Thursday, April 29, 2010

Clean'n Sally "da house"

Boy howdy, let me tell ya. My niece comes over and says, "can I clean the motorhome for ya"??? Well, ya bet ya you can. Now here I am sit'n here sip'n a cup and in the background I hear this big ol' shop vac suck'n up sand from about 4 different States. Then I make the mistake of tell', her how to clean.....LOLOLOL
.....hahahaha, boy howdy did she tell me a thing or two. Here what I'm gonna do...pack up my stuff and go to town and keep my mouth shut.

Woke up again this morning not feeling worth a crap. But I'm gonna get better in just a little while when I get to Walmart. Dogs are completely out of food, got to drop off my empty meds bottles, and probably get in some kind of trouble. Wouldn't be a good day without mess'n with someone's mind.

Ha...nephew Joseph had the nerve to call his Uncle Bill a redneck. Now where he ever get an idea like that....lol. Maybe after niece Emma finishes clean'n this place up, it won't be look'n like a redneck shack. But that won't last long.

On the agenda for today, we gonna drive to Corpus Christi and find me some fish'n leader that looks like little tiny cable for the boat. Then I gonna go to my cell phone people and "make" them give me a new phone. Well, maybe I'll make them. Then, just maybe, I'll look up a Verizon sell'n place and get me an air card for internet. I also need a new watch so I can tell what day it is. Mine says tuesday and a half and the 9th day of the month. Is that right????
Then gonna go to Port Aransas for a cup of coffee at the Island Cafe. Take care of some business while on the island and then......hmmmmm, probably gonna be too late for anything else. Oh wait, aren't ya gonna eat at San Juan's Mexican Restaurant??? And, aren't ya gonna take the camera???

Ok.....Emma is tell'n me to "get out". So I'm out off here.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What a downer

Nope, ain't gonna do it. Today been one them days. Started off way early this morning and ain't got no better all day. It's hell get'n old....although it's great being retired.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Almost there...

Boy Howdy, if'n the cops come along, I'm gonna be get'n a ticket or throwed in jail, one or the other. Ya see, it's like this....I was driv'n through this little "cotton pick'n" town of Odem, Texas, mind'n my own business and I sees this Public Library. Ah ha, free wifi. I turns the corner and "oh shit"....there ain't no place to turn a big rig around....and I'm half ways in the street. Even though there's a sign in front of that says private property, I'm gonna trespass anyhows.

Got a good'n story to tell ya but it gonna have to wait for later. Gotta get this big thing out the street.

See ya at bro in laws.

And 30 minutes later.....old Billy Bob pull "da house" up in the yard...after hav'n to get out and open the open gate so's this big sucker would fit. Then right in front me, where's I gonna plant this thing, is a pile of rotting wood. You would think that the site would be ready and wait'n. You know....lawn chairs and picnic table put out, power cord hooked up ready to be utilized....you know what I'm talk'n bout. And where's my helper that gonna move that pile of wood and tote that bucket of rocks.

Now....all about yesterday. Left Uncle Roys place right at 10 am look'n for that Pecos River. Oh....there it is, but what the hell, the water is brown. That ain't what I was expecting. Every other trip the water was a beautiful bedroom blue....like my eyes used to be......if'n ya know what I mean.  Oh crap....hold on, gotta do something. " Dang it Billy Bob...leave stuff alone.....ya done screwed up.
Atempting to fix what I screwed up....sheesh!!!

 Who that crazy person stand'n in the middle of the road???

Now for the rest of the story. I were parked at Walmart Arms R/V Resort in Uvalde, Texas just mind'n my own business. A great big ol' white pick up pulls up and out jumps this "cowboy" look'n feller. He come to the door and says, "are you Billy Bob"? Well yeah I am. Over his sholder he's carry'n a big ol' road kill deer....well actually, it were two little packages of fresh or otherwise deer meat for old Billy Bob to cook up.
This feller's name is Charlie Waller from Uvalde what follows my blog. Ya got some special kind of folks in Texas that would take time out from their busy schedule to go visit someone that has a blog. You special Mr. Charlie Waller. Oh good one Billy Bob. Where's the pics of Charlie??? And then, this morning before I pull out, Charlie sneak up and put a official Uvalde Pump Service hunt'n cap on my windshield. Ya kain't beat that with a steek.

I also would like to thank MsB for her efforts on "dial up" to find me some cheap gas for "da house". I paid $2.64 at Murphy in Uvalde. Thank ya MsB.....ya cute little bugger.

Glad to hear the Dizzy made it home. Now maybe he will find some extra time to consider send'n my copies of the pics he took down in Terlingua. Hint, hint.

Monday, April 26, 2010

What the hell???

Boy Howdy, when old Billy Bob parks somewhere, ya never know what gonna happen. Most all day yesterday my "free" wifi was on the brink of disaster. In other words, it didn't work worth a crap. Manage to get online a few times, but they keep cut'n me off.

About yesterday, nothing happened that I would write about. It was a beautiful west Texas day. No "black clouds". Plenty of sunshine and not too hot where I would need to run the A/C. Although....it did get up over 90 degs for a spell late afternoon. 

