Sunday, April 18, 2010

Oh Boy, all hell broke loose at old Billy Bob's house last night. All over nothing. Seems a bar should not be referred to as a "beer joint". I suppose if I had been inside drink'n a beer and mak'n a fool of myself when I said "beer joint", my statement would have been acceptable. But I weren't inside drink'n a beer. I were outside build'n a boat, sip'n a cup and mind'n my own business.

Speak'n of beer joint....I remember there was a time when old Billy Bob could sit down and drink a few with the best of them. I was a dancer and a damn good pool player. The tighter I got, the better I danced...and them pool pockets got bigger. But as time went on, I stopped going to beer joints, quit danc'n and wouldn't know what end of the stick to use now days. Yep, old Billy Bob spent some time in the bars. Do I miss it??? Kind'a sorta...yes.

Put together the second section of the boat yesterday and then last night I built the hurricane deck. Don't know why it's called a hurricane deck, but that's what I build. Now, right on top that hurricane deck is another little structure that goes right over where I was gonna cut out to access all the controls, motors, batteries and stuff. But I got a plan. Gonna make that little structure shorter, break out the chain saw and cut that deck.

Well, I got the yard all cleaned up, set my trash out for pick up (just jok'n...sheesh) and ready to break camp. Uncle Ben gonna have to look for me this afternoon when he hits town, but I think he know where I'll be. Have a safe trip Ben...see ya when ya get here.

Signing off till next time.....10-4, 12-80, 007 and all that stuff. What the hell is a 12-80???


  1. Man BB, seems like some people just can't understand or take a joke. If'n they sell beer then it is a beer joint, I should know,I been in more than my share of them. Apparently tufgy ain't got no sense of humor and annoynomous from the beer joint ain't even got the guts to identify itself or come face ot face like a man and express itself.

  2. Dadgum BB, What you doing to the locals down there, you done been throwed off the VFW property for calling it what it is a" Beer Joint"
    and you only been there less than 24 hours.

    I think you and Ben need to go over to Alpine and spend a few days there where you will feel welcome. Those homeless folks at the BJ don't need any help from any of us, let them set out on the road with their shopping carts with a cardboard sign looking for a handout.

  3. Bars never had good BBQ. Only beer joints had good BBQ.

  4. Ain't nothin' wrong with beer joint, two of my favorite things.

  5. Lol Billy Bob you are always getting yourself in a pickle :-)

  6. Starting to understand what happens just after you say. " There I was just minding my own business...."

    remember when you and me went to the Legion in Bombay at the Salton Sea?
    sunday morning people drinkin bloody marys beer too, a fella playin ragtime on the piano and you and me having a great breakfast with a bunch of VETs. I tell ya, I love that place , Ive been back now 2 or three times with james and his new squeeze, some one just turned 92 and had a B-day party there sunday. I hope the legion in Terlingua is the same.

  7. if i thought you were joking, it would have been a different matter. The fact that David Smith did not take it as a joke , and that you did not respond to it as a joke made me wonder...

    And yes, it is a bar. But if you had a patriotic bone in your body, you would know that the American Legion is not just a bar, a beer joint.

    It exists to help vetrans and the community. Every cent made off every beer goes to help those that sacrificed their lives to help this country.

    For you to complain about our willingness to help you flys in the face of what we do.

    So, i am sorry if I offended you, but thst is the deal.