Saturday, April 17, 2010

Terlingua Ranch

Boy howdy, woke up this morning and didn't know where I was. Have ya ever done that??? Then last night, I looked out the window over at pesky neighbor Wayne's place and he was gone. Moved out over night. Everything was gone.

Well shoot, it's cloudy outside....that black cloud ya know. And a mite chilly..55 degs. So, I gonna just sit here at the American Legion till the sun comes out and it warms up before I head off to tffnguys ranch. Ain't no hurry.

Gald darn dogs. In and out....this makes 4 times already. And there's one, just one, little bush thingy stick'n out the ground and who do you suppose has been hung up on that thing every stink'n time she goes out. Yep, that would be my stupid dog Sadie Mae. I tell her to "go round" and which way does she go....the wrong way. You would think......

Ok....got to fix me something to eat....starved.

5:20pm......"holy cows Billy Bob, what the hell ya been do'n"??? Well, ya see it's like this...the wind been blow all day, there weren't no sunshine and old Billy Bob got all fire up to work on "da boat". Then the sun come out, but it too late.

Got my dinner cook'n on the stove. How bout some "stuff"?? Pork, taters, maters, onions and fresh green beans...all in one skillet. A little bit that Billy Bob special seasoning and we be eat'n like one them old timey hobos. None my grandkids even know what a hobo is....sheesh, what wrong with school now day???
Boy howdy...can hardly wait.


  1. Well great! I had 7 days of work lined up for ya. Now how you gon'a do that in 3 or 4?

  2. Well shoot, here I were figger'n on sit'n on "da porch" sip'n a cup and do'n some think'n. Now ya want to put me to work??? What they been sell'n at that Legion place??? From "da house", it look like some kind of beer joint.
    I rekon I could stay around a few more days if'n ya really need some professional advice.

  3. Billy, that Boat gonna look SO good it ain't never gonna in water!!

    That supper pot of stuff you got cooking sounds good. But I think you better take another look at those green beans, THEY got white mold on em :-)

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  5. I guess I should apologize or something. I don't know what I said that would upset anyone, but I do apologize.
    David you should know me well enough by now to know I make jokes about anything. I'm sorry you took what I said about a beer joint seriously. It wasn't intended to cause a rukus of any kind.

  6. That river boat is lookin good! I just got back from the slabs today, sure was nice out there in the evening. Saw kenny rich and mary, and had a great time as usual. lots of people still there at the slabs. got up to 92 degrees on saturday according to the thermometer on my car.