Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hours to lift off

Boy howdy Billiy Bob, what the hell did ya eat this time. "Ah, it was one them TV dinner thingys" Let me tell ya bout Mr. Don Miguel's El Charrito Grande Beef Enchilada dinners. First off it's not on a plate like the picture shows on the box. It's all cramped up in a little 4 compartment cardboard tray. And then, the enchilada don't have enough beef to feed a mouse. Anf then, the whole thing tastes terrible. It sucks!!!

And then....take a look at all the crap they put in there. No freak'n wonder people get sick.

Just finished talk'n to my son over there in Afghanistan. He will be home in Georgia on the 27th of next month. He is thinking of going back in Sept. if he can't find a good job at home. Now this is my #1 son (first born) that loves to spend money, so I told him he needs to go back and get his house paid off since he makes so much over there...and don't have to work for a living. I love my son. He gonna fix my "that jeep" too. 

Ok...got things to do...will be back later....maybe........

Ok...see I told ya so....I'm back. But why, I have no idea. Everything is done and ready to pull out tomorrow morning...that is if the wind don't blow. Otherwise, I may have to wait a day or two.

Wayne brung me over a couple pieces of chicken....a wing and a neck. Boy howdy am I ever gonna fill my belly on that.

Talked to bro in law in Sinton Texas. That where I gonna stay when I get there. He ain't gonna be there...headed for Montana in two days. But nephew Joseph gonna be there. Boy howdy....free rent. 


  1. Have to agree with ya BB about Miguel's El Charrito Grande Beef Enchilada dinners. In the last few years they have changed big time, They used to be pretty good eatin.

    Hell , they probably made in China now!

  2. chineese buritos= eggroll?

  3. OGT has already hacked into your system and changed the password.

  4. You take care of yourself on your trip to Texas. Don't let Ol' Ben lead you astray down there.