Got all the boat building stuff put up and almost ready to head 'em up east. Yeah I was work'n on "da boat". See!!!

Woke up freez'n my yang off this morning. For some reason it was 50 degs and old Billy Bob don't like it when I have to get to pee and it's cold. Little goose bumps all over that thang and not much to hang on to. 

Plan is to leave Uncle Roy's place here in a bit. The way I got it figgered is to pull out bout 11am to arrive in Uvalde, Texas somewheres around 2 or 3pm. and set up camp in the Walmart Arms R/V Resort. Go inside and buy me some stuff. Oh, by the way, they have grass right where I gonna set up camp. And trees. My dogs love grass and trees.

Ok, that all I have to say. Gotta go hook up "that jeep", make me another pot of coffee.......Oh, by the way....did I tell ya bout my coffee pot with hair??? Ya see, it's like this. Yesterday morning the damn thing would only make a 1/2 pot of super strong coffee....I mean super strong. Well, while some paint was dry'n, I took that coffee pot apart. For those that have no understanding on how a coffee pot works, there is a little check valve in the heating element. Well that little check valve had grown hair...amongst all sorts of other nasty stuff.  Now how the hell did hair get in my coffee pot? But anyhows, it's all back together and I saved $55....free gas money.

See ya down the road a piece.....

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Stuck in Langtry, Texas

Boy Howdy, now look what ya done Billy Bob. Ya knowed the wind was gonna blow when ya pulled out of Terlingua, but ya just had to get "on the road again". Now look where ya at.

Ya see, it's like this....when I was in Alpine yesterday morning, the wind was blow'n. Not out of the west like the weather station said, but out of the south. So I hurried up and got ahead of the winds....what was good. When I arrived in Langtry, there was no wind and it was hot (99 1/2 degs). But that didn't last long. Here come that wind I passed up just a few hours before.....and it blow'n a good'un. It blowed all night long and it's still blow'n today. Ain't no way old Billy Bob gonna put "da house" on the highway.

Plan for today was to unhook "that jeep" and go do some exploring. Got pics of the Pecos River to take ya know. Did I mention that I've been try'n to get pics of the river since 2002 and have crossed it at least 15 times in 8 years??? If I have to stay here for a week, I'm gonna get those pics....do or die. Oh crap, don't say that.

Holy cows, it's 6:15 and dinner ain't ready. Look'n like Spam and fried taters tonight.

Here a couple three pics from my travels today. No.....I didn't get any of the Pecos River. That sucker is 20 mile down the road. Maybe, just maybe, tomorrow.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Head 'em up

Holy crap, look what time it is Billy Bob and ya ain't done a thing. Man!!!!

LOL....got up an hour late again this morning. I was expecting to be all ready to hit the road by 9:30 or 10. But here it is almost 9:30 and "that jeep" is still sit'n out front and the satellite dish is still pointed at a satellite out there somewhere in space. Oh well, I'm retired, no hurry, no worry.

Took me almost 2 hours to clean up the living room last night. Boy howdy, when old Billy Bob work'n on stuff, he gots table saws, big ol' hammers, spray paint equipment......oh hell, you know what I'm talk'n bout....all over the floor.

Now what the hell was it that MsB asked me??? Oh yeah....I rekon ya could park an 18 wheeler where I gonna park at Judge Roy Beans place. It's at the community center right behind the post office....great big ol' graded lot. Donation box right over there where ya put in bout $3 a day. Can't beat that with a stick....and they have wifi.

Ok....I got things to do....see ya down the road a piece.

Soooo, this is Alpine. Seem like I been here a few times before. Was fortunate enough to not have any problems get'n out of Terlingua Ranch and "on the road again". Was a beautiful drive for the first 60 miles....then here come the wind. But it blow'n out of the west, so I ain't gonna have no problems. Should be in Langtry by 12 or so.....oh no wait, Langtry is still bout 150 mile down the road....a piece. What's that, bout 4 hours @55mph??? See ya there.

Oh, and don't let me forget to stop at the Pecos River and take a pic or two. Been since 2002 I were gonna stop for pics....ain't got one yet.

Had to make a stop in Sanderson...poor little Sadie Mae was danc'n and say'n something bout "I gotta go...I gotta go". While they was out there roll'n in the grass and mak'n a little tree, old Billy Bob lay back on the couch wait'n for them to finish business. Oh crap, it's 4pm and I don't even remember doz'n off.

Uncle Roy didn't come out to greet me, so's I just pull up in his yard and set up camp. He could have left me a power cord out there since it's 99 1/2 degs. Sheesh.
Speak'n of 100 degs.....I were com'n down the road....for miles and miles and I were think'n, "it sure is hot in here". Well DUH dummy, turn on the freak'n dash air conditioner. It ain't like you out in the desert in a little tin building with no A/C. You in a self contained house on wheels with every convenience known to man.

Speak'n of com'n down the road....here come this big black pick'em up truck, lights flash'n and wav'n like he ain't seen me in years. Don't know for sure, but most likely he was one my long lost cousins. Although, I did warn everyone to be on the look out for old Billy Bob traveling east on US-90 between Alpine and Uncle Roy's house.

