Friday, February 28, 2014

Silly questions, nuttin fixed

I sit there on the couch last night dur'n my "think'n" time before I went off to bed. I was try'n to find a good subject for today's post. Don't talk bout pain an' get'n old. Although, pain an' get'n old, has brought some interest to my posts. I rekon that's something we all have to deal with. Well anyhows, I didn't come up with nuttin to write about.

Now I will tell ya bout get'n on a kind of technical RV fix'n group to see if other RV'ers have ever had the same problem I'm hav'n with a dashboard gauge show'n the wrong voltage. MY god, one of the questions I received was how much air pressure do I carry in my tires. Then I had bout 4 people try'n to fix my perfectly good alternator. Another asked if'n my toad was a 4 wheel drive.

Well, their questions weren't really that bad, but they completely went around my question...."why does my dash gauge show the wrong voltage"?  Do not attempt to answer my question if you do not have a battery control center. I'm think'n I have no other alternative than to go buy me a circuit board, install it an' hope for the best. I hate do'n that.

Speak'n of auto repair an' stuff like that. I had bought a brand spank'n new 1969 Ford Econoline Van. After bout a month or so, it started missing....got a loss of power. I takes it to the dealership for repairs. After bout 3 days I get it back. They had replaced the carburetor, reset the timing, put in a new fuel pump....that kind of stuff. I pulls out of the Ford repair facility, step on the gas an' it's still do'n the same thing. Now I'm pissed. I get under the hood, look around...and put a spark plug wire back on the spark plug. Sucker run like a brand spank'n new Ford Econoline van.

Ok, yesterday I did exactly what I said I was gonna do. I went outside, grab me up a camp chair an' go sit in front that "billy jeep". Put that plug thingy on the end them wires an' install a black flexible protector thingy over it (the wires and connecters). Installed both Texas license plates. I'm good to go.  
Now we get'n close to the "go" part. Where in the hell am I gonna go? All that sit'n over there on the couch think'n bout my situation an' what I'm gonna do, I got nuttin. Although....Falcon lake an' Del Rio are still top of my two item list.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Not much to talk bout....

Boy howdy, this is gonna be a hard post to make this morn'n.

Ya see, when I get cold, it's affects my entire system from my cold feet all the ways up to my brain. Joint pain happens where it ain't supposed to happen. Goose bumps appear all over my body. My brain goes haywire. It got down to 31 degs last night.....accord'n to my Walmart special temperature thingy.

When I get to talk'n bout my brain dysfunctions an' stuff like that, I have a very hard time communicat'n with myself. It's like talk'n to a blank wall. All I can think of is "bad" stuff. This brain dysfunction happens mostly when it's cold outside. A sudden surge of depression flows throughout my body....I don't want to do nuttin. An' that may be what I do for the rest of the day.

Now there is the possibility you can find me sit'n in a chair out front the "billy jeep" wire'n up that plug thingy I bought. It's only 4 wires, so what can be so hard bout that. An' they are color coded.

Now if'n ya can remember back when I bought "that jeep" bout 3 or so years ago, it started fall'n apart in the first month. Ball joints. Suspension hit'n the frame. Engine water leaks. A/C goes out....hunnerts of stuff break'n like that. That was my reasoning when I named it "that jeep". Also call it a POS a few times. An' a few other choice names.

Anyhows, the "billy jeep", I have already replaced a axle seal an' bearing. There's a whine in the rear come'n from somewheres. Sometimes.....but not every time, when I turn the steer wheel, there's a noise. Kind of like the tire tread rub'n against something. This got me to think'n...."maybe it's a CV joint". Please lord, don't let the "billy jeep" turn into a POS "that jeep".

There's a possibility nephew Joseph will install the new park'n brake shoes this week end. I sure as hell cain't do it 'cause every time I get on the ground, I cain't get back up. And that sucks. For many many years I was knowed as a "fix it" guy. I could fix bout anything....from a leak'n roof to rebuild'n a wored out V-8 engine. Sears Kenmore warsh'n machines to 20 ton air cond units. If'n it weren't electronic, I could fix it. But them days are gone now. All 'cause I cain't get back up off the ground.

Many people have told me I have to accept my condition. You know, be'n a old man an' can't do nuttin no more. Well, I ain't never gonna accept that fact. I have slowed down a bit, but that's only 'cause I cain't do stuff fast no more. An' I got to have me a little break to sip up a cup an' smoke one. 

I used to think I was a excellent cook. But that too has changed. You did know I used to have my own Mexican restaurant....right? In the last couple years I no longer make exotic dishes. I settle for a simple one pot meal, a box of Churches chicken....a double meat Whopper. Go through bout two packs of cold hot dogs every week. Feed the damn goat what I cain't eat. Sadie Mae gets her share too.

Ok....got me a pot of 15 bean soup brew'n with a great big ol' ham hock in it. That's gonna be good I betcha a dollar.

Ok, for those that don't know why I use Walmart for my meds. I am on their computer and can pick up prescriptions in any Walmart in any state. Wait time usually anywheres from 45 minutes to two hours. Just enough time for me to do my grocery shop'n. Only one time I was told it would be "tomorrow". I talk to the pharmacist, tell him I was camped 50 miles away. Got my meds in 15 minutes. 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Who needs details????

Ok, here's an attempt to describe yesterdays happen'ns. I could sit here for the next two hours describ'n yesterday in every little detail, but I've recently found that to be just "too much".

yesterday I changed over the insurance on the "billy jeep".
I drove to Walmart and I now have my penicillin antibotics.
At my mail pick up place in Port Aransas, I picked up my license plates.
I picked up my debit/credit card....yet to be activated.
A stop at the auto parts, I picked up the brake shoes and a trailer plug.

Now I sit here an' look at what I just wrote an' what do I have to say? "What the hell, that's not a Billy Bob blog post".

DETAILS....right here.
After I finished writ'n yesterdays blog post, I pick up my phone an' dials up Gieco. I get the typical automated stuff...press 1, 2, 3, 4 an' 5. A nice lady answers....a real person. Now this never happens when I call my other insurance people, GMAC for "Sally da house" coverage. She talk'n a hunnert mile a hour....I cain't understand a word she say'n. I says..."wait, ya gotta talk slower or hook me up with a southerner". She gets my account on her computer an' proceeds to ask questions....slowly, but mostly in a northern "yankee" dialect.....what take me some time to figger out. Even congregates me on get'n a newer Jeep. She changes my coverages. Nice lady. Then I tell her I need to change address for my insurance. That don't take long neither. Less than 20 minutes, maybe 30....I'm good to go. She sends the proof of insurance thingy to me by email. I print it out an' put in my wallet.

Me an' Sadie Mae jump into the now legal "billy jeep" an' head for Aransas Pass. Walmart ya know. I goes up to the nice lady at the pharmacy an' drop off my prescription. She asks if'n I want to wait...no more than 15 minutes, for my meds. I decline say'n I would pick them up in bout two hours on my way back. All is good.
Oh wait. I lost the "billy jeep" in the park'n lot. It don't have those brake lights an' spare tire sit'n on top like the "that jeep"....so I couldn't find it. It's solid white, so I look at white cars. "Oh, there it are". Something gonna have to be done so this don't happen no more.

Nuttin special bout pick'n up my mail. Only the foggy ride across the ship channel on a ferry boat blow'n it's horn. Pics come out terrible, so's I delete them. We ride around the island for a bit. Just look'n at stuff ya know. A few more attempts at photos an' "dead battery". No, we didn't go to the beach.

Back in Aransas pass, I goes back to pick up my meds. I get in line an' wait bout 15 minutes or so. The nice girl....I won't call her lady 'cause she was a long ways from be'n a lady, she says they not ready, I can check back in bout a hour or so. Ok, the old Billy Bob don't get pissed very often, but this is one occasion I did an' I let that girl know it. Here come the pharmacist...."what's the problem"? Now I got to explain what the nice lady tole me over two hours ago....they will be ready in 15 minutes. I'm instructed to go take a seat an' they will be right out. That was another 15 minutes.

From there, Walmart, we head back to Churches Chicken an' buy up a 9 piece box of dark meat an' some jalapenos. Eat two pieces in the park'n lot along with a couple jalapenos. Dentist said to eat soft food, but this was as close as I could come at Churches. I'm good to go. No problems with the still open wounds......what still have had no pains. 

Back in Sinton, I almost forget to pick up my brakes shoes they had ordered for me. I'm go'n close to a hunnert mile a hour (40), I slams on the brakes an' turn in...Sadie Mae falls to the floorboard....my coffee cup turns over on the floor. My order is sit'n on the counter. That when I remember the plug thingy I need. And some that plastic stuff to go over the wiring. Now all I got to do is wait on nephew Joseph.

