Friday, April 2, 2010

Field Lab Billy Bob

This is what it's all about. Mak'n stuff
This morning pics 

Now that I finally got that stuff out the way, what do you have against boats??? HUH????

Grandpa is the smartest man on earth! He teaches me good good things, but I don't get to see him enough to get as smart as him! 

Boy howdy let me tell ya. Old Billy Bob had his share today. Had'a go to town, but the battery were slap dead in "that jeep". Then when I was try'n to upload them pics ya see up there, Hughes Net turn everything off. Then....and then....and then. Sheesh, I have such a hard life. Did I mention I went to Walmart???

I were think'n I would register with the Uniter States Government an make me some money. With all the $change$ they throw'n round, why not throw some my way. Gonna send off for one them application for a college loan. Shoot, ya ain't never to old to get an education. Then I thought bout get'n a grant for experimental environmental design techniques (Billy Bob's Field Lab). Oh well, it were just a thought. 

Someone asked me if I was going to Terlingua. You bet. Gonna go out there and sit in "da sun" sip'n a cup and pestering the neighbors. Can only stay a week, so gonna have to make me a list of who and when to pester. Hmmmmm....one feller comes to mind in particular. Think he can handle a week of Billy Bob, Lug Nut and Sadie Mae???

Old pesky neighbor Wayne invited me out to Mexican food. Pay day ya know. Like golf, I'll probably end foot'n the bill. But shoot, old Billy Bob got so much money he don't know what to do with it. 
NO!!!!! Don't even suggest something like that.
These taken at 4pm.
As you can see, old Billy Bob is do'n his thang.
(tomorrow may be sanding day) 

Dang.....edited this thing three times and it probably still ain't right. Maybe I should take a college course in 'spelling'.

Oh shoot, almost forgot something. The old guy up on the corner was call'n Lug Nut "Crank Shaft. Look like I gonna have to trade off Sadie Mae and get me a cat. Name him Crank Shaft. Cool freak'n name.


  1. LOL David...like anythinh new, ya jump in with both feet and in a week it sit in the corner for a month or so. Hope that don't happen....been lax'n put'n this thing together.

  2. Ha, ya ought to apply for lugnut to get a college loan. I bet he gets it.
    The Gov just throwing out money at places it doesnt need. better than college, you should go to a vocational school (auto machanics) especially one which tells ya how to totally rebuild a jeep.

    me thinks closed quarters and glue is doing the trick.

  3. Even though I should be get'n ready for my trip to Terlingua.

  4. Dang that pile of "stuff" you got there beginning to look like something. You got the motor and remote controlling part fingered
    out yet?

    And you dang well better keep us advised when you headed down to the Terlingua area.

  5. Aye aye captain full steam ahead!