Friday, April 16, 2010

Black cloud

Holy crap....I like to froze to death last night. When I looked at the weather, the nice guy said if would be OK to sleep on the couch. What I did. Woke up at 3am with little goose bumps on my toe nails. Went to the bedroom and stole one of Lug Nuts blankets....of which, he made a protest with a bunch of GRRRRR's and for a second, I thought he was gonna bite me. Crazy dog!!!

Not many trucks at the truck stop last night. With the economy the way it is, I guess truckers are being laid off and no one is buying the stuff they haul. That's the way I heard it almost a year ago, but, my god, you should see all the trucks passing me on the Interstate. The economy is fine....just no one has any money to spend.

Looked at tffnguys blog this morning. Oh Oh....it rained down there for hours. Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob?? The way I see it is....go and hope for the best...mud and all. I'm only 160 miles from Terlingua Ranch, so in no hurry. I'll get there when I get there.

Remember them Wranglers I was tell'n ya about? Well, there's a cowboy store in Alpine what sells Wranglers. Will take a look see when I get there. Other than that, I have no other reason to stop in Alpine. That is unless I want to stop at the free wifi place and add some nonsense to this blog thingy.

See ya down the road.......

Alpine, Texas. First thing I found in Alpine as I entered town was a Texas State Inspection station. Well, they didn't have time, but told me about another place other side of town....right across the street from the cowboy shop where I bought 2 pair of Wranglers.
Lookie here what I got.........

Ok...I parked at the American Legion at Terlingua Ranch, Texas...VFW to Ben. Dogs are outside say'n..."where the hell we at"? Had to put them on ropes cause we so close to the highway....one car every 10 minutes or so.

Broke my freak'n sunglasses....the little handle thingy. But old Billy Bob gonna fix them....again. Glue me a toothpick on there and be just like brand new. May put a matching set...one each side and paint them black. No one will ever know.

Gotta unhook the "that jeep" and go check out the road over to tffnguy's ranch. He should be outside clearing brush for me a place to park. We'll see, but I bet ya a dollar.

See there, I told ya so......just like brand spank'n new. Although, duct tape was suggested.


  1. Sure wish I was riding with you today instead of sitting here wishing. :-)

    See ya down the road..

    Looks like Alpine having pretty good weather anyway. Today: Sun and clouds mixed. High 73F. Winds NE at 10 to 20 mph.

  2. Dang you made good time. and Don't go changing your staying place too many times, I'll never find you!!

  3. Just talked to BB at the legion. He didn't come in so I went out to de house and Lugnuts attacked me. Well not really. Guess BB will spend the night in the legion parking lot and see if he can make it here later. What a Woos!

  4. Oh yeah. Good to see you again BB.

  5. Glad you made it safe and sound to TR.

    Wont they get mad at the legion if you park there without being a member?

    Say hi to Tffnguy and tell Lugnut and Sadie Mae not to poop too close to the dungeon.:-)

  6. MsB...have ya ever see a time old Billy Bob do something that gonna make someone mad.....I call it piss'n someone off, but I know you was just being nice.
    Now we talk'n bout members...I rekon I would be a member. I remember back when I used to ride a camel out across the desert with my good friend Sgt. Preston. Oh wait...that was another age in time. Or something like that. I asked first before I plowed up the parking lot picking out the best spot to park.