So....there you have it...yesterday in detail. Oh....did I mention a great nap on the couch? 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My god, somebody knock my teeth out

Ring ring ring.....I just got a email from my mail pick up guy, Port Aransas Business Center if'n you're interested. "Your plates came in yesterday".

Now let me tell ya bout how much sleep I lost last night over them damn plates. I looked at my watch an' it was 2:30 oclock AM. But I am very very glad they have arrived. Now I can transfer my insurance an' be legal.

I showed up at the dentist tooth pull'n place right at 1pm yesterday. The nice lady took me straight into a little room. Asked a few questions. One in particular was "are you allergic to penicillin". Then she went on to have me believe they was gonna give ma a penicillin shot before I left. I made it very clear that was not gonna happen. But it took a full 5 minutes for her to understand I don't do shots. She takes my blood pressure.....holy crap, it's way high. Talk'n bout that shot did that.

In comes the nice dentist doctor. We start talk'n bout grankids while he's mess'n with a pile of tools an' look'n in my mouth. I feeled very comfortable. Then he grabs holt to a big ass needle an' pulls my lip back. That's when I stop him dead in his tracks. This ain't gonna happen this way. You are first gonna put some that deadener stuff on my gums before you stick that big ass needle in my mouth. I don't know what he used, but it was a simple little psssssttt spray. Nurse lady ask me what it taste like. I says "chicken". But it weren't.

Back to talk'n bout grankids, he gives me bout three shots in my gums. Now let me tell ya, I didn't hardly feel a thing.

Now he start scal'n my other teeth. One them super sonic teeth clean'n devices what blows all that plaque to kingdom come. Up under the gums is what hurted the worst. But I endured the time it took him to do a good job. Most time I had that done, it was by a silly young girl what had no compassion for us old folks.

Then he gets a holt to my back tooth with some kind of pliers device. Twists an' turns a bit an' out it comes. Didn't feel a thing. I'm like'n this dentist. He grabs holt to that other tooth. Twists an' turns....the sucker breaks. Ten minutes later I have a empty tooth socket.

It was that easy, nuttin to it.

Then I get back to "da house". Change the wadd'n a few times for the next 2 hours....the bleed'n ain't stop yet. I send Rena to the store. Get me some Advil in case I have pains. Which I didn't. Maybe a little sore, but it don't hurt.

I didn't eat no breakfast, or lunch, before I went to the dentist. I was starv'n slap to death.....an' I cain't eat nuttin yet. Nuttin but liquids. Campbells chicken noodle soup mixed with a can of cream of chicken. Yum boy howdy, that hit the spot.

I take me some more Advil during the evening. Don't feel a thing. Waked up this morn'n....I hurted like hell. But not from my miss'n teeth, it was my back. Them empty teeth places feel no pain at all.

One comment yesterday made my day. Joey has a set of golf clubs. Lots of people don't like golf. They call it cow pasture golf.....stuff like that. But let me tell ya right now, golf is a very competitive an' mind alternating game. You'll find yourself say'n stuff you wouldn't in church. Ya don't just stand there an' hit the ball, ya expertise that hit. You use your mind. When you are stand'n there, get'n ready to swak that little ball, all other things in your life are forgotten. Congratulations Joey, hope you will enjoy golf ball swak'n as much as I do. 

Now I have a few things to do today. Go pick up my plates. Change insurance over. Pick up parking brake shoes. Plus a few other not so important items. That's enough for one day.

Monday, February 24, 2014

I fixed something.....but it's still broke

I have not been making a early blog post for quite some time. Today is different.

Most time when I get up in the morn'n, I have that one eye that refuses to look in the same direction as the other. Well, it really does, but it's still half closed an' out of focus. Read'n the blogs an' news usually clears that up an' makes blog writ'n easier. Although, some of the news I read pisses me off an' that shows up in my blog posts.

As I promised one follower yesterday, I have to tell ya bout some good news. I grab holt to my VOM, or something like that....that's a volt meter thingy, an' I go outside to check voltages on that circuit board an' stuff for the battery charging systems. There is got to be bout a hunnert places to check voltages. It ain't nuttin like a car or a pick'em up truck with only one battery, so don't say nuttin yet.

Behind the circuit board in this big black box, are 3 big ol' solenoids. One shuts down all the voltage to the chassis 12 volt systems at the flick of a switch. Another turns off all voltage to the 12 volt "house" systems with another flick of a switch. I check both of them....they ok. The third is called a isolator solenoid. The one on the left.

It parallels the house an' chassis batteries when the circuit board senses a voltage of 13.2 volts. That means a charging voltage an' kicks that sucker in to charge all the batteries. It weren't work'n. It go clickity click, but the contacts is burn slap up.....or something like that.

Zoooom, I jump in the "billy jeep" an' head for the auto parts store in hopes they got one that will work. They got the exact solenoid. I install it an' all my batteries are charg'n......Ye Haw!!! Dash volt gauge still not working. I sit down an' look at that dashboard. Ten screws an' that sucker is lay'n in my lap.
 Screwed that pic up....
A test was done to see if the dash volt gauge would show the correct voltage. Nope, it didn't. But it does show a increase in voltage of bout .2 or .4 volts when the alternator kicks in. With the VOM, I find battery voltage at the gauge with the engine NOT run'n, but only 13.85 volts with it run'n. This tells me the gauge is ok....but it's not receiving the correct voltage to the dashboard (14.60 alternator voltage).

I'm down to the end of my list of possible culprits....the circuit board. With all the test I done, I'm confident I could go down the road a piece an' not worry one bit bout charg'n my batteries. But it sure is nice to look down at the dashboard an' see the correct voltage.

 Dang, I wrote too much.

Usually when I get out of bed in the morn'n, I have me some back pains what clear up in bout a hour or so. It weren't like that this morn'n. I'm talk'n I was all bend over an' in severe pain. I cain't take me no aspirin (blood thinner) cause of the dental work today, so I'm sit'n here with tears in my eyes.....or is that some dust what blew in? Ya see, when I went to bed, I had a little pain. I change the pressure set'n on my bed. Boy howdy, won't be do'n that no more. I suppose my back issues will be the next thing to look into. Maybe some exercise on the "billy bike", walk a couple three miles a day....HAHAHAHA....right, some professional rehab therapy, needles an' shots....I'm think'n not, an' lastly surgery. I got to get better than I am now.

A stern talk with nephew Joseph an' BIL Abraham has cleared some things up. Yesterday I was not ignored an' had me a great supper from the house. I feel a little better bout that.    

Tomorrow I will be mak'n a trip to Port Aransas. Pick up my mail an' pray to God that my license plates are in it. And my Visa debit/credit card.

Only thing left to do to the "billy jeep" is that little plug thingy, replace the park'n brake shoes an' get a State inspection. I rekon I could change over the insurance from the "that jeep" to the "billy jeep" too.

So I'm do'n pretty good....or I rekon I am. Not much left to do. Then I got to sit down, sip up a cup an' decide my next camp'n spot. Haven't been think'n too much bout that with all the other issues I have had. We'll see.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

All I can say....thank ya thank ya

Oh my....some of the best comments I read in a hunnert years.

Blogs show a picture of the person writing that blog. Ya kind of take a like'n to them after a while. Ya get to know them. Like when a neighbor move in next door, ya want to get to know them. Ya watch 'em real close to see if'n they anything like you are. Then ya get a conversation go'n. That's good.

Yesterday comments was just like that, a conversation. Personal information was exchanged. That makes me happy. It brings me closer to those that I don't even know.....other than by internet.

Ok Sissy, I didn't refer to you yesterday by name....only the nice lady from Tennessee. Your comments mean so much to me. And then there's all the others that I seldom refer to by name....your comments mean so much to me also. I'm not one for make'n many comments on blogs. Ya see, when I get to writ'n, it's hard for me to stop....an' in the process, the comment ends up with a bunch of nonsense that nobody would be interested in. In some cases, I might even piss somebody off.

Ok, I'm done with that. I thank everbody that comments on my blog. Some of ya, I know better now.

This is Sunday....a day of rest. Well it is to some people, an' I'm think'n I'll go along with 'em today and rest myself. I didn't do much yesterday even though I wanted to. And I probly ain't gonna do much today. At this rate, I ain't never gonna get done.

And then I got to think'n....so what? There ain't no rules that say a RV'er has got to be on the road all the time, every day of the year. In the last 12 years I been on the road a plenty. Maybe ain't went everwheres I wanted to visit, but I got some miles behind me. I been to places I ain't even wanted to go. Seen stuff I wasn't even interested in. But I was there. Now I'm at a point...wait'n on stuff, repairs not done, health issues, a couple teeth to yank out....I don't need to be go'n down the road a hunnert mile a hour. So here I sit. Not happy, but not dead neither. When I feel I'm ready, I'll be back on the road....burn'n up miles an' miles. Still a possibility of catch'n up a 14 pounds bass fish.

