Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Almost there...

Boy Howdy, if'n the cops come along, I'm gonna be get'n a ticket or throwed in jail, one or the other. Ya see, it's like this....I was driv'n through this little "cotton pick'n" town of Odem, Texas, mind'n my own business and I sees this Public Library. Ah ha, free wifi. I turns the corner and "oh shit"....there ain't no place to turn a big rig around....and I'm half ways in the street. Even though there's a sign in front of that says private property, I'm gonna trespass anyhows.

Got a good'n story to tell ya but it gonna have to wait for later. Gotta get this big thing out the street.

See ya at bro in laws.

And 30 minutes later.....old Billy Bob pull "da house" up in the yard...after hav'n to get out and open the open gate so's this big sucker would fit. Then right in front me, where's I gonna plant this thing, is a pile of rotting wood. You would think that the site would be ready and wait'n. You know....lawn chairs and picnic table put out, power cord hooked up ready to be utilized....you know what I'm talk'n bout. And where's my helper that gonna move that pile of wood and tote that bucket of rocks.

Now....all about yesterday. Left Uncle Roys place right at 10 am look'n for that Pecos River. Oh....there it is, but what the hell, the water is brown. That ain't what I was expecting. Every other trip the water was a beautiful bedroom blue....like my eyes used to be......if'n ya know what I mean.  Oh crap....hold on, gotta do something. " Dang it Billy Bob...leave stuff alone.....ya done screwed up.
Atempting to fix what I screwed up....sheesh!!!

 Who that crazy person stand'n in the middle of the road???

Now for the rest of the story. I were parked at Walmart Arms R/V Resort in Uvalde, Texas just mind'n my own business. A great big ol' white pick up pulls up and out jumps this "cowboy" look'n feller. He come to the door and says, "are you Billy Bob"? Well yeah I am. Over his sholder he's carry'n a big ol' road kill deer....well actually, it were two little packages of fresh or otherwise deer meat for old Billy Bob to cook up.
This feller's name is Charlie Waller from Uvalde what follows my blog. Ya got some special kind of folks in Texas that would take time out from their busy schedule to go visit someone that has a blog. You special Mr. Charlie Waller. Oh good one Billy Bob. Where's the pics of Charlie??? And then, this morning before I pull out, Charlie sneak up and put a official Uvalde Pump Service hunt'n cap on my windshield. Ya kain't beat that with a steek.

I also would like to thank MsB for her efforts on "dial up" to find me some cheap gas for "da house". I paid $2.64 at Murphy in Uvalde. Thank ya MsB.....ya cute little bugger.

Glad to hear the Dizzy made it home. Now maybe he will find some extra time to consider send'n my copies of the pics he took down in Terlingua. Hint, hint.


  1. Ha Ha Ha Ben....thought that was cute huh???
    Made it to bro in laws with no occurances...other than a pile of rotted wood right where I gonna park.

  2. my god hes gone nutz

  3. Gone? That assumes he was ever anything else! BB, yur my kinda people!

  4. Hay BB, I took the hint. Trouble is the pictures of you and me didn't work. I guess I am just so ugly that the ole camera just will not take my picture. . .

    Email on the way.

  5. That was very nice of Charlie Waller to come pay you a visit and bring along some gifts. Where is the picture?

    Glad you made it to your brother-in-laws. Now lay back and do what you do best...nutting...hehehe:-)