Look like we gonna be eat'n rainbow trout for dinner tonight. That is if'n it thaws out.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

King Nuttin

Boy howdy, do I knows how to "do nuttin" or what? Got up an hour late this morning, hobbled round "da house" trip'n over stuff, try'n to get up front to fire up the generator so's I could brew me up some  "Wild Billy" coffee.  Wild Billy coffee is two times the grounds what regular coffee is.....make yer hair stand up.

After a couple hour sit'n round "do'n nuttin", here come old Uncle Ben. Now what he got planned for the day??? Well, it turned out he headed home....back to Dallas. Sure was nice of Ben to come all this way just to see old Billy Bob. But then, I came all this way to visit someone else also. Everything worked out just perfect. If'n ya never met Ben, I'm here to tell ya, he's a super nice guy. Nothing like that guy that posts on his blog. I'm joking Ben. Can't ya tell when old Billy Bob is mak'n a joke????

Had another visitor this morning. Dizzy Dick showed up just in time for hamburgers at the Grub Shack. Hmmmm....another really nice guy. Shame old Ben took off before he got a chance to meet. Dick is from Cut and Shoot, Texas....but there's a possibility the democrats may gonna change the name. Ya know how they feel bout "shoot'n". Thanks for drop'n by Mr. Dizzy Dick. Enjoyed your company. Oh, by the way, would you send me the pics you took since old Billy Bob forgit to take any. Think Billy Bob.

While I was busy "do'n nuttin", I decided I better do some work on the boat. Need the exercise ya know. Carry'n them big ol' heavy sticks ain't easy ya know. A few hours later and this is all I got done. That little house on top them window thingys and a freak'n gold bell.

Old Billy Bob gonna hook up "that jeep" tomorrow morning and head 'em back north to Alpine and places beyond. If ya happen to be travel'n either way on Texas 90, look out. That big rig "da house" might be all over the road if'n this wind don't stop blow'n. Wind sucks!!!
"Check the weather Billy Bob".
Holy crap....20 mph winds tomorrow afternoon out of the west. Old Billy Bob gonna be mak'n some good gas mileage once he gets on T-90 go'n east. Look like I gonna be stay'n the night at old Judge Roy Bean's saloon in Langtry, Texas. Hope it ain't cold when I get there.

Said my good byes to John Wells over at the Grub Shack. He says, "see ya next trip". Speak'n of next trip, shoot, that may be a year off. Have to take a look see my schedule for the next year. Was think'n on the lines of Montana, Utah, Wyoming and Colorado. Not in that order, but ya know what I'm talk'n bout.

Supper time and don't have the slightest what I gonna eat. Hold on....check the freezer. Well I want you lookie here. There a third of a pizza in there. What ya think????

LOLOLOLOL......hahahaha....old Uncle Ben says, "ya gonna tighten that thing down"? I said, it'll be alright. Well, for the last hour I been try'n to get online, but there weren't no way. Then I got to think'n bout what Ben said.....checked my signal and yep, the dish done turn on the pole and was point'n at the moon. Wind blow'n pretty good. Fix that right up and here I am....but I ain't got nuttin to say.

Good nite all, see ya down the road a piece.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

.357 Magnum day

Sure were a good morning with the sun com'n up over that little hill over there. Weren't no time at all and it was up to 60 degs. Be a great day for "do'n nuttin". And that what I did till Uncle Been showed up.

We loaded up the "that jeep" with all kinds of guns, ammunition, my camera, water and me some coffee. Well, actually, I only took one gun with a few rounds of .357 mags and a hand full of 38 specials. Ben brung his little James Bond thingy.....bout the same size as a .380 auto.

On the way to The Field Lab we encountered a herd of wild burros. I jumps out the jeep to take a few snapshots....Oh no, forgot the memory card. Maybe John got an extra I can use. Yeah he did. I start tak'n some pics and....POOOOF....my batteries are dead as a doorknob. But I did manage to get this one shot....
Then we went out to the shoot'n range and let loose some lead. Us three guys ain't worth a poop shoot'n cans. Had to wear ear plugs for the .357 mags.....that sucker loud. Poor old Ben didn't have any ear plugs, so he declined to shoot the big guns with the mags in them.

Seen a gazillion Texas Longhorn cow puppies but naturally, there ain't no pics to prove it. Then Ben and I came back to the Grub Shack and got a bite to eat. Yeah, old Billy Bob forced a couple pound hamburger down and now it's time for a nap. Boy howdy!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This ain't Sunday???

Boy howdy, let me tell ya bout a hamburger. Since old Uncle Ben was visiting this morning, we decided to walk over to the Grub Shack for a bite to eat....actually Ben wanted to ride over. John Wells from The Field Lab was there with hamburger juices run'n down his beard. That made old Billy Bob want one them lip smak'n juicy hamburgers. What I ordered. Then when old Ben saw them hamburger juices run'n down my beard, he ordered his self one. We a had a good ol' hamburger day.

Well, wouldn't ya know it....it rained last night. Not one them downpours like I usually get myself into, but just enough to muddy up 8 little puppy feets and then put little puppy feet prints all over the carpet. Sheesh....same place I spill a cup of coffee. Gonna be break out the shampooer pretty soon.