So I leave you today, a Sunday, to ponder the decisions I make....right or wrong. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Oh my, we down today.....depressed

When I don't have nuttin excit'n to write about, you gonna have to listen to stuff like this.

I'm at wits end as to what I'm gonna do with the rest of my life. I been think'n for a few years bout buy'n a little piece of property. Purchase me a big ol' a bulldozer an' tear up some stuff . Build the "Sally da house" shelter an' sit on the patio sip'n up a cup. Do'n nuttin.

Now here's the reason I'm think'n that's not a good idea. I been sit'n here at "El Rancho Abraham" for bout 3 months now. Mostly 'cause of the freez'n temps. I look out the winders, an' what do I see? I see the same ol' thing every day....nuttin new an' nuttin excit'n. Now I don't know bout anybody else, but see'n the same scenery ever day depresses the hell out me. Make me just want to just sit down an' do nuttin. An' that's bout all I been do'n. Something got to change....and soon.

Now we have cold temps headed this way again. Grrrrrrrr....that sucks. My appointment with the dentist is start'n to make me a bit nervous.....I don't like needles an' pain. There's this run around with the used car dealership....Grrrrr...to that too. My back is giv'n me the fits most ever day. I have to do a lot of sit'n 'cause I can't stand up very long. Because of my inactivity, nephew Joseph has been keep'n his distance. BroIL Abraham came down from Montana for a visit. He ignores me too. An' we was like brothers for many many years. This kind of crap is very depressing. I'm get'n old an' I ain't excit'n no more.

This morn'n I waked up after a hard night. I stumbled round "da house" mak'n coffee an' look'n at all my mess lay'n on the floor. Maybe I'll clean floors today. Then I sit down on the couch an' did me some think'n......I got to get out of here. My life could be life threaten'n if'n I let it go on like this.

I was gonna leave the "billy bike" here when I finally pull out 'cause I cain't ride the damn thing. But then I got to think'n bout Del Rio a few months ago. I rode it there, not very far mind you, but I rode it. My back hurted less. So, the "billy bike" will go with me when I leave. Whether I ride it of not is another question. But it will be there in case I do. As far as walk'n for exercise, I suppose that will depend on if'n I get back surgery or not.

Now, speak'n of back surgery....I have two sons that had it done. They both complain of pains an' are put down in bed a couple times a year. I've read many stories bout people that had the surgery....not all that good. Although, I have also read of miracles. I'm at odds at what to do.

Ya see, I have had back injuries that date back bout 30 years. Spent hospital time, back manipulations, physical therapy...all that kind of stuff. My last injury (2000) never healed. What shape it's in in 2014 I don't know. Maybe unrepairable after 14 years?

Then I get to think'n bout doctors slice'n me open, yank'n out bones an' stuff, an' big ol' needles bout the size a 16 penny nail stick'n out my arms.....blood run'n down on the floor. That shit skeers the hell out me. Kind of remind me of my heart doctor over in Deming. He scare the hell out me an' he don't even do nuttin.

One more thing what got me worried. My new debit/credit card ain't showed up in the mail neither. It's usually here no later than the 15th. Grrrrrr.....

I have some followers that I really miss when they don't comment. A nice lady from Tennessee is just one of many. She make me feel good. *those not named here, I dearly love your comments too* Makes me think I done piss everbody off. What I probly do. Some the comments I get really lift me up when I'm feel'n sorry for myself. I enjoy positive an' lift'n up comments. An' then there's the "courtesy" commenters where they didn't even read what I had to say for the day.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Another phone call.....nope, no plates

Ok, today ain't a good day for making a blog post. Everthing is screwed up.

Again today, I'll not mention aches an' pains....."Oh my God....Ohhhh myyyy Goddddd!!!!

The nice lady I talk to yesterday.....she never call me back. I should have figger so much. So's bout 2pm yesterday I calls again, get the guy I bought the Jeep from. He assured me he mailed the plates an' registration out Monday. Blah, blah, blah. After I hanged up, I got to think'n, wasn't Monday some kind of a holiday and the post offices were closed? I don't know if'n they was or not.

Anyhows, I'm now sit'n here wonder'n if I'll ever get my plates an' registration. And I don't know what to do if I don't. I mean, it ain't like I can take the sheriff to San Antonio and have the guy put in jail. What good would a lawyer do? And what if I contacted the DMV and they ain't received any paperwork for the title transfer? This shit sucks.

I wasn't able to do much yesterday. In fact, I didn't do nuttin. Well, I did sweep the floor an' take me a short nap. I am so down on this Jeep situation, I just don't want to do a thing....an' there's lots to do.

I haven't ordered the new circuit board for the battery control center yet. I'm just gonna put that one on being lazy. The last inspection on my alternator problems I found a loose connector. It make the solenoids go clickity click. I wiggle it to where I only get the clickity part, less the click, and I gonna do further investigat'n on the clickity part. Now ya got to remember, I have the same voltage at the battery as I do at the alternator. That tells me the alternator is charg'n the battery. But also remember, the dash gauge don't show the same voltage. Figger that one out.

Ha....back to that Jeep situation. I just talk to the guy. He says he mailed them to my post office. That's where I get my mail ya know. Says he gonna check his post office (????) an call me back. I don't understand what he will find out by check'n his post office, but I'll just go along with it an' see what happens. Maybe he gonna mail me my stuff now????

I sit here an' think an' think. Worry myself to death bout where I can go do some different camp'n. I ain't come up with nuttin. I read other travel blogs an' I get all jealous 'cause I ain't out there do'n the same. I cain't even get my mind to think bout it. I'm think'n I need some kind of help. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Updated with photos....Just more stuff....red tag

Today I will refrain from making any pain related comments.....

"Oh my God......Ohhh, myyyyy Goddddd....I hate that couch".

A couple three blogs posted their dislike for Verizon. Actually, I like Verizon, ever since I upgraded to a super fast 4G LT data card and installed a antenna an' signal amplifier. Can't say much for the antenna an' amplifier, but it's supposed to work. Whether it does or doesn't.....hell I don't know.

In my travels, there was only a couple places I didn't receive Verizon signals. Del Rio has corrected that problem in that area. Terlingua Texas, I haven't been back to see if they have a Verizon signal yet. Probly ain't gonna go back to Terlingua again, so it don't make no matter.

In 2008, I made a trip to Terlingua. It was summer time. Oh my god was it ever hot. Still 90 degs when I went to bed at 11pm every night. This sucks.
I was sit'n outside one night, fight'n them damnable flies what bite ya every time they land....an' sip'n up a cup. The phone rings. It's my Canuck buddy Louie....and he tell me how nice an' cool it was in El Paso. I been to El Paso before ya know, so I'm doubt'n what he's tell'n me. Then he swears to God that he ain't tell'n me no lies, I hooks up the "little red bronco" to the back of "da house" an' we headed northwest.....air cond on full bore. It's night time, deer jump'n out in the road...I miss them all.

Bout midnight I pulls into a space where Louie is stay'n. Hooks up my electric an' goes to bed. Air cond is on full bore an' I sleep good. Next morn'n, I pays for a month rent.

Louie drops by the next morn'n. He has already made sight see'n plans for the two of us.....for the next 30 days. Trips to Juarez Mexico were in his schedule. Now if you recall, 2008 was a bad year in Juarez with the cartels....murders every night, stuff like that. 5,000 Mexican federal army people were stationed there. They was ride'n round in big trucks with machine guns in the back....all over the place. Ya had to appear as innocent as possible. But me an' Louie went anyhows.

On our last trip to Mexico...it was a weekend as I recall, we waited in line back to the US for bout 2 hours or so. We pull up to the inspection station or what ever ya call it. "Let me see your ID's" Louie whips his out...I whip out a driver license. The guy looks at me kind of suspicious like an' says he needs to see more ID. Well, I ain't got no more, other than my Medicare card an' personal insurance cards. Those were no good for proof of citizenship. I'm asked all kinds of questions...the run a round in my book. I mean, just look at me, I'm a American citizen, I got a driver license. This is when the nice officer tells me my name will be red tagged on the computers for my next visit to Mexico. Upon return arrival, with proper ID or not, I will be escorted into the interrogation room and be further questioned. We then proceeded back to El Paso an' I ain't never been back to Mexico since. Actually, I have no desire to go back to Mexico...even though it's excit'n to visit once in a while.....for some. America has everthing I could ever want an' there's still places I ain't seen yet.

Now for the next go round on my new Jeep. If'n ya remember, I called the dealership last week bout the license plates. They was gonna send them to me on Friday. Checked my mail people yesterday. No license plates. I dial the dealership on my phone. No answer. What the hell??? If'n I was 20 or 30 years younger, I would think nuttin of it....just sit back an' wait. But as a old man, shit like this scares me into think'n I could have been scammed....or something like that. I'll continue to call as the day passes.
A few minutes later.....I get a nice lady on the phone. She don't know nuttin. She will call back later when she "finds" the guy I bought the car from. Stay tuned. 

