Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New sandals

Boy howdy!!! What a day it's been at "da house". First thing happen, I forgot to put the coffee thingy under the hole where my coffee comes out. But that's ok, the floor needed a good cleaning anyhows. And ya know old Billy Bob got plenty coffee in the cabinet.

Went down to the tire sell'n place and guess what??? My freak'n tires were back ordered. I look up on the wall and says..."them will fit"...and that what I got. Only thing I don't like is the white letters are black. "that jeep" sure do look funny with little tires...well actually they ain't little...235 70 R16...or what ever.

Got a bit more done on the boat. My god, this is hard work. Took 2 days just to build the boiler. Hope it don't catch fire since it's made out of wood. And them little step thingys the go upstairs, that took another 2 days. So...in 4 days, old Billy Bob ain't done jack.

Someone ask me if I was gonna stop by and see them, but don't remember who it was, "Oh yes ya do ya dillweed, it was David". Well, yeah. I'm gonna park in your driveway, turn my dogs loose, brew up a pot, then go sit on the shady side and sip a cup. You do have electric and water...right??? And a paved driveway???

Well I want you lookie here. Old "pesky neighbor" Wayne done brung me over a big ol' rib eye and a baked tater. I think he get'n ready for me to leave...do'n nice stuff and all. When I'm gone, poor old Wayne ain't got nobody to pester....for 4 whole months....yee haa. You would have to be here and experience what I'm talk'n bout. Must be hell being a lonely old man with no one to talk to. "What you talk'n bout Billy Bob, you old fart"??? "Oh shut up and get back in the box where I put ya".

Ok....I'm done for the day.

Oh crap. I forgot to welcome River home. Welcome home River, we missed ya.


  1. Ain't nuthing wrong with those tires, Hell they holding the frame up off the ground and hold air. What's wrong with em?
    Dammed!!! That is gonna be one fine looking boat Billy. Details like crazy.
    You do have ole Pesky Wayne's phone number on speed dial don't ya?
    You should take a picture of your ole ugly mug and print it out for Wayne to carry in his golf bag while you gone. :-)

  2. Did you take a picture of the big ol' rib eye and the baked tater?

  3. Ben...them tires gonna be just fine when I get the lift kit off. For $476, they better be fine.

    Yep...details is the deal. Maybe a slide out tray for the radio control stuff....what ya think???

    LOL....old pesky neighbor Wayne would never carry a pic of a good look'n feller like me.

    Anon....I thought of the pic after the rib eye was half gone. Sorry.

  4. What did you put on the baked tater?

  5. jeep looks good from there.