Made plans to run out to The Field Lab tomorrow to check out construction progress, shoot some guns, take a few pics and sit around bull shift'n. That is if'n I can get "that jeep" unhooked from "da house". Why did I buy "that jeep"???

Been steady at build'n the boat when I ain't got "nuttin to do". But it get'n down to the hard stuff now. Just like building a house...the framing is easy, but when ya gotta trim it out...well shoot, you know what I'm talk'n bout.

And then there was Ben.

Seems he forgot to load his lap top up before he left home, so old Billy Bob let him use this one. Only trouble was that this one spells in redneck and the keys are in different places than his. But he did manage to put an update on his blog. The enter key is not shift Ben. Ya gotta keep your fingers off the enter key. The spell'n, you're on your own.

Holy crap....it's after 6pm. Where did the day go? Oh yeah, old farts tend to take an afternoon nap from time to time.

Oh yeah, met a really super nice guy down here what call himself Jim Boatman. A good friend of Uncle Ben.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Oh Boy, all hell broke loose at old Billy Bob's house last night. All over nothing. Seems a bar should not be referred to as a "beer joint". I suppose if I had been inside drink'n a beer and mak'n a fool of myself when I said "beer joint", my statement would have been acceptable. But I weren't inside drink'n a beer. I were outside build'n a boat, sip'n a cup and mind'n my own business.

Speak'n of beer joint....I remember there was a time when old Billy Bob could sit down and drink a few with the best of them. I was a dancer and a damn good pool player. The tighter I got, the better I danced...and them pool pockets got bigger. But as time went on, I stopped going to beer joints, quit danc'n and wouldn't know what end of the stick to use now days. Yep, old Billy Bob spent some time in the bars. Do I miss it??? Kind'a sorta...yes.

Put together the second section of the boat yesterday and then last night I built the hurricane deck. Don't know why it's called a hurricane deck, but that's what I build. Now, right on top that hurricane deck is another little structure that goes right over where I was gonna cut out to access all the controls, motors, batteries and stuff. But I got a plan. Gonna make that little structure shorter, break out the chain saw and cut that deck.

Well, I got the yard all cleaned up, set my trash out for pick up (just jok'n...sheesh) and ready to break camp. Uncle Ben gonna have to look for me this afternoon when he hits town, but I think he know where I'll be. Have a safe trip Ben...see ya when ya get here.

Signing off till next time.....10-4, 12-80, 007 and all that stuff. What the hell is a 12-80???

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Terlingua Ranch

Boy howdy, woke up this morning and didn't know where I was. Have ya ever done that??? Then last night, I looked out the window over at pesky neighbor Wayne's place and he was gone. Moved out over night. Everything was gone.

Well shoot, it's cloudy outside....that black cloud ya know. And a mite chilly..55 degs. So, I gonna just sit here at the American Legion till the sun comes out and it warms up before I head off to tffnguys ranch. Ain't no hurry.

Gald darn dogs. In and out....this makes 4 times already. And there's one, just one, little bush thingy stick'n out the ground and who do you suppose has been hung up on that thing every stink'n time she goes out. Yep, that would be my stupid dog Sadie Mae. I tell her to "go round" and which way does she go....the wrong way. You would think......

Ok....got to fix me something to eat....starved.

5:20pm......"holy cows Billy Bob, what the hell ya been do'n"??? Well, ya see it's like this...the wind been blow all day, there weren't no sunshine and old Billy Bob got all fire up to work on "da boat". Then the sun come out, but it too late.

Got my dinner cook'n on the stove. How bout some "stuff"?? Pork, taters, maters, onions and fresh green beans...all in one skillet. A little bit that Billy Bob special seasoning and we be eat'n like one them old timey hobos. None my grandkids even know what a hobo is....sheesh, what wrong with school now day???
Boy howdy...can hardly wait.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Black cloud

Holy crap....I like to froze to death last night. When I looked at the weather, the nice guy said if would be OK to sleep on the couch. What I did. Woke up at 3am with little goose bumps on my toe nails. Went to the bedroom and stole one of Lug Nuts blankets....of which, he made a protest with a bunch of GRRRRR's and for a second, I thought he was gonna bite me. Crazy dog!!!

Not many trucks at the truck stop last night. With the economy the way it is, I guess truckers are being laid off and no one is buying the stuff they haul. That's the way I heard it almost a year ago, but, my god, you should see all the trucks passing me on the Interstate. The economy is fine....just no one has any money to spend.

Looked at tffnguys blog this morning. Oh Oh....it rained down there for hours. Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob?? The way I see it is....go and hope for the best...mud and all. I'm only 160 miles from Terlingua Ranch, so in no hurry. I'll get there when I get there.

Remember them Wranglers I was tell'n ya about? Well, there's a cowboy store in Alpine what sells Wranglers. Will take a look see when I get there. Other than that, I have no other reason to stop in Alpine. That is unless I want to stop at the free wifi place and add some nonsense to this blog thingy.

See ya down the road.......

Alpine, Texas. First thing I found in Alpine as I entered town was a Texas State Inspection station. Well, they didn't have time, but told me about another place other side of town....right across the street from the cowboy shop where I bought 2 pair of Wranglers.
Lookie here what I got.........

