Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This ain't Sunday???

Boy howdy, let me tell ya bout a hamburger. Since old Uncle Ben was visiting this morning, we decided to walk over to the Grub Shack for a bite to eat....actually Ben wanted to ride over. John Wells from The Field Lab was there with hamburger juices run'n down his beard. That made old Billy Bob want one them lip smak'n juicy hamburgers. What I ordered. Then when old Ben saw them hamburger juices run'n down my beard, he ordered his self one. We a had a good ol' hamburger day.

Well, wouldn't ya know it....it rained last night. Not one them downpours like I usually get myself into, but just enough to muddy up 8 little puppy feets and then put little puppy feet prints all over the carpet. Sheesh....same place I spill a cup of coffee. Gonna be break out the shampooer pretty soon.

Made plans to run out to The Field Lab tomorrow to check out construction progress, shoot some guns, take a few pics and sit around bull shift'n. That is if'n I can get "that jeep" unhooked from "da house". Why did I buy "that jeep"???

Been steady at build'n the boat when I ain't got "nuttin to do". But it get'n down to the hard stuff now. Just like building a house...the framing is easy, but when ya gotta trim it out...well shoot, you know what I'm talk'n bout.

And then there was Ben.

Seems he forgot to load his lap top up before he left home, so old Billy Bob let him use this one. Only trouble was that this one spells in redneck and the keys are in different places than his. But he did manage to put an update on his blog. The enter key is not shift Ben. Ya gotta keep your fingers off the enter key. The spell'n, you're on your own.

Holy crap....it's after 6pm. Where did the day go? Oh yeah, old farts tend to take an afternoon nap from time to time.

Oh yeah, met a really super nice guy down here what call himself Jim Boatman. A good friend of Uncle Ben.


  1. Be sure to get your picture taken with John and Benita while at the Field Lab.

  2. That hamburger sounds gooooood. BTW, were is the Grub Shack? I thought that it would be in the Study Butte/Terlinqua ara but never saw it. Even coming down from Alpine. I am always in the wrong spot and a dollar short (grin)

    You all have a great time at the Field Lab.

  3. Dizzy....the Grub Shack is right across Terlingua Ranch Rd from the closed Big Bend Ranch Supply. That where I'm parked for a couple more days.
    Hand made hamburger patties with all the other stuff ya put on a giant hamburger. In fact, they so good I just finished another one today. Gonna put me out like a light here in bout 10 more minutes.

  4. Glad Ben was able to find you and that you two finally met in person. I like it when I hear that bloggers meet.

    For some reason I always thought that John Wells did not like meat. He is always baking chicken on his solar oven.

    Your boat is really coming along nicely.