Thursday, April 22, 2010

King Nuttin

Boy howdy, do I knows how to "do nuttin" or what? Got up an hour late this morning, hobbled round "da house" trip'n over stuff, try'n to get up front to fire up the generator so's I could brew me up some  "Wild Billy" coffee.  Wild Billy coffee is two times the grounds what regular coffee is.....make yer hair stand up.

After a couple hour sit'n round "do'n nuttin", here come old Uncle Ben. Now what he got planned for the day??? Well, it turned out he headed home....back to Dallas. Sure was nice of Ben to come all this way just to see old Billy Bob. But then, I came all this way to visit someone else also. Everything worked out just perfect. If'n ya never met Ben, I'm here to tell ya, he's a super nice guy. Nothing like that guy that posts on his blog. I'm joking Ben. Can't ya tell when old Billy Bob is mak'n a joke????

Had another visitor this morning. Dizzy Dick showed up just in time for hamburgers at the Grub Shack. Hmmmm....another really nice guy. Shame old Ben took off before he got a chance to meet. Dick is from Cut and Shoot, Texas....but there's a possibility the democrats may gonna change the name. Ya know how they feel bout "shoot'n". Thanks for drop'n by Mr. Dizzy Dick. Enjoyed your company. Oh, by the way, would you send me the pics you took since old Billy Bob forgit to take any. Think Billy Bob.

While I was busy "do'n nuttin", I decided I better do some work on the boat. Need the exercise ya know. Carry'n them big ol' heavy sticks ain't easy ya know. A few hours later and this is all I got done. That little house on top them window thingys and a freak'n gold bell.

Old Billy Bob gonna hook up "that jeep" tomorrow morning and head 'em back north to Alpine and places beyond. If ya happen to be travel'n either way on Texas 90, look out. That big rig "da house" might be all over the road if'n this wind don't stop blow'n. Wind sucks!!!
"Check the weather Billy Bob".
Holy crap....20 mph winds tomorrow afternoon out of the west. Old Billy Bob gonna be mak'n some good gas mileage once he gets on T-90 go'n east. Look like I gonna be stay'n the night at old Judge Roy Bean's saloon in Langtry, Texas. Hope it ain't cold when I get there.

Said my good byes to John Wells over at the Grub Shack. He says, "see ya next trip". Speak'n of next trip, shoot, that may be a year off. Have to take a look see my schedule for the next year. Was think'n on the lines of Montana, Utah, Wyoming and Colorado. Not in that order, but ya know what I'm talk'n bout.

Supper time and don't have the slightest what I gonna eat. Hold on....check the freezer. Well I want you lookie here. There a third of a pizza in there. What ya think????

LOLOLOLOL......hahahaha....old Uncle Ben says, "ya gonna tighten that thing down"? I said, it'll be alright. Well, for the last hour I been try'n to get online, but there weren't no way. Then I got to think'n bout what Ben said.....checked my signal and yep, the dish done turn on the pole and was point'n at the moon. Wind blow'n pretty good. Fix that right up and here I am....but I ain't got nuttin to say.

Good nite all, see ya down the road a piece.


  1. BB,

    Was really glad to have met you. Sorry it was such a short visit. I am sure we will run into each other again. When you are in my area feel free to stop at the old "swamp crest" and rest a spell.

    Hey, I like goooood coffee, too. I buy columbiam and make it four times as strong as the directions. It makes me feel soooo gooood.

    Have a safe trip and enjoy a cup of coffee for me.

  2. hey that boat is looking pretty good. Your a man of many talents. Did you find a piece of property to buy yet out there?

  3. Glad you got to finally meet up with Ben but you did not post any pictures of both of you together, I had to get that from JW's blog.

    I just started reading Dizzy Dick's posts hope he sends you the pics so your readers can also "meet him".

    I remember last time you went through Del Rio you stayed at Judge Roy Bean's. Wanted to ask you if the campground they have there also allowed vans and regular cars to stay overnight?