Friday, April 23, 2010

Head 'em up

Holy crap, look what time it is Billy Bob and ya ain't done a thing. Man!!!!

LOL....got up an hour late again this morning. I was expecting to be all ready to hit the road by 9:30 or 10. But here it is almost 9:30 and "that jeep" is still sit'n out front and the satellite dish is still pointed at a satellite out there somewhere in space. Oh well, I'm retired, no hurry, no worry.

Took me almost 2 hours to clean up the living room last night. Boy howdy, when old Billy Bob work'n on stuff, he gots table saws, big ol' hammers, spray paint equipment......oh hell, you know what I'm talk'n bout....all over the floor.

Now what the hell was it that MsB asked me??? Oh yeah....I rekon ya could park an 18 wheeler where I gonna park at Judge Roy Beans place. It's at the community center right behind the post office....great big ol' graded lot. Donation box right over there where ya put in bout $3 a day. Can't beat that with a stick....and they have wifi.

Ok....I got things to do....see ya down the road a piece.

Soooo, this is Alpine. Seem like I been here a few times before. Was fortunate enough to not have any problems get'n out of Terlingua Ranch and "on the road again". Was a beautiful drive for the first 60 miles....then here come the wind. But it blow'n out of the west, so I ain't gonna have no problems. Should be in Langtry by 12 or so.....oh no wait, Langtry is still bout 150 mile down the road....a piece. What's that, bout 4 hours @55mph??? See ya there.

Oh, and don't let me forget to stop at the Pecos River and take a pic or two. Been since 2002 I were gonna stop for pics....ain't got one yet.

Had to make a stop in Sanderson...poor little Sadie Mae was danc'n and say'n something bout "I gotta go...I gotta go". While they was out there roll'n in the grass and mak'n a little tree, old Billy Bob lay back on the couch wait'n for them to finish business. Oh crap, it's 4pm and I don't even remember doz'n off.

Uncle Roy didn't come out to greet me, so's I just pull up in his yard and set up camp. He could have left me a power cord out there since it's 99 1/2 degs. Sheesh.
Speak'n of 100 degs.....I were com'n down the road....for miles and miles and I were think'n, "it sure is hot in here". Well DUH dummy, turn on the freak'n dash air conditioner. It ain't like you out in the desert in a little tin building with no A/C. You in a self contained house on wheels with every convenience known to man.

Speak'n of com'n down the road....here come this big black pick'em up truck, lights flash'n and wav'n like he ain't seen me in years. Don't know for sure, but most likely he was one my long lost cousins. Although, I did warn everyone to be on the look out for old Billy Bob traveling east on US-90 between Alpine and Uncle Roy's house.

Look like we gonna be eat'n rainbow trout for dinner tonight. That is if'n it thaws out.


  1. What ever you do BB don't let Judge Bean find out that you was messing around with Ms. Lilly Langtree back a few years ago, He just might throw the book at you.

  2. Hey, Billy, When you go over the big ole Bridge on the Pecos , just turn on your flashers and get out and take one looking down at the river. I bet it is running pretty good after all the rain up stream.

    Trust that you have Sadie riding in the window looking out for cops for you :-)

  3. BB,
    Glad you are making headway. As we were coming up 118 I slowed down to see if you was still there and to show my wife the Grub Shack, and low and behold, Ole John was sitting there. Of course we stopped. He was so very nice, even took my wife and me over the Field Lab for a tour. Enjoyed that very much.

    I am now parked in Alpine. The Verizon reception is great here, so got on the internet with all the bars.

    See you on down the road.

  4. Mr. BB I hope your trip is going well. I have just come upon your blog,in the last month or so. & enjoy catching-up with your travels. You are living the life! I really get a kick out of you, John Wells, "life at 6000ft." etc. It has given this 57yrold a lot of thoughts to rattle-around my head. Thanks to you, John & the rest! Phil

  5. Thanks for answering my question. In past years I have gotten a late start leaving Terlingua after the chili cook-off (through no fault of my own.)

    I don't see too well at night and during November there are a lot of deer on the road.

    Langtry would have been ideal had I known about the camping place there. Thanks for the info.