Thursday, April 15, 2010

On the road again...almost

Holy crap, I'm up and the sun is still sleep'n. What's the deal? Oh yeah, we going on a picnic today and have to pack a basket. "Ok, Lug Nut, where's the bread"??? Let me see, I have 4 slices left....won't need any till I cross the border into Texas where I'll stop at the Visitor Center and eat me up some lunch. Yep, I gonna be fine till I get to Van Horn.

Have ya ever had to go somewhere and didn't want to go? Well, that the way old Billy Bob feel bout this trip. Been look'n for excuses to wait another week. Thought maybe the weather would give me a reason, but if I don't leave today, I'm gonna hit a bunch of wind. Oh what the hell, hook up "that jeep" and hit the road.

Speak'n of rain....did you see all the rain they got in Terlingua? And how bout New Mexico? Boy howdy, what the hell. I know what I'll do....send it all off to the east out my way. I seen where Terlingua got over an inch. Guess what that gonna do to my dirt roads and camping spot? Mud all over the carpets. Dirty dog feet.

Them windows I washed yesterday sure do look bad. Streaks all over them, but I looked out worse before. They'll be just fine. That slide out that don't like to slide in...remember what I told ya before...well, it's in. Damn thing makes me so mad I could squeeze a grape. Speking of squeez'n a grape...remember that "girlie" fellow I was tell'n ya bout....oh never mind....his world is different.

Ok....this is all I have to say.....see ya down the road.

Well now, I want you lookie here. I'm in Van Horn Texas. Went to two State inspection stations....nope, won't inspect unless I disconnect the jeep and drive inside an 8 foot wide door. And "Sally" won't fit in no 8 foot door. So, another trip through Texas without a sticker. Piss me off.

Enchiladas for dinner tonight. I told ya bout them a while back...best in west Texas. Unless they got a new cook in the last year or so.

Will spend the night at the truck stop right over there across the road. Love them trucks.  Diesel smoke....air brakes....reefers runn'n all night.....love it. And, if I can get close enough to the motel with free wifi.......

Hee hee hee, moved over to the truck stop and got me some free wifi......but there ain't no trucks.
Went to the store and bought me up some eat'n stuff, so enchiladas are out for dinner. Would cost me a gallon of gas to go all the way to the other end of town. Speak'n of gas....$2.79 a gallon. Just took on 47 gallons.....that get me to Terlingua and back to Alpine where I'll fill up again. Damn, it's expensive to go somewhere just to say "hi".


  1. Welcome to Texas,like the sign used to say " Drive Friendly , the Texas way" :-) but you do have to go fast enough so as to NOT get run over by one of those big ole 18 wheelers!
    Never realized it was so hard to get an RV inspected.