Ok...I parked at the American Legion at Terlingua Ranch, Texas...VFW to Ben. Dogs are outside say'n..."where the hell we at"? Had to put them on ropes cause we so close to the highway....one car every 10 minutes or so.

Broke my freak'n sunglasses....the little handle thingy. But old Billy Bob gonna fix them....again. Glue me a toothpick on there and be just like brand new. May put a matching set...one each side and paint them black. No one will ever know.

Gotta unhook the "that jeep" and go check out the road over to tffnguy's ranch. He should be outside clearing brush for me a place to park. We'll see, but I bet ya a dollar.

See there, I told ya so......just like brand spank'n new. Although, duct tape was suggested.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

On the road again...almost

Holy crap, I'm up and the sun is still sleep'n. What's the deal? Oh yeah, we going on a picnic today and have to pack a basket. "Ok, Lug Nut, where's the bread"??? Let me see, I have 4 slices left....won't need any till I cross the border into Texas where I'll stop at the Visitor Center and eat me up some lunch. Yep, I gonna be fine till I get to Van Horn.

Have ya ever had to go somewhere and didn't want to go? Well, that the way old Billy Bob feel bout this trip. Been look'n for excuses to wait another week. Thought maybe the weather would give me a reason, but if I don't leave today, I'm gonna hit a bunch of wind. Oh what the hell, hook up "that jeep" and hit the road.

Speak'n of rain....did you see all the rain they got in Terlingua? And how bout New Mexico? Boy howdy, what the hell. I know what I'll do....send it all off to the east out my way. I seen where Terlingua got over an inch. Guess what that gonna do to my dirt roads and camping spot? Mud all over the carpets. Dirty dog feet.

Them windows I washed yesterday sure do look bad. Streaks all over them, but I looked out worse before. They'll be just fine. That slide out that don't like to slide in...remember what I told ya before...well, it's in. Damn thing makes me so mad I could squeeze a grape. Speking of squeez'n a grape...remember that "girlie" fellow I was tell'n ya bout....oh never mind....his world is different.

Ok....this is all I have to say.....see ya down the road.

Well now, I want you lookie here. I'm in Van Horn Texas. Went to two State inspection stations....nope, won't inspect unless I disconnect the jeep and drive inside an 8 foot wide door. And "Sally" won't fit in no 8 foot door. So, another trip through Texas without a sticker. Piss me off.

Enchiladas for dinner tonight. I told ya bout them a while back...best in west Texas. Unless they got a new cook in the last year or so.

Will spend the night at the truck stop right over there across the road. Love them trucks.  Diesel smoke....air brakes....reefers runn'n all night.....love it. And, if I can get close enough to the motel with free wifi.......

Hee hee hee, moved over to the truck stop and got me some free wifi......but there ain't no trucks.
Went to the store and bought me up some eat'n stuff, so enchiladas are out for dinner. Would cost me a gallon of gas to go all the way to the other end of town. Speak'n of gas....$2.79 a gallon. Just took on 47 gallons.....that get me to Terlingua and back to Alpine where I'll fill up again. Damn, it's expensive to go somewhere just to say "hi".

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hours to lift off

Boy howdy Billiy Bob, what the hell did ya eat this time. "Ah, it was one them TV dinner thingys" Let me tell ya bout Mr. Don Miguel's El Charrito Grande Beef Enchilada dinners. First off it's not on a plate like the picture shows on the box. It's all cramped up in a little 4 compartment cardboard tray. And then, the enchilada don't have enough beef to feed a mouse. Anf then, the whole thing tastes terrible. It sucks!!!

And then....take a look at all the crap they put in there. No freak'n wonder people get sick.

Just finished talk'n to my son over there in Afghanistan. He will be home in Georgia on the 27th of next month. He is thinking of going back in Sept. if he can't find a good job at home. Now this is my #1 son (first born) that loves to spend money, so I told him he needs to go back and get his house paid off since he makes so much over there...and don't have to work for a living. I love my son. He gonna fix my "that jeep" too. 

Ok...got things to do...will be back later....maybe........

Ok...see I told ya so....I'm back. But why, I have no idea. Everything is done and ready to pull out tomorrow morning...that is if the wind don't blow. Otherwise, I may have to wait a day or two.

Wayne brung me over a couple pieces of chicken....a wing and a neck. Boy howdy am I ever gonna fill my belly on that.

Talked to bro in law in Sinton Texas. That where I gonna stay when I get there. He ain't gonna be there...headed for Montana in two days. But nephew Joseph gonna be there. Boy howdy....free rent. 

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Secure and back online

Boy Howdy, who ever said it was easy to secure a wifi router? Took me almost two hours and that was for the least secure. But anyhows, 26 hours later and old Billy Bob be back online....writ'n stuff.

Only 3 more things to do...out of 22. I be tired. But still not excited. Used to be I was all excited bout go'n somewhere, but as the old body gets older, ya just want to lay down and go to sleep. Ain't easy being an old retired fart.

