Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Secure and back online

Boy Howdy, who ever said it was easy to secure a wifi router? Took me almost two hours and that was for the least secure. But anyhows, 26 hours later and old Billy Bob be back online....writ'n stuff.

Only 3 more things to do...out of 22. I be tired. But still not excited. Used to be I was all excited bout go'n somewhere, but as the old body gets older, ya just want to lay down and go to sleep. Ain't easy being an old retired fart.

Lug Nut cornered another rabbit in that 10 foot piece of 4" pvc pipe out there in the yard. For hours he tormented that poor little rabbit all balled up in that pipe. Drug it all round the yard, under the porch, along the fence and back under the porch. Wore him slap out to where he didn't want to go to the Mexican bar down the road. When I dumped that rabbit out in the cactus garden, Sadie Mae spied it and took off in pursuit....with Lug Nut right on her heels. Rabbit gone!!!

Old pesky neighbor Wayne suggested I take his lady friend with me on my trip. I had thought of that before, but he's a stingy old fart....don't want to share. Anyhows, he attempted to call her. After 4 wrong numbers, he was finally able to reach the right place at the wrong time....she not there.
More on the long lost woman later.

Nothing exciting to write about...unless something happens between now and bed time. No likely anything will.

****** (lugnut) is my security code just in case anyone wants to know......


  1. What an exciting day you had ****** :-)
    Was beginning to worry that ole toothless wider woman done kidnapped you!!
    BTW, did you get round to flushing your drinking water tank? Didn't think so!

  2. Ben...what the hell is a wider woman???
    Ha Ha....tank was sanitized and flushed this morning. All I got to do is fill it.
    Got windows to wash inside, but not cause they need it.
    Empty the poop tank and old Billy Bob ready to hook up "that jeep".

  3. Good to know your password in case I ever camp next to you and need to use the internet.

    Looks to me like you let Lugnut torture the poor rabbit and enjoyed watching it...shame on you!! Double shame for then dumping the poor rabbit in the cactus garden of all places and having Sadie Mae have at him too :-(

  4. sounds like yer feeling better

  5. When you are in or around Terlinqua, where do you park? I found 3 possible places on the interner, BJ's RV Park, Terlinqua Oasis Hotel & RV Park, and the Maveric Ranch. The latter is the most expensive, but has more amenities.

    Thinking of heading down that way. If we do, maybe we will run into you.

  6. Dizzy...if ya happen to come back and read this....I don't stay at no rv parks unless I gonna be there for a long time. I am set up for dry camping (boondocking)....solar panels and all the good stuff.

    MsB....it was funny watch'n Lug Nut pull'n that pipe all over the yard. Sadie can't catch a rabbit...sheesh!!!

  7. I am also self-contained. I pull a 4w-drive Jeep Liberty behind the MH to make short runs, etc.

    Trouble is, I don't know where it is legal to set up, and I don't like to get shot at. . .