Monday, April 26, 2010

What the hell???

Boy Howdy, when old Billy Bob parks somewhere, ya never know what gonna happen. Most all day yesterday my "free" wifi was on the brink of disaster. In other words, it didn't work worth a crap. Manage to get online a few times, but they keep cut'n me off.

About yesterday, nothing happened that I would write about. It was a beautiful west Texas day. No "black clouds". Plenty of sunshine and not too hot where I would need to run the A/C. Although....it did get up over 90 degs for a spell late afternoon. 

Got all the boat building stuff put up and almost ready to head 'em up east. Yeah I was work'n on "da boat". See!!!

Woke up freez'n my yang off this morning. For some reason it was 50 degs and old Billy Bob don't like it when I have to get to pee and it's cold. Little goose bumps all over that thang and not much to hang on to. 

Plan is to leave Uncle Roy's place here in a bit. The way I got it figgered is to pull out bout 11am to arrive in Uvalde, Texas somewheres around 2 or 3pm. and set up camp in the Walmart Arms R/V Resort. Go inside and buy me some stuff. Oh, by the way, they have grass right where I gonna set up camp. And trees. My dogs love grass and trees.

Ok, that all I have to say. Gotta go hook up "that jeep", make me another pot of coffee.......Oh, by the way....did I tell ya bout my coffee pot with hair??? Ya see, it's like this. Yesterday morning the damn thing would only make a 1/2 pot of super strong coffee....I mean super strong. Well, while some paint was dry'n, I took that coffee pot apart. For those that have no understanding on how a coffee pot works, there is a little check valve in the heating element. Well that little check valve had grown hair...amongst all sorts of other nasty stuff.  Now how the hell did hair get in my coffee pot? But anyhows, it's all back together and I saved $55....free gas money.

See ya down the road a piece.....


  1. That dang boat is gonna look way too good to risk ever putting in the water !! Safe trip , see ya at WalWart! Bet they know you by name there now huh? Shoot , may have even painted your name in a parking spot for ya! :-)

  2. How can u tell if its your hair or lugnutz hair?

  3. Sure glad to hear from you. Thought that maybe Judge Roy Bean's ghost got you. . . .

    Have a save trip. We are home and wish we were back in the desert south-west. We just loved it there.

  4. If you can hold off getting gas the Hondo Walmart or HEB has the lowest prices even lower than San Antonio.

    One question...do you have to get permission from the management or can you pretty much just pull in and stay the night?