Lug Nut cornered another rabbit in that 10 foot piece of 4" pvc pipe out there in the yard. For hours he tormented that poor little rabbit all balled up in that pipe. Drug it all round the yard, under the porch, along the fence and back under the porch. Wore him slap out to where he didn't want to go to the Mexican bar down the road. When I dumped that rabbit out in the cactus garden, Sadie Mae spied it and took off in pursuit....with Lug Nut right on her heels. Rabbit gone!!!

Old pesky neighbor Wayne suggested I take his lady friend with me on my trip. I had thought of that before, but he's a stingy old fart....don't want to share. Anyhows, he attempted to call her. After 4 wrong numbers, he was finally able to reach the right place at the wrong time....she not there.
More on the long lost woman later.

Nothing exciting to write about...unless something happens between now and bed time. No likely anything will.

****** (lugnut) is my security code just in case anyone wants to know......

Monday, April 12, 2010

IRS day

Holy cows, would you look how many days are left to get this income tax crap took care of? "What the hell you been doing Billy Bob"??? "Ah, I was building a boat".

Stayed up way too late last night researching what frickin gear motor will work in the boat. Why I was look'n, I have no idea since it gonna be months before I will even need a motor. Got up at 7am, drunk me up a pot of coffee....my pots are only 6 cups, what would be 36 ounces, but my mug holds 20 ounces, so that means I only drink 2 cups before 10 am. So, I don't drink as many cups as you thought.
Now where was I??? Oh yeah....took that second cup out to "da porch", along with all my income tax stuff and started calculate'n. If I didn't make too many mistakes, I'm smell'n like a rose. But to hell with mistakes. If they don't like it, they can come look'n for me. If they can find me that is. Anyhows, the rough copy is finished. The "ink" copy is next, then the mailman....I'm done with taxes for another year.

Gonna break out the vacuum here in a few and pick up some this boat debris on the floor. But before I do that, I may just lay myself down and take a nap.

In the mean time........I just got FAP'ed by the wifi steal'n neighbors.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Clean up Sunday

Had me a bad dream last night....I was late. So I got up bright and early and started do'n stuff to get ready to leave out of here in 5 days (April 15th). Oh yeah...brewed me up a pot this morning that should keep me awake all day long. Well, at least till nap time.

Remember that old lawn chair what throw old Billy Bob on the ground back there in Yuma, Az.??? Well pesky neighbor Wayne sat his big ass in it and broke it. But, being the kind of guy I am, I found a perfect project for it. I now have me a brand spank'n new bicycle rack on the back of "Sally da house". All hung up there and ready for the highway.

And then, do you remember all them Texas Longhorns I gonna carry on my riverboat? Well, they ain't gonna be jump'n overboard. Four freak'n hours to sand, paint and install those cattle rails. That were yesterday night. This morning I manufactured a cradle so's the boat don't end up on the floor when I "nail" it of come to a sudden stop.

Now I have a living room (boat shop) to clean up. I get all started, but old pesky neighbor Wayne come over and distracted me....again. Then he started whin'n bout never gonna play golf again till I come back. Then he started in on the dogs..."Oh I'm gonna miss you guys" and stuff like that. Little does he know, I'm gonna leave Sadie Mae in Terlingua with Tffguy. Jist kid'n....sheesh!!!

Ok, got to put on another pot of coffee, find me something to feed my face on and get back to work.
Oh yeah, while I'm think'n bout it, how bout some fresh caught rainbow trout for dinner tonight?? Sounds good to me.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Huh?? Saturday again?

Been another one them mornings. Someone forgot to put the coffee filter in the pot. Boy Howdy. Weren't nuttin worth reading on the news today, so I did something else while I drank up my coffee grinds coffee on "da porch".

While I was waiting for some glue to dry, I build a shelf for the boat. Well, I didn't actually build it, I just remanufactured what I had. Bigger shelf with some carpet on top.

This is the way the professionals install the decks on Mississippi sternwheeler river boats.

Holy cows Billy Bob, you only got 5 days till "lift" off to another planet. That would be Planet Terlingua. This ain't the only time in my lifetime that I procrastinated and waited till the last minute to get the important stuff done. I did go look see how I gonna hang that bicycle on my ladder. Ain't got no real idea yet, but you can bet for sure, old Billy Bob gonna be pump'n them pedals. That is if'n I can lift the damn thing up there without a trip to the chiropractor.

Then I got to clean up all this construction stuff lay'n all over the place. What, 3 days???  Check engine fluids, tire pressures, fill propane and water tank. Need to sanitize water tank after that nasty Slabs City water. Hell, I don't have much to do.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Don't do rules

Now what the hell??? Did you see that? Tffguy got rules. Go back and read yesterdays comments. Well, all I got to say is....Billy Bob don't do rules. Especially out in the middle of desert. Remember this?
"what we have here is failure to communicase". I will patiently await further details on the "rules".

Today was this close to perfect. Of course we won't be discuss'n the awful night I had last night. Sheesh....damn leg cramps. Anyhows, was up at the crack of dawn, let the kids out and set back with a cup read'n the news. Then I remembered, I have things to do. Made a trip to the Indian smoke shop, stop by the cowboy shop to see if the Wranglers I ordered were in...nope. Then a short trip to Walmart for more drugs and a few things to eat. Of course a few things for the boat. Ya didn't know Walmart sells boat build'n stuff did ya?