Ok, that's out of the way for now. What ya want to talk about? The weather is beautiful, in the 80's day time an' lower 60's at night. Got a little windy last night bout 20 mile a hour. Cloudy this morn'n. I can live with that.

Do goats eat overly spiced chili? I think I done eat bout all that stuff I want, or can handle. Dad gum jalapenos an' pinto beans put a hurt'n on me. I made me another big bowl of chili spaghetti last night an' only eat bout half of it. I was sweat'n. Then the farts come on strong. I'm think'n I'm mak'n the right decision. "HEY GOAT".


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Never end'n pains......

Ok, here's the deal.....it's that damn couch over there.

Yesterday afternoon, one them tooths I gonna have pulled started a throb'n pain...an' I'm talk'n pain.

Ok, I'm back. Almost forgot I had started a blog. Now, let's see where we was at. That damn couch. Ya see, when I had it recovered, the guy ask me if'n I wanted to replace the foam in the sit down areas. I looked at it an' says...."looks Ok to me.....no". Well I should have sayed "yes". The part I sit on is all broke down. I sit on the freak'n rails an' my back is in weird positions. Not the kind of positions God had intended. This make my back hurt like hell, an' it did that last night. Thought I was gonna die.

While we're talk'n bout backs an' back pain, I jump in bed last night right bout 12:30am. Roll over on my left side so's I can cuddle with my Sadie Mae. "My God Sadie, you stink". She been outside roll'n in that damn burro poop again. Anyhows, I notice I ain't go no back pain. I got the Number mattress adjust just bout right I figger. After I kick Sadie Mae out of bed, I roll over on my right side. I can't go to sleep on my left. Ya see, when I was sleep'n in a crib or baby bed on the farm, the older boys would mess with my mind. Tell me if I lay on my left side, the devil will ram his pitchfork up through the bed an' into my heart. Then they go in the other room laugh'n their asses off. To this day, I still can't go to sleep on my left side.

Ok, where was we? Oh yeah.....I'm lay'n there on my right side. But, I never go to sleep in that position neither. I got to be on my stomach. So's I roll to the stomach position. My back begins to hurt. Now figger that one out.

About them teeth pains I was hav'n yesterday. I feeled like somebody drive nails in my teeth....I'm talk'n hurt. I tried mouthwash with alcohol. Last like 10 minutes before another carpenter pull my mouth wide open an' drive some more nails. Ambesol don't help neither. To hell with it, I talk me a couple aspirin, then rinse my mouth with warm salt water an' another mouthwash rinse. Ahh....much better. No pain this morn'n.

Made me a big ol' bowl of chili spaghetti last night. I love that stuff. Had my chili been better, I would have eat me up two bowls. Farted up a storm all night long. Got to love pinto beans.

Now....I been think'n how long it gonna be before I can go somewheres. What gonna happen at the dentist Monday will only be a one day affair. Get the two teeth pulled an' a good descale'n. So after Monday, I am free to do what ever I want. But I don't know what I want to do. I've always dreaded this point in my life, an' now I got to deal with it. I'm think'n just a change in camp'n sites may do me some good....but ya never know. You know, like just "down the road a piece". Nuttin special, just a new surrounding.

Ok, that's bout all I want to say today.

Just notice Trouble left a comment on yesterdays blog bout go'n to Mexico for repairs. You do know that I am red tagged on the border cross'n computers...right? Second, I have dental insurance. In Texas, it covers 80%....other states 70%. That's why I don't go to Mexico. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Visit to the local dentist.....ouch!!!

Dad gum it. I was sit'n over there on the couch an' had me all kinds of stories to write about this morn'n. All kinds of angles an' a little spice added here an' there to make 'em more interesting. Well, all that think'n was for nuttin. I don't remember a damn thing this morn'n.

My back an' hip is rather sore this morn'n, but I don't have no idea why it would be. I didn't do nuttin physical yesterday.

After a nice shower, brush'n this long hair I got, shav'n off a ton of whiskers, I sit down an' got to think'n bout everthing you guys tole me bout bad teeth. Other health issues was my concern. Could my teeth be the reason I don't feel so good? You know, dizzy spells, no energy, aches an' pains here an' there....all I want to do is sit down an' do nuttin.

I says...."Sadie Mae, wanna go for a ride"? Yup she sure did, out the door she went lickity split. We headed up the road to Taft, Texas to locate a dentist place I went to 7 years ago. They had pull a tooth for me back in bout 2007 an' I was pleased. I didn't follow up on all the other repairs an' stuff what needed done at that time. That was when I could swak a golf'n ball 210 yards with no problems. So, does this mean that when I swak one 175 yards, I can blame it on my teeth? Just a thought....

I walks into the wait'n room. There ain't no body there but me. The nice lady behind the desk start ask'n me questions. I tell he I need to talk to the dentist....find out what needs done an' how long it gonna take. Long story short, I fill out some forms an' before I know it I'm stand'n in front a machine an' get'n me some x-rays for the dentist to make a evaluation and recommendations.

The very cute little assistant sits me in a comfortable look'n dentist recliner chair. There's a monitor in front me with pics of my teeth. I count them teeth. I got 21 left. Now she put this little camera thingy in my mouth an' take bout a hunnert photos of my entire mouth. I see 'em on that monitor thingy. I was bout to puke. Pieces of this morn'ns breakfast stick'n out between teeth. Last weeks hamburger stick'n out a big ol' hole. Plaque all over the back my teeth. I'm in trouble. Yes I brushed my teeth before leav'n "da house".

Doctor come in an' he say..."Oh my, we have some work ahead of us". Long story short, next Monday, I'll have two teeth removed, descale all that plaque off'n my teeth, a prescription for antibiotics an' probly some pain meds. But that's just the begin'n. There's more what needs done. He say there 's some holes what need filled, one tooth need a cap, an' some more clean'n up under the gums. . Medications to help heal my gums. Because of the gum issues, he says to come back every 3 months for a clean'n an' inspection. Dang, I was hope'n for just one visit.

I've found that it's just as much fun to write bout my daily activities as it is to write bout travels an' adventures. I've read some other blogs, an' I ain't the only one what does that. Some times I'm think'n I share too much bout my life....get too personal. The baddest parts of my life I will just keep in my memory banks an' share with ya the good stuff. Until I am back on the road travel'n an' stuff like that, this is what ya get.

Sure do wished I would remember I own a camera. The damn thing fits in a pocket....take it with you.

Monday, February 17, 2014

It's fun being me

Well, maybe not always fun. Ya see, I'm kind of at a "stuck" point in my life, but I try to create a little fun in it. In my writing, not my actions. I'm not alone in how I feel, or what is broke down, but I sit down an' write about it. It helps me feel better than to let it bottle up inside me.

So....I puts on my shoes, grabs that package of brake light kit an' go out the door. Rare'n to install that wiring kit an' get it checked off'n my list. When I makes me a "fix this" list, it contains things what got to be fixed before I can "go down the road a piece". An' I sure am want'n to go down the road a piece.

I pulls the "billy jeep" up on a ramp, left front tire. I now have enough room to crawl up under there an' route that brake wire from the front to the back tail lights. I strings that wire down through a little hole what comes out right where I want it. Routs it in front of the radiator, into the engine compartment an' then back down under an' along the frame. Up over the rear axle an' up through a hole into the brake light. HOLE????? Where is the hole?

I read the installation directions. I get on the internet. I can't find no hole. Nor can I find a place to drill a hole. I'm lay'n on the ground. Goat an' burro poop all over the place. I looks up in a dark area under where the wire needs to go....an' what do I see? Sunshine. There's a opening from the top. I stick a piece of bailing wire in that sunshine an' pushes it up. A couple minutes get off the ground, right next to the brake light I see a piece of bailing wire. I hooks that brake wire to the lower end of that baling wire. I pulls it through. I'm ready to wire up the lights.

By this time, a couple hours have passed. It takes me a while to get off'n the ground ya know, an' I got to take me some breaks along the way. I drill holes for the bulb sockets in the tail light assemblies, connect all the wires an' reinstall 'em. Back underneath, I wire tie the wiring to some rigid tubing. Attempt get'n off'n the ground another 4 or 5 times an' I take me a couple more much needed breaks. Job is completed. Well, almost. There is still a plug thingy to put on the forward end so's I can plug it into "Sally da house". I don't have one.

I makes my way to the couch. Sit down an' figger out why I hurt all over an' why I am so weak. I'm sick....maybe gotta puke. I cain't do this kind of shit no more.

Where the hell is all the photos? Ahhh!!!! I forgot. 

That was my exciting yesterday. Today I have nothing planned. It has to be better. But more than likely, I'll think of something to do. Alternator???? I don't think so. 

