Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Days

Happy days are here again.....LOLOLOLOL....HAHAHAHA. My god, does the wind ever quit blow'n?? Right at 25 mph and no end in sight. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Old Billy Bob barely got up this morning. Ya see, it's like this, I were hurt'n all over, what is probably cause of all the hard work I been do'n all week....lift'n them big timbers and such. Last night my shoulder was kill'n me, so I take a couple 500mg. aspirin. That musta done the trick cause I didn't wake up till 7:15 this morning. But my shoulder was still hurt'n along with a few other aches and pains. Get'n old sucks.

May wonders never cease. Got the dishes all done and stack up on the counter ready for the next meal. Ain't no sense put'n them away if'n I gonna use them again. They also don't get lost in them dark cabinets and drawers. Now if I could find it in myself to break out that vacuum cleaner. Not much chance of that though. Got too many important things to do.

Old Uncle Ben said he gonna meet me in Terlingua on the 18th...that is if I'm there. We gonna go shoot'n some guns, go to town and chase some them desert "wildflowers", grab a bite to eat and probably sit back on "da porch" sip'n a cup. Hope he brings his rock crawl'n remote control truck. We could chase Lug Nut and Sadie Mae with it. That would be cool.

Ok....got to get in the shower with the cob webs and clean this old body up for the doctor. Don't want him think'n I raise goats or something like that. If he don't keep me from my work for over 15 minutes, I'll go check see if my tires are in. That would save me a trip to town tomorrow and give me more time for "get'n ready". Boy howdy, can hardly wait.

Just got back from Dr. Frankenstein. That ain't really his name, but you get the picture. Billy Bob is in trouble. Bad, bad, bad...in that order. According to Dr. Frankenstein, I might not make it back from my fish'n trip to Ga. What does he know??? I feel better today than I have in 3 days. Little does he know, there are doctors in Atlanta.


  1. Well BB, listen to what that ole sawbones told ya, and then get a second opinion when ya over Georgia for sure. Always good to have a second or third opinion on near anything.

  2. BB, its been hotter then hell around here for the last three days. Was supposed to be windy which would have helped staying cool, but it wasn't. Was supposed to be a lot cooler today and no wind, but its windy as hell! You just can't believe them weather people! Sure hope the weather will be nice when you'll get here. You are coming by aren't you?

  3. Doctors seem to be over protective. I wasn't sick untill I went to see a doctor one time. ..

    When you are in Ga. fishing a mountain trout stream, don't forget to take your gold pan along. Lots of gold in them there hills. . .

    Wrote you and email

    Have a safe trip.

  4. have a nice trip BB