, I'm happy. Oh yeah....it were colder 'an a Canadian blizzard last night....48 freez'n degrees.