An attempt to publish will be made at this time.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Test post....Google not updating

Yeah the old Billy Bob is pissed. Google did not update todays blog post.
Billy Bob's Place

Here it is since the test passed inspection.

Billy Bob Chili...

Ok, read all the blogs, read the news, checked out Facebook....I slept good last night.

Before I went to bed last night, I turned off the lights over the couch. It didn't go off. Dad gum switch is broke. One more item to add to my "fix this" list......Grrrrrrrrr.

Speak'n of fix'n stuff....."where the hell is my cook'n pot"? I'm gonna brew me up a big pot of chili.

In the refrigerator I find my pot. It's got some chicken veg. soup in it. I go to the door, stick my head out an' holler...."GOAT", real loud. Here he come lickity split, know'n he gonna get something to eat. He clean that pot pretty darn good.

I rinses that pot out an' put it on a high heat, number 7 on my stove. Add me 2 pounds of crumbled up 80/20 hamburger. Now 80/20 is Ok for chili, but the best is the greasy stuff....70/30. Chili has to have some grease in it. I ain't got none. I brown the 80/20. To this I add half a medium onion. Now speeak'n of onion in chili, it got to be in there too. The yeller kind....all cut up in little bite size pieces. A little salt is added along with a heap'n tablespoon full of course black pepper. These two items are absolutely necessary. That's why God invented 'em. A great big ol' can of diced maters is added to the mixture an' brung back up to a fierce roll'n boil. Now I lower the heat an' let it cook a while. Like bout 15 minutes...with a lid.  Some people call that a simmer.

At this point, I open me up 4 packages of McCormics chili season'n....an' stirs it in. Also with the McCormics season'n, I add two secret ingredients to make it "Billy Bob" chili instead of regular old chili. Two cans of pinto beans are added at this time. Now bout beans in chili. Beans are a filler, nuttin else. They are not needed in a pot of chili. But there is only one kind of beans for chili. Pinto beans. No further discussion.

It's now time to add some jalapeno peppers. "Billy Bob" chili contains jalapeno peppers, not for the bite, but for the flavor. Ok, I add too many an' now it has "bite". I puts the lid back on an' let it simmer for a hour on very low heat. An' then I turn off the heat an' let it rest. Rest period should be a few hours, but I cain't wait. "What the hell????"....I forgot the garlic. Yesterdays chili is mediocre compared to what it supposed to be. "My god, somebody give me a towel, I'm sweat'n up a storm".

Yesterdays post, I was not expect'n the interest I got. I was think'n I was the only one with them kind of problems. I'm kind of think'n it has nuttin to do with the way ya lived, the foods ya ate, or took care of yourself....you're just get'n old. Seems everbody has the same problems....or close, an' they all bout my age. With all the input bout teeth, I rekon I'll be see'n a dentist in the near future.

Went outside yesterday an' check the water in the house batteries. Add bout a cup of water to each cell an' we good to go for another couple months. One more item check off my "fix this" list.

Oh, did I mention I did up them dirty dishes in the sink? I figgered since I was stand'n there at the sink....why not? I'm miss'n two bowls. "GOAT, where my damn bowls"???

I could sit here an' write for a couple more hours, but "damn, this is get'n too long". Maybe I'll go outside an' climb up under the "billy jeep" an' install the brake light kit. Anybody got a 1 inches hole saw I can borry? An' can somebody help me get back up off'n the ground?

I knew it, I just knew it....eff'n Google did not update my post for today.......Grrrrrrrrrr.....

Billy Bob chili

Ok, read all the blogs, read the news, checked out Facebook....I slept good last night.

Before I went to bed last night, I turned off the lights over the couch. It didn't go off. Dad gum switch is broke. One more item to add to my "fix this" list......Grrrrrrrrr.

Speak'n of fix'n stuff....."where the hell is my cook'n pot"? I'm gonna brew me up a big pot of chili.

In the refrigerator I find my pot. It's got some chicken veg. soup in it. I go to the door, stick my head out an' holler...."GOAT", real loud. Here he come lickity split, know'n he gonna get something to eat. He clean that pot pretty darn good.

I rinses that pot out an' put it on a high heat, number 7 on my stove. Add me 2 pounds of crumbled up 80/20 hamburger. Now 80/20 is Ok for chili, but the best is the greasy stuff....70/30. Chili has to have some grease in it. I ain't got none. I brown the 80/20. To this I add half a medium onion. Now speeak'n of onion in chili, it got to be in there too. The yeller kind....all cut up in little bite size pieces. A little salt is added along with a heap'n tablespoon full of course black pepper. These two items are absolutely necessary. That's why God invented 'em. A great big ol' can of diced maters is added to the mixture an' brung back up to a fierce roll'n boil. Now I lower the heat an' let it cook a while. Like bout 15 minutes...with a lid.  Some people call that a simmer.

At this point, I open me up 4 packages of McCormics chili season'n....an' stirs it in. Also with the McCormics season'n, I add two secret ingredients to make it "Billy Bob" chili instead of regular old chili. Two cans of pinto beans are added at this time. Now bout beans in chili. Beans are a filler, nuttin else. They are not needed in a pot of chili. But there is only one kind of beans for chili. Pinto beans. No further discussion.

It's now time to add some jalapeno peppers. "Billy Bob" chili contains jalapeno peppers, not for the bite, but for the flavor. Ok, I add too many an' now it has "bite". I puts the lid back on an' let it simmer for a hour on very low heat. An' then I turn off the heat an' let it rest. Rest period should be a few hours, but I cain't wait. "What the hell????"....I forgot the garlic. Yesterdays chili is mediocre compared to what it supposed to be. "My god, somebody give me a towel, I'm sweat'n up a storm".

Yesterdays post, I was not expect'n the interest I got. I was think'n I was the only one with them kind of problems. I'm kind of think'n it has nuttin to do with the way ya lived, the foods ya ate, or took care of yourself....you're just get'n old. Seems everbody has the same problems....or close, an' they all bout my age. With all the input bout teeth, I rekon I'll be see'n a dentist in the near future.

Went outside yesterday an' check the water in the house batteries. Add bout a cup of water to each cell an' we good to go for another couple months. One more item check off my "fix this" list.

Oh, did I mention I did up them dirty dishes in the sink? I figgered since I was stand'n there at the sink....why not? I'm miss'n two bowls. "GOAT, where my damn bowls"???

I could sit here an' write for a couple more hours, but "damn, this is get'n too long". Maybe I'll go outside an' climb up under the "billy jeep" an' install the brake light kit. Anybody got a 1 inches hole saw I can borry? An' can somebody help me get back up off'n the ground?

I knew it, I just knew it....eff'n Google did not update my post for today.......Grrrrrrrrrr.....

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Whoa....it's hot out there

With all the talk bout freez'n temps an' a foot or so of fresh snow, parts of the country are hav'n warm to hot temps. And this is February...right? I heared one person say they was gonna plant some flowers. What the hell, you can't plant flowers in the dead of winter.

Yesterday I was look'n at temps out west an' temps right here in south Texas. Upper 80's an' lower 90's. This gets people all excited....think'n winter is over an' stuff like that. In some cases, that ain't so.

I was out in Yuma, Az. a few years ago. I was catch'n me up a whole bunch of rainbow trout at a little lake/pond thingy. It was get'n hot. And it was bout the middle of March. I hook up "that jeep" an' heads my way to Deming, NM. for some relief from these hot temps. Now remember, this is in March.

On my second day of travel, I pulls into my awaiting RV space, hook up all my stuff, an' then I go sit on "da porch" sip'n up a fresh cup of coffee, visit'n with my "pesky neighbor" Wayne. All is well. We sit'n there in short sleeve shirts.

Bout 7pm, the sun had just go down, I feels a chill. That happens in the desert ya know. When I goes to bed it's down another 15 or 20 degs out there. Come morn'n, I crawl out of bed an' make my way to the coffee pot. Gonna brew me up a pot. I ain't got no freak'n water. What the hell??? My water line is froze solid, it's 20 degs outside.

I sit here an' wonder how my life has change so much in such a short time. Not long ago, I had me a very excit'n an' adventurous life. I was able to do stuff. It weren't nuttin for me to over night hook up an' be on the road come mid morn'n. Weren't nuttin to drive 300 mile to a new camp'n place. Jump on a Walmart special $50 bicycle an' go for a ride. Hike up an' down hills...stuff like that. Go out to the mountains an' dig holes in the ground. Look'n for a little piece of gold. Take in the wondrous sights our National parks have to offer.....Grand Canyon was excit'n to me both times.  

