Wednesday, April 21, 2010

.357 Magnum day

Sure were a good morning with the sun com'n up over that little hill over there. Weren't no time at all and it was up to 60 degs. Be a great day for "do'n nuttin". And that what I did till Uncle Been showed up.

We loaded up the "that jeep" with all kinds of guns, ammunition, my camera, water and me some coffee. Well, actually, I only took one gun with a few rounds of .357 mags and a hand full of 38 specials. Ben brung his little James Bond thingy.....bout the same size as a .380 auto.

On the way to The Field Lab we encountered a herd of wild burros. I jumps out the jeep to take a few snapshots....Oh no, forgot the memory card. Maybe John got an extra I can use. Yeah he did. I start tak'n some pics and....POOOOF....my batteries are dead as a doorknob. But I did manage to get this one shot....
Then we went out to the shoot'n range and let loose some lead. Us three guys ain't worth a poop shoot'n cans. Had to wear ear plugs for the .357 mags.....that sucker loud. Poor old Ben didn't have any ear plugs, so he declined to shoot the big guns with the mags in them.

Seen a gazillion Texas Longhorn cow puppies but naturally, there ain't no pics to prove it. Then Ben and I came back to the Grub Shack and got a bite to eat. Yeah, old Billy Bob forced a couple pound hamburger down and now it's time for a nap. Boy howdy!!!


  1. where is the pic of the burros? you dont mean the bearded ones taking a break do you?

  2. BB & Ben,

    I am planning on driving up to the Grub Shack tomorrow (Thursday) around lunch time to try one of those burgers. Will you and Ben be there? I would surely like to lay eyes on you and chat a spell.

    If noon doesn't suit you, let me know on your blog here if or when you could. Thanks

  3. Dizzy....If'n Ben don't take me off somewhere explor'n, I'll be at "da house" come hamburger time. Ben most likely will be around too.

  4. BB,

    I will be there. How about I buy you guys lunch?

    See ya soon,

  5. Target practice is always good, been years since I have gone to the gun range. Not likely to go anytime soon considering they stole my gun when they broke into my house in Houston :-(

    With "that jeep" you can probably go exploring all sorts of places out there.

    Hope you guys meet up with Dizzy-Dick. This time take your memory card and get lots of pictures.