Sunday, April 4, 2010

Paint shop Sunday

Holy Cows, I done forgot what I was doing this morning. But that's OK, I can catch up.

This is three coats of paint....finished product.

"Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob...that paint gotta dry for a day before it can be handled."

Well, I ain't gonna sit on my butt "do'n nuttin". There are decks to be sanded and stained. Then there that little house, the boiler, stairs to the second deck.......don't blame me if the pic is out of focus. It's the cheap Walmart camera.

Yesterday night, here comes this lady look'n for old pesky Wayne. Hmmmm...what go'n on with Wayne??? Since we are neighbors and golf'n buddies, I think he should share. But not once did he offer to introduce "the popster" (BB) to this good look'n lady. Just what old Billy Bob been look'n for.


  1. Sorry you couldn't waylay that lady :-) Hell you'd be like Lugnut chasing a car, if you'd a caught her, won't know what to do with her. :-)

    Boat/ship is looking good. Got a name for her yet? Since your last big boat was Coyote, can you name this one Coyote II and put a brass plaque on her, Built and Piloted by Barnacle Bill,Boat Builder!!

  2. It looks like you can do something after all, gee looky at that nice lookin hull.

    I think he ought to name it slab city slough

    hmmmm you really wonder why Wayne didnt tell you about her?