Then....and then, I made my way back to "da house" for a great big ham and mater sandwich. What put me to sleep on "da porch"....what cause a crick in my neck...what make me grouchy. So's I take my grouchy back to the cowboy shop. Still no Wranglers. So's I tell them to stuff them Wranglers. Boy howdy, lady was piss off. But it ain't my fault...it were that sandwich.

Put a little time in back breaking work on the boat. If'n ya don't believe me...lookie here.

No, that's not a freak'n ironing board. It my outside camp'n table. Sheesh, Billy Bob don't be ironing no stuff.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Swak'n golf balls

Swak'n golf balls is a mans game. Although you will see an occasional woman out there mak'n a fool of herself. Now the reason I say that is, right in from of me and old pesky neighbor Wayne, was two ball swak'n women. They would hit a ball 80 or 100 yards, drive to where their ball was and then, and then....they start jabber'n and  lip flap'n.

Had a pretty good game today...nothing to brag about....but....I whooped  poor old Wayne like a step child. Ain't no way he ever gonna win me. Not even if he takes lessons.

Got back to "da house" starv'n like I ain't eat in three days. Chop me off a hunk that rib eye, three over easy and some homebrew hash browns. Boy howdy that were good. Still have enough rib eye left over for a little bite after while. That sucker were BIG. But I ain't hungry. Hmmmmm....steak sandwich.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New sandals

Boy howdy!!! What a day it's been at "da house". First thing happen, I forgot to put the coffee thingy under the hole where my coffee comes out. But that's ok, the floor needed a good cleaning anyhows. And ya know old Billy Bob got plenty coffee in the cabinet.

Went down to the tire sell'n place and guess what??? My freak'n tires were back ordered. I look up on the wall and says..."them will fit"...and that what I got. Only thing I don't like is the white letters are black. "that jeep" sure do look funny with little tires...well actually they ain't little...235 70 R16...or what ever.

Got a bit more done on the boat. My god, this is hard work. Took 2 days just to build the boiler. Hope it don't catch fire since it's made out of wood. And them little step thingys the go upstairs, that took another 2 days. So...in 4 days, old Billy Bob ain't done jack.

Someone ask me if I was gonna stop by and see them, but don't remember who it was, "Oh yes ya do ya dillweed, it was David". Well, yeah. I'm gonna park in your driveway, turn my dogs loose, brew up a pot, then go sit on the shady side and sip a cup. You do have electric and water...right??? And a paved driveway???

Well I want you lookie here. Old "pesky neighbor" Wayne done brung me over a big ol' rib eye and a baked tater. I think he get'n ready for me to leave...do'n nice stuff and all. When I'm gone, poor old Wayne ain't got nobody to pester....for 4 whole months....yee haa. You would have to be here and experience what I'm talk'n bout. Must be hell being a lonely old man with no one to talk to. "What you talk'n bout Billy Bob, you old fart"??? "Oh shut up and get back in the box where I put ya".

Ok....I'm done for the day.

Oh crap. I forgot to welcome River home. Welcome home River, we missed ya.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Days

Happy days are here again.....LOLOLOLOL....HAHAHAHA. My god, does the wind ever quit blow'n?? Right at 25 mph and no end in sight. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Old Billy Bob barely got up this morning. Ya see, it's like this, I were hurt'n all over, what is probably cause of all the hard work I been do'n all week....lift'n them big timbers and such. Last night my shoulder was kill'n me, so I take a couple 500mg. aspirin. That musta done the trick cause I didn't wake up till 7:15 this morning. But my shoulder was still hurt'n along with a few other aches and pains. Get'n old sucks.

May wonders never cease. Got the dishes all done and stack up on the counter ready for the next meal. Ain't no sense put'n them away if'n I gonna use them again. They also don't get lost in them dark cabinets and drawers. Now if I could find it in myself to break out that vacuum cleaner. Not much chance of that though. Got too many important things to do.

Old Uncle Ben said he gonna meet me in Terlingua on the 18th...that is if I'm there. We gonna go shoot'n some guns, go to town and chase some them desert "wildflowers", grab a bite to eat and probably sit back on "da porch" sip'n a cup. Hope he brings his rock crawl'n remote control truck. We could chase Lug Nut and Sadie Mae with it. That would be cool.

Ok....got to get in the shower with the cob webs and clean this old body up for the doctor. Don't want him think'n I raise goats or something like that. If he don't keep me from my work for over 15 minutes, I'll go check see if my tires are in. That would save me a trip to town tomorrow and give me more time for "get'n ready". Boy howdy, can hardly wait.

Just got back from Dr. Frankenstein. That ain't really his name, but you get the picture. Billy Bob is in trouble. Bad, bad, bad...in that order. According to Dr. Frankenstein, I might not make it back from my fish'n trip to Ga. What does he know??? I feel better today than I have in 3 days. Little does he know, there are doctors in Atlanta.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Things to do

Waked up way too early again this morning. It was still freak'n dark. Then the sun come up through them clouds. Clouds??? Why clouds? Now what gonna happen to old Billy Bob? If'n it ain't clouds and rain, it's wind. If'n it ain't wind, it's freez'n cold. If'n it's not freezn cold, it's so hot ya can't breath. What the hell this world com'n to???