But now I'm at a point where I got to get some stuff fixed by a professional. I ain't one for go'n to doctors an' stuff like that, so it's gonna take some time. Some of the stuff what needs attention, I just ain't gonna worry bout. I'm at a age where it don't matter one way or the other. I sure as hell ain't gonna be hit'n the dance halls an' dancn'n with no young chick-a-babies an' hoochi coochi "hot" wimmins. Foot problems I'll have till the day I die.

What I am concerned with though, is the time it takes to get well after repairs. Who's gonna wait on me hand an' foot dur'n that time? How I gonna make it to the bathroom or the coffee pot? What bout go'n to Walmart? I love Walmart. Being alone has drawbacks......'specially when ya need help.

 Sure do wished I had something excit'n to write about this morn'n, but there weren't nuttin excit'n happen yesterday. I was think'n bout not writ'n at all today, but I got to think'n....something is better than nuttin. Well, it is in some cases. 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Sheesh....yesterday sucked.

Things didn't go too smooth yesterday. In fact, they sucked.

Ya see, I tole ya I was gonna make a trip to Port Aransas. Well I did that...bout a hunnert mile a hour down the road, sit'n on 70.

This is how ya get to Port Aransas....ya ride on a freak'n ferry boat. Many many years ago, the ferry boats only hold 9 cars. They were upgraded to 20 car ferries. There are now two new big suckers what hold 28. 

At my mail pick up place, not the post office, there weren't no license plates, registration an' title for the "billy jeep". It's been close to 4 weeks.....where the hell is my stuff? Over at the City Hall, they got a office that takes care of stuff like that. I ask the nice lady....."where my stuff"? She go clickity click on her computer, punch'n in numbers, my name.....the paper work from the dealership ain't been received at the DMV. Ok, that the first of two problems. I asks her where my stuff will be mailed to. She tell me "at the address listed on my temporary license tag". Well shoot, that ain't gonna never work....I don't live at that address no more. ( I just use that address for the purpose of renewal of registrations) I don't live there. I live at my PO Box number. Here in a bit, this morn'n, I'll be mak'n a phone call to the dealership I bought the "billy jeep". Ask 'em...."where my stuff"? Will let ya know how that turns out.

Then me an' Sadie may heads off to Walmart in Aransas Pass. Pick up some items I got on my shop'n list. Well, that was work'n out pretty dad gum good. Cruis'n the aisles in a different world....relaxed. Basket is bout half full of stuff I probly shouldn't be eat'n.
I gets to the bread aisle.....Oh Oh, I don't feel right. Light headed an' a bit dizzy. Time to exit Walmart.....sit down, fresh air....stuff like that.

Right outside the entrance doors, I decides I'm gonna sit down on that curb for a bit....the "billy jeep" is right over there. But I can't get down to sit on that curb. An' I'm try'n awfully hard.

Bout that time I feels somebody grab holt to my arm an' help me back up to a straight standing position. As straight as I could. It's a nice lady. Not quit as old as I am, an' she weren't no chick-a-baby if that's what you're think'n. I would rekon maybe in her early to mid 60's. She says, "where's your car"? With my arm in one her hands an' my cart in the other, we go for a short walk. She loads all my stuff in the car an' bids me a nice day. I thought that was some kind of special.

Here it is a few minutes later.....I pick up the phone....
Dial'n numbers...stuff like that. "Hello Al....where my stuff". Oh, listen to this...."I was just get'n ready to call you Billy Bob". You believe that right? Anyhows, this afternoon he will pick up my plates and registration from DMV in San Antonio. Tomorrow he will mail them to me in Port Aransas. I should get them by middle next week. Then Austin DMV will mail me the title.....when ever they feel like it. All he needed was the "physical" address I no longer live at....Texas requirement. They got a name for that, but this morn'n, I don't even remember my middle name.

Speak'n of remember'n stuff. I mentioned a few days ago in a blog post....if my memory is correct, I was losing my memory. Ya see, I was pay'n for some stuff I bought. Don't remember where or what I bought, but had to use my debit card. Ok....what the hell is my numbers I got to punch in there? That was quite embarrass'n to forget 'those' numbers. That's twice in 12 years.  

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Success....I got water

Another beautiful day....although yesterday weren't as beautiful as I had said. 59 degs was the high temp yesterday with a pretty good breeze a blow'n. How do I know? Well shoot, I was out there work'n on stuff.

This is what I did early yesterday.....
Test #1, house water pump. The fuse is good. That's all I did.

Test #2, Alternator charging system. The alternator voltage with engine running...14.75 volts. That's good. With engine still running, chassis battery voltage....14.75 volts. That's correct too.
But now we are to the question of why the dash voltage gauge only shows 13.80 volts.

Yesterday afternoon, I went back to work'n on the water pump. Check this, check that, the pressure switch is bad. I dig around in the back of "that jeep" an' hauls out a replacement pump. The one I use for water transfer while boondocking. Hook that sucker up, turn the power on....and "we got water".

A fellow commenter, Ed, has been follow'n the alternator problems I have and I appreciate his input. I don't know if he is familiar with battery control centers on motorhomes, but mine is not do'n what it supposed to do. Like, it don't parallel the house and chassis batteries when a charging voltage of 13.2 volts is reached. A new circuit board is being researched ($170).

Ya see Ed, all my problems started when I left the hood open and the cover off of the control center while it was rain'n cats an' dogs. Before that, I had no alternator problems....dash gauge showed correct voltage an' solenoids went clickity click. By the way Ed, it's pretty easy to remove the gauge thingy to check voltage at the gauge.  

So how much work can a man do in one day? Well, just about as much as he wants to do I rekon. Yesterday I only work bout a couple hours. Got one item off'n my list. It was time to celebrate, so I didn't do nuttin else. Then when I sit down an' think bout it, I had a successful day.

I hadn't mentioned it yet, but for a couple months I been hav'n some tooth problems. Abscess an'.....how do ya say it, rotted teeth. Ya see, bout every two years or so, I got to have a tooth or two pulled. It's been over that time now. Time for pull'n. I ain't gonna have no chew'n teeth left in bout 8 more years. I'm at a point where I chew tough stuff on my left side an' I chew soup an' jello...stuff like that, on my right side.
But anyhows, a couple days ago, them two teeth like to kill me with throb'n pain. Thought I was gonna die. Using mouthwash an' maximum strength Anbesol to relieve the pain. It helped. It got so bad yesterday, I decided to try warm salty water. OH MY GOD, I'm gonna die for sure. Rinsed that salt out my mouth with more mouthwash....an' I ain't hurted since. Slept all night long. Yeah I know, "go to a dentist". I hate dentists!!!

That's it for the day. I got to get ready for a trip to Port Aransas since it's not cold out there.

"Photos Billy Bob, where are the photos"? I ain't got none.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Updated......Mom for a year....gone, pooof, just like that

Yeee ha....want ya lookie here, we got sunshine.

Somehows I got mixed up on my days again. I was think'n today was Tuesday an' it was gonna be cold again. But today is the beginning of bout 6 days or more of beautiful warm sunshiny weather. That make me feel better.

Test #1, house water pump. The fuse is good. That's all I did.

Test #2, Alternator charging system. The alternator voltage with engine running...14.75 volts. That's good. With engine still running, chasis battery voltage....14.75 volts. That's correct too.
But now we are to the question of why the dash voltage gauge only shows 13.80 volts. 

And the tests go on........

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Do I give a crap.....not today

Before ya get all excitis think'n the old Billy Bob is all happy bout warmer weather for one day, let me tell ya.....it's 39 degs out there an' the day is half gone. Ya see, another front come through yesterday an' drop the temps rather quickly.....like in bout a hour or so. At this moment I got only one thing to say...."this shit sucks".

Speak'n of sucks, I'm at the point in my life where everthing I plan to do or what I do do, it all sucks. Since it's still winter, I'll put all the blame on "freez'n my ass off" in freez'n temperatures. I'm at that point in my life where I just don't care no more bout anything. I blame that on winter an' freez'n my ass off too. Things can only get better.

On the brighter side......*think'n*....on the brighter side......I'm think'n, still think'n. 

Ok, we got all that crap out of the way....."now what ya gonna do Billy Bob"? Well, as soon as this weather clears up a bit, I got a wiring kit to install on the "billy jeep" so when I step on the brakes in "Sally da house", people behind me will see brake lights come on on the "billy jeep".....an' not crash into me an' destroy every thing I have worked so hard at. That makes sense to me.

After that, I can get back to diagnosing the inoperable alternator in "da house". This has been a chore for me 'cause it gets into stuff I ain't too familiar with. Like big ol' circuit boards. Relays an' solenoids what turn batteries on an' off. Control what batteries get charged and when....stuff like that. This is a repair that you can't just take "da house" to a mechanic an' say...."fix it". Even a mechanic in a RV repair center would scratch his head an' resort to "trial an' error" repair. Even with Google search, I have found no solutions for the problem I have. *still have circuit board replacement on my mind*

And of course, I still have a water pump problem with the house water system. Damn thing don't do nuttin. Fuse??? Stuck pressure switch? Burn slap up pump motor? How the hell do I know, I ain't even done nuttin yet. In case you are wonder'n, this is a minor repair. I have a spare pump if needed.

