Thursday, April 8, 2010

Swak'n golf balls

Swak'n golf balls is a mans game. Although you will see an occasional woman out there mak'n a fool of herself. Now the reason I say that is, right in from of me and old pesky neighbor Wayne, was two ball swak'n women. They would hit a ball 80 or 100 yards, drive to where their ball was and then, and then....they start jabber'n and  lip flap'n.

Had a pretty good game today...nothing to brag about....but....I whooped  poor old Wayne like a step child. Ain't no way he ever gonna win me. Not even if he takes lessons.

Got back to "da house" starv'n like I ain't eat in three days. Chop me off a hunk that rib eye, three over easy and some homebrew hash browns. Boy howdy that were good. Still have enough rib eye left over for a little bite after while. That sucker were BIG. But I ain't hungry. Hmmmmm....steak sandwich.


  1. Whupped him like a step child you say? How'd your score stake up against the women? :-)

    Boat beginning to look like one. I was finally able to zoom in on the back ground and figer out that is a model of an 18wheeler wrecker over there. on the other table.

  2. Now BB I know your domistic and do a lot of womens work around d house. But is that your ironing board your building that steam boat on.

  3. You showed Wayne who the red headed stepchild is.

  4. ha ha good one river

  5. In de last thread O'l Billy Bob say "Well, yeah. I'm gonna park in your driveway, turn my dogs loose, brew up a pot, then go sit on the shady side and sip a cup. You do have electric and water...right??? And a paved driveway???"

    Well BB, here's the TFFNGUY ranch rules.

    (1)The dogs got to wear diapers cause O'l tffnguy only allow Grade A coyote poop in his driveway!

    (2)No pissing off golf ball swakin women or for that matter any women. O'l tffnguy don't want to be cremated in the dungeon for allowing O'l BB to be here.

    (3)De only power, sewer, water, food and paving is what ya bring wit ya. I ain't running no damn resort for old golf ball swakin farts around here.

    (4)I'll think up a lot more rules before you get here. ;)