Friday, April 9, 2010

Don't do rules

Now what the hell??? Did you see that? Tffguy got rules. Go back and read yesterdays comments. Well, all I got to say is....Billy Bob don't do rules. Especially out in the middle of desert. Remember this?
"what we have here is failure to communicase". I will patiently await further details on the "rules".

Today was this close to perfect. Of course we won't be discuss'n the awful night I had last night. Sheesh....damn leg cramps. Anyhows, was up at the crack of dawn, let the kids out and set back with a cup read'n the news. Then I remembered, I have things to do. Made a trip to the Indian smoke shop, stop by the cowboy shop to see if the Wranglers I ordered were in...nope. Then a short trip to Walmart for more drugs and a few things to eat. Of course a few things for the boat. Ya didn't know Walmart sells boat build'n stuff did ya?

Then....and then, I made my way back to "da house" for a great big ham and mater sandwich. What put me to sleep on "da porch"....what cause a crick in my neck...what make me grouchy. So's I take my grouchy back to the cowboy shop. Still no Wranglers. So's I tell them to stuff them Wranglers. Boy howdy, lady was piss off. But it ain't my fault...it were that sandwich.

Put a little time in back breaking work on the boat. If'n ya don't believe me...lookie here.

No, that's not a freak'n ironing board. It my outside camp'n table. Sheesh, Billy Bob don't be ironing no stuff.


  1. I dont know if they had clothes pins on them paddle wheel boats Billy bob, you might wanna take a look at the older photos.

  2. OGT...them ain't clothes pins. They are industrial strength marine spring clamps. You can get them at any WALMART, but they ain't cheap.

    Look at older photos??? Yeah I did and Boy Howdy, didn't know there was so many steam powered sternwheeler river boats. They was everywhere.
    Mine was built in 1884, and burned in 1922. Google 'Chaperon'

  3. Really starting to look like something now BB. Keep after it.

    And I read ole Tffguy's rules and regulates! Good golly, just go park at the VFW or that area like last time, cross from The Grub Shack, that way you'll be close to all the action :-)

  4. Would one of you golf ball swakin women tell BB how to get his panties out of a bunch?

    Rule (7) where to for why is as is and some people can't take a joke.

    Rule (8) No boat building on premises.

    Rule (9) no feeding the bears.

    Rule (10) no fishing on premises unless accompanied by an adult.

    Rule (11) check out is 5 minutes before check in.

  5. LOL David....don't ya know by now that old Billy Bob joke right back at ya??? I can abide by rules, but I ain't gonna. You gonna have dog poop, boat parts, old coffee grounds, golf balls all over your yard and socks hang'n from the trees. Oh, did I mention I shoot guns???

  6. Rule (12) -- Don't feed the coyotes.

    Rule (13) -- No cussing on the premises.

  7. Rule (14) -- Must wear authentic Wranglers at all times, no imitations allowed.

    Rule (15) -- No shirt, no shoes, no service.

  8. There ain't no frickin trees around here. Best you can do it bushes and I pee on all of them I can. I wish I were 40 years younger and I might be able to piss on all of them.