Of course, when the weather clears up, I will find time for a round of golf ball swak'n. It's been a while ya know, an' the longer I wait, the worster I get at swak'n balls. Only a couple more days an' we gonna have a few days of warm to hot temps. I say hot 'cause anything over 60 degs, I consider to be rather on the hot side in winter. Summer time, 100 degs is get'n on the hot side.

I Googled a piece of property in Alabama at a reasonable price. But it didn't have no big ol' bass lake border'n it with a boat dock. Nor did it have a little creek run'n through it to turn into a pond. I'm think'n what I want an' what I get are two different things. Kind of like what I got when I replaced my "that jeep" with the "billy jeep". I was want'n a Jeep Cherokee Sport (a square one as my son Robert called it). But there ain't none....thanks to Obama an' his failed "cash for cars". Now I'm stuck with a 4000 pounds Jeep. But it purrty.

I still have a Port Aransas run to make.....bout 70 mile round trip. Pick up my mail, what should contain the registration and license plates for the "billy jeep". Buy me up a few more cartons of them little cigars since I ain't do'n worth a crap puff'n them E-cigarettes. Was down to 10 smokes a day an' now I'm back up to over a pac a day......Grrrrrrrrr. Quit'n smok'n ain't easy ya know.

Ok, I'm out of here....laters.

Grrrrrrrrrr.....my post will not update on other blogs......     

Monday, February 10, 2014

Tow bracket is professionally installed

Today will be another boring post as there is nuttin exciting to write about.

We did jack up the "billy jeep", tear the front end off'n it and install the tow bar bracket. It wasn't near the job I was expecting. For me alone, it would have taken 3 or 4 days. With Joseph do'n the heavy work, it was completed in less than 3 hours.


 Many photos were lost in the installation process. This is all I got left.

Then we jack up the rear end to diagnose the emergency brake problem.....it don't work. We come to the conclusion that the emergency brake shoes need adjustment. I'm questioning "why". Nephew Joseph suggested investing in replacement shoes, but the old Billy Bob said "adjust". Ya see, I never use a emergency brake, so it's not necessary to have new brake shoes. Adjustment was made just enough to pass the Texas safety inspection......fingers crossed. 

While the back end was jacked way up in the air, the transfer case lubrication was checked.....look'n for that whine noise ya know. It was fine and the whine is still there.

In the process of the tow bar bracket installation and adjusting stuff, Billy Bob had to be helped off the ground more than onest. I can get down there, but I just can't get back up. I paid last night with back pain and leg cramps.

Going through computer files last night, I found a blog post I had written a while back. Was gonna post it this morn'n. After a second reading, that idea was dropped. It was about my many failures after reaching the age of 70 years old. Kind of sad if'n ya ask me.   

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Possible work day

Here it is Sunday morn'n already. Where has the week gone?

I paid dearly for pick'n up that microwave. No, it weren't all that heavy....cheap ain't heavy ya know, but put'n that sucker into my cart an' then hav'n to take it back out to place in the "billy jeep" was just too much. You got to remember, I used to carry a hunnert pounds in one hand. Them days are long gone.

Nephew Frank helped me install the microwave. He did the pick'n up. I did the tell'n him how to do it.
The fit ain't perfect, but nobody gonna know it but me.

Ok, back to hav'n a bad night. It was 1:30am before I finally got to bed. I lay there on the couch watch'n stuff I had no interest in at all. TV in 2014 sucks. My back an' hip feel like hell. I waked up at 6:15 this morn'n, no better off in the pain department. In fact, it was the pain what waked me up. Pain an' them bastard backwards leg cramps radiat'n down my legs. I was also quite grouchy an' grumpy when I got up.

So here I sit, a cup of coffee in one hand, a smoke in the other an' a couple 500 mg. aspirin do'n their thing. It's still too early for the sunshine an' temps to get higher. I need to go outside....this sucks.  Oh, did I mention there is a couple more "cool" days in the forecast....an' a few buckets full of rain water?
This is why I have no plans in my mind for "hit'n the road" any time soon.

Checked the Falcon lake fish'n report. It ain't look'n too good. Water temps are in the 50's, what bass don't like at all. Very few fish are being caught. I'm think'n I should just go buy me a bulldozer.

If we get the "billy jeep" tore apart today, I'll update an' show you some pics. I'm think'n there's a possibility the "billy jeep" could easily turn into a "that jeep". Find'n some broke stuff an' that whine noise. Oh, did I fail to mention, the emergency brake don't work? What the hell, I thought I bought a brand spank'n new Jeep.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Updated....A warmer day.....almost

Where has this morning gone? My god, it's 10am already an' I ain't done a thing. Well, I had'nt planned on doing a thing this early anyhows. Read blogs, Facebook an' news are a priority.

I was sit'n over there on the couch last night. Weren't a thing on the TV I was want'n to see, so I turn the sucker slap off. Which led to a period of some serious think'n. What am I gonna do???

Well I got problems ya know. Broke stuff. One being a major problem. I ain't never head off down the nations highways with the alternator not charging the batteries. That would be kind of silly don't ya think? Anyhows, I sit there an' thinked the situation over....."why don't my alternator charge my batteries"? Wrote down a list of "tests" to do to the system. A long list. Research on the internet was of no help. Come on sunshine an' warm weather, help me out here.....I got test'n to do.

My plans for today was to go outside. Fix some stuff. The weather forecast calls for a nice day. Well guess what? Everything is wet out there. It's still a bit too cool to be out there (49 degs). There ain't no sunshine. That leaves but only one thing to do.....Walmart.

Well, I ain't got no Walmart shop'n list. I don't need nuttin but my meds....been out for two days now. But I feel fine. Or at least I think I feel fine. Ya see, when ya get cooped up in "da house" for a long period of time, ya don't know if'n ya feel fine or not. You sure as hell ain't gonna find me sit'n outside in my easy chair, sip'n up a cup an' think'n, when it's 30 or so degs out there. I been called crazy many times in my life, but I sure as hell ain't no idiot. You do understand what I'm talk'n bout....right?

Yesterday I mentioned old folks an' get'n grouchy. One commenter disagreed with my analysis that when ya get older, ya get grumpy an' grouchy. Of course he based his assumption on less then 10% of the population. I fully agree with him on that 10% number, but the other 90%...yup, they be old grumpy an' grouchy people. Here is a plain spoken example of what I was talk'n bout. http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2013/aug/05/were-grumpy-for-a-reason/ 

Ok, it's get'n later an' I still ain't done a thing. I'm out of here for the day. Laters.
Small update:
Ok, I was sit'n here an' got to think'n....bout that alternator. I turns on the key....show something like 13.4 volts on the dash voltage thingy....coming from the batteries, converter an' solar panels. I cranks up the engine. Voltage goes up to bout 13.8 volts (should be bout 14.4 plus volts) and the solar controller amperage drops bout half a amp (from 3.3 amps to 2.8 amps). This is a indication that the alternator is putting some "charge" into the battery system. But it's the first time I have seen the voltage that low with the engine run'n. I'm figger'n that a fresh pot of coffee an' more think'n is necessary.

Ok...Walmart. I had the choice of two Jeeps for the trip. One, "that jeep", being legal, an' the other, "billy jeep", being illegal. I took "billy jeep". "What the hell is that whine noise"?
I got to Walmart an' drop off my med thingys for refill....."come back after 4pm" the nice lady says. Well crap, another trip to Walmart. Then I go look at microwaves. They all a bit too wide to fit in the hole (20 inch). Oh wait, lookie here....a West Bend 900 watt with a inch to spare each side. That the one I bought. Anybody ask' I'll just tell 'em those spaces on the sides are for ventilation. Or I could break out a roll of duck tape.

Friday, February 7, 2014

My god, it's cold outside

I made a big mistake. I write way too much stuff about myself when I should be writing bout other stuff. You know, research some stuff on the internet, cut an' paste it for a blog post....make everybody happy kind of stuff.
Hee hee hee, I'm just gosh'n wit ya. I'm gonna continue to write bout myself an' if'n I don't get no comments, so be it.

Yes I'm get'n older an' the older I get, the more grumpy an' grouchy I'm gonna get. I made a post bout this one time.....bout get'n old an' grouchy. As I was grow'n up, I always looked at old people as grumpy an' grouchy. Just weren't no way to make 'em happy. I would see them sit'n in a rock'n chair on the porch observing the go'n on's around them....with long faces. Just sit'n there. Await'n the chance to "holler" at someone. "Git off my land", "shut up ya little bastard", "turn that damn racket music down"....stuff like that. That was my expectation of anybody that passed the age of 60 or 70 year old. I wasn't very far off.

