Saturday, April 10, 2010

Huh?? Saturday again?

Been another one them mornings. Someone forgot to put the coffee filter in the pot. Boy Howdy. Weren't nuttin worth reading on the news today, so I did something else while I drank up my coffee grinds coffee on "da porch".

While I was waiting for some glue to dry, I build a shelf for the boat. Well, I didn't actually build it, I just remanufactured what I had. Bigger shelf with some carpet on top.

This is the way the professionals install the decks on Mississippi sternwheeler river boats.

Holy cows Billy Bob, you only got 5 days till "lift" off to another planet. That would be Planet Terlingua. This ain't the only time in my lifetime that I procrastinated and waited till the last minute to get the important stuff done. I did go look see how I gonna hang that bicycle on my ladder. Ain't got no real idea yet, but you can bet for sure, old Billy Bob gonna be pump'n them pedals. That is if'n I can lift the damn thing up there without a trip to the chiropractor.

Then I got to clean up all this construction stuff lay'n all over the place. What, 3 days???  Check engine fluids, tire pressures, fill propane and water tank. Need to sanitize water tank after that nasty Slabs City water. Hell, I don't have much to do.


  1. Billy? You are going to use duct tape or a bungee cord to hold that ship in place while you driving ? Right? Would hate to see it come flying forward if you have to slam on the brakes for a biker chick hitchhiker:-)

    It is really starting to look like a fine piece of workmanship now.

  2. Ben, I'm look'n for all the help I can find on keep'n the boat in it's mount. But it won't be duct tape...bungee maybe.

    First deck is complete. Thanks for the compliment. At the rate I'm going, I'll be float'n on ponds in Ga. But like everything else, I need a break.

  3. I swear Billy Bob I don't know how you can drink so much coffee without going bunkers. I had three cups so I could stay awake on the drive down to Houston and here it is almost 5:00 am and I am all jittery and unable to get some shut eye.

    Catching up on your blog and seeing you have made a lot of progress on your boat, congratulations :-)

    BTW loved Tffnguy's rules, hehehe!!

  4. So good to see you MsB. Missed ya.

    Speak'n of coffee....I were just a young feller of 18 when I got my first taste of good coffee and it's stuck ever since. Ya see, I don't like water, so's I have to flavor my water with what ever is available...and that would be called coffee. I don't drink it black 'cause it tastes like alligator drippings (pee). Since I like "sweet little things", I use sugar and creamer (Coffee Mate).