Now, about them new tires I ordered for "that jeep". Are they here??? Hell, I don't know. Will check when I go to town to get some parts for the boat. Doctor appointment tomorrow afternoon, so that gonna be out the way. Have ya ever put off a doctor appointment 'cause ya don't wanna listen to him moan and groan bout "smok'n". You would think he would be more concerned about my health than if I'm still smoking. No, no one has proven to me that smoking is unhealthy. Just like what they are saying about Mc Donalds. I eat at Mc Donalds and I ain't fat.

What is this world coming to? Bet ya heard that statement made most of your life, ain't ya??? If ya really wanna have some fun, and be disgusted at the same time, read the news online. Then turn around and read all the viewer comments. My God, this world is filled with idiots. Bashing each other with statements that wouldn't be said in a bar filled with inebriated drunks. LOL....if they were, there would be some "ass whoop'n". Human nature I rekon.

Do you know how long it takes to install decks on a river boat. I think it was River Hauler what done it to his boat not long ago. Well, it took me over 2 hours last night to install the decks and seal them so my boat don't sink.

Well shoot, old Billy Bob got some think'n to do. Done wasted a week play'n with a toy and not a thing done about get'n ready for a trip. But actually, I could take off today and be confident that all systems were "go". Of course, I would have to wash up some dishes and take out the trash, but I could get all that done in a couple days.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Paint shop Sunday

Holy Cows, I done forgot what I was doing this morning. But that's OK, I can catch up.

This is three coats of paint....finished product.

"Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob...that paint gotta dry for a day before it can be handled."

Well, I ain't gonna sit on my butt "do'n nuttin". There are decks to be sanded and stained. Then there that little house, the boiler, stairs to the second deck.......don't blame me if the pic is out of focus. It's the cheap Walmart camera.

Yesterday night, here comes this lady look'n for old pesky Wayne. Hmmmm...what go'n on with Wayne??? Since we are neighbors and golf'n buddies, I think he should share. But not once did he offer to introduce "the popster" (BB) to this good look'n lady. Just what old Billy Bob been look'n for.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cartoon Saturday

Ok......now what???
It's sanding day!!!

Got called into work this morning, so I gonna load up all my power tools and head off to the "Deming Boatworks and Marina". Hee Hee....love to make up stuff like that.

It was cold this morning. Like 29 degs. Can ya believe that??? Supposed to get up in the mid to upper 70's today....and then....and then....we look'n at 80 for a couple days. But since this is Deming, the wind gonna blow. Sheesh...can't wait to get to Terlingua. Does the wind blow in Terlingua???
"Well Billy Bob, I think the wind blow everywhere".

2:30pm.....got that sucker all sanded and filled some of the imperfections.....don't believe me do ya???
Then just out of curiosity and get'n all excited, I layed the deck on top the hull just to see what it look like.
Boy Howdy, I likes it.

Look pretty good to me.
Now let me tell ya bout all the saw dust, wood chips, sanding dust, empty beer cans, spilled coffee and dog hair. It's everywhere. If'n I ever build another Mississippi River sternwheeler, it's gonna be outside. Now it gonna take me a week to clean all this stuff up. Sheesh...I need a woman!!!!

Ok, one more photo.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Field Lab Billy Bob

This is what it's all about. Mak'n stuff
This morning pics 

Now that I finally got that stuff out the way, what do you have against boats??? HUH????

Grandpa is the smartest man on earth! He teaches me good good things, but I don't get to see him enough to get as smart as him! 

Boy howdy let me tell ya. Old Billy Bob had his share today. Had'a go to town, but the battery were slap dead in "that jeep". Then when I was try'n to upload them pics ya see up there, Hughes Net turn everything off. Then....and then....and then. Sheesh, I have such a hard life. Did I mention I went to Walmart???

I were think'n I would register with the Uniter States Government an make me some money. With all the $change$ they throw'n round, why not throw some my way. Gonna send off for one them application for a college loan. Shoot, ya ain't never to old to get an education. Then I thought bout get'n a grant for experimental environmental design techniques (Billy Bob's Field Lab). Oh well, it were just a thought. 

Someone asked me if I was going to Terlingua. You bet. Gonna go out there and sit in "da sun" sip'n a cup and pestering the neighbors. Can only stay a week, so gonna have to make me a list of who and when to pester. Hmmmmm....one feller comes to mind in particular. Think he can handle a week of Billy Bob, Lug Nut and Sadie Mae???

Old pesky neighbor Wayne invited me out to Mexican food. Pay day ya know. Like golf, I'll probably end foot'n the bill. But shoot, old Billy Bob got so much money he don't know what to do with it. 
NO!!!!! Don't even suggest something like that.
These taken at 4pm.
As you can see, old Billy Bob is do'n his thang.
(tomorrow may be sanding day) 

Dang.....edited this thing three times and it probably still ain't right. Maybe I should take a college course in 'spelling'.

Oh shoot, almost forgot something. The old guy up on the corner was call'n Lug Nut "Crank Shaft. Look like I gonna have to trade off Sadie Mae and get me a cat. Name him Crank Shaft. Cool freak'n name.