So what happens when ya get older? Ya done lived a pretty good life....ya learned a lot. You was successful. Ya made a good liv'n, live in a big ol' house, brand new cars sit'n in the driveway, got hunnerts of crisp dollars in the bank. Then you retire. Ain't never gonna work again. Well hell, I'm just gonna go sit on the porch an' observe how the new generation deals with life. "Hey, that ain't the way ya do that". Ya start cuss'n 'cause the neighbor kids cut across your well maintained yard.....on motor bikes. Ya holler at the news paper guy 'cause he don't throw the paper where ya want it. Ya raise hell with your neighbor 'cause his dog barks all day long. In no time at all, you become a "grumpy an' grouchy old man".  

Now everbody ain't like that. They don't show how they feel when somebody goes against their grain....their way of think'n. Just sit there with a smile an' say...."howdy, have a nice day". But I betcha a dollar that ain't what they think'n.

Today is very cold. 35 degs if'n ya want to know. I had planned to make a run to Walmart today. Get my meds refilled an' maybe buy a new microwave. But I ain't gonna. Cold weather hurts me when I get out in it. My joints hurt, don't know if'n I still get any toes....it's misery I'm tell'n ya, misery. An' misery make me get all "grumpy an' grouchy".

When I lived in West Virginia, it got really really cold there. In the minus numbers every winter. Where was Billy Bob? He was out there play'n in that stuff. Throw'n snowballs, slid'n down hills on sheets of plastic an' sleds go'n a hunnert mile a hour. I worked outside in that stuff. Drove a old VW bus. Scrape ice off'n the inside of the winders (VW heaters do not work under 50 degs). Did I complain? Well hell no, I was young an' dumb.

Oh, did I ever tell ya bout the time....it snowed over night. The temp was down to -10 degs. I had to go fix a nonworking heater. I goes down to the VW bus, scrape snow an' ice off the winders, grabs holt to the door handle....the door is froze shut. I pulls an' pulls. It don't move. So's I rare back an' give it a gentle kick with my foot. Still don't open. Now I'm get'n really cold an' highly pissed. I kick the shit out that door....bout ten times. It opens. My right big toe is in severe pain. Did I break it? Apparently not, but it did swell up for a couple days. That was 35 years ago. Today that toe has got a big lump on it at the joint an' it hurt like hell. This is one reason I can't wear shoes.

Ok, I'm done for the day. See ya laters. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cold??? You betcha!!!

Today is another day. Things have changed. It don't look so good.

Ya see, we had another cold front come through yesterday an' that front brought forth winds and cold temps. 34 degs last night, 39 degs as I type.

I was sit'n there on the couch mind'n my own business, look'n out the winder, watch'n the road for the UPS truck. I dozed off. There was a knock at my door. It was nephew Frank tote'n this big ol' heavy box. Out of curiosity, I open it up. A brand spank'n new Blue Ox tow bar bracket comes into my view. Part # BX1115.
Installation is now a waiting game of the cold weather to leave the area.

Last night I eat me up two homemade taco thingys. Didn't look or taste anything like Taco Bell....or anywheres close. In fact, they sucked. An hour later I was sick. A good puke take care of that. An' then I lay back think'n of well knowed names in my life. They weren't there......they was gone....pooof, just like that. I try other names......grandkids, daughter in laws, old friends...they was all gone too. Now I know that the older ya get, the more ya forget things, but this memory loss just ain't right. I'm a bit worried bout this.

Speak'n of diet, mine ain't work'n worth a crap. But then, I don't diet like other people do. I just stop eat'n two an' three times a day. Cut it down to one small meal a day an' let my body live off'n my swelled up belly fat. Snack a few crackers a few times a day to kill the hunger pangs. I'm still unable to button my pants after two weeks of diet, but I do believe I've lost a inch. But the loss of nutritious food has cost me in other ways. Will be re-evaluating my diet plan in the com'n days.

Oh crap, another month has passed me by. I'm out of meds again. That means a trip to Walmart. Grrrrrrrr, I don't want to go.

Speak'n of meds.....I'm think'n Obamacare has really mess things up. Not only for the younger people, but for us retirees too. Ya see, my medical insurance company won't pay for my lung medication no more (Advair) 'cause it cost too much. But they did suggest two other medications they will pay for. Both are much cheaper than Advair. I see this as a attempt by the insurance companys to regulate my health care....even though my doctor prescribes what he thinks is best for my health. 

For years I have been tell'n people bout vitamin 'C' an' it's ability to rid your body of infectious germs what lead to the flu, the common cold an' lung related stuff like that. But nobody listen to me. I been close to 15 or 18 years with no flu's or colds. All 'cause I saturate my body with vitamin 'C'.....mega dose them suckers.
Now I did catch me a dose of pneumonia back in Dec. 2000, but that was 'cause I was work'n up under the house in 20 degs weather fix'n frozed water pipes. I was sop'n wet from head to foot. I immediately got on mega dose vitamin 'C' an' in 5 days I was good as new.




Wednesday, February 5, 2014

No golf on a beautiful day.

I made a decision last night. Only to make another decision this morning to forget all bout the first decision from last night. In other words, last nights decision is over there in the trash can. I changed my freak'n mind.

I rolled out of bed a bit early this morn'n. Not 'cause I was want'n to, but I had me a slight bladder problem. That sucker was plumb full an' needed to be drained immediately. Old folks say stuff like that ya know. In fact, old folks gonna tell ya all there is to know bout every kind of ache an' pain, hair loss, bumps an' bruises, pain pills an' medications....stuff like that. Git used to it.

Anyhows, it was beautiful outside. Sun was shin'n, not much wind, an' it was a mite warm....bout 60 degs or so. A perfect golf swak'n day....I left the door wide open. Weren't but bout a half cup of coffee, a great big ol' gust of wind blowed that door slap shut. BaaaBammmm!!!!....skeered the hell out me. So much for a golf game, a new front hits "El Rancho Abraham". Blow'n like hell now an' a bit chilly. Oh wait, sunshine is back out....but windy. NO it ain't. YES it is.

Friend an' feller RV'er Karen (USA big backyard) send me a photo she took a few years ago (think'n 2010) at the "slabs" in southern Ca. We was camped within a stone throw each other an' shared many campfires together. Gived me a quart of pickled beets one time too. Damn them was some good beets. Anyhows, here's the pic she took of the old Billy Bob an' Sadie Mae.
Thank ya much Karen. *I rekon I owe her one now*. Nuttin is free in this world ya know.

As promised, but almost forgotten, here is a pic of that damn goat. In "da house" no less.
Nephew Joseph says I can have that goat if'n I want. Think'n he would make a perfect pet to travel all over the country. I can see it now....."walk'n the goat". Of course, I would have to have a dedicated travel companion to clean up all the little goat poop pellets an' change his diaper bout 4 times a day.

Yesterday was warm enough to go outside. I grabs a hand full of tools an' a electric meter. Open the hood on "Sally da house" an' look that battery control center dead in the eye. I gonna fix this sucker. Note to the uninformed: I only fix stuff that is broke, as in....I can see the break plain as day. I unhooks bout a gazillion plug in thingys an' wires. Removed that circuit board an' put it in my hands where I can inspect it real good up close. I don't see "nuttin", not a damn thing that's broke. Look like brand spank'n new. Ain't nuttin left to do but clean all the contacts, check all the hunnert fuses an' put it all back together. Damn thing still don't work....alternator that is. I ain't fixed nuttin. Three hours slap wasted. "Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob"? Well shoot, I'm gonna start all over....trace that big ol' #4 alternator wire. See where it go an' what controls it. Note to the uninformed: The alternator voltage is 14.45 volts engine run'n. The battery voltage is like 12.70 volts.....what should show the same voltage as the alternator. *Scratch'n my head an' think'n* Betcha a dollar I gonna be spend'n $200 plus dollar on a new circuit board. 

In other news around Billy Bob's Place, I let some air out my mattress last night. Ya see, every morn'n when I wake up, my right hip ain't no good, an' it hurt like hell. Stumble round "da house" for a hour or more before the pain subsides. With the slightly deflated mattress, I waked up to a slightly better feel'n hip this morn'n. What ya think bout them apples? I ain't stumbled yet.

Oh, did I tell ya bout my microwave? Sucker is on it's last leg. Have to slam the door closed 2 or 3 times before it will micro. I'm talk'n "slam" hard. Break stuff slam hard. Fount one at Walmart a while back, but had too much groceries in my cart for it to fit. Plus it was heavy. Used to be I would pick up a microwave with one hand, throw that sucker on my shoulder an' go to the check out. Them days are gone.....pooof, just like that.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snow an' Sadie Mae

Ok, here's the deal. I got on the internet yesterday an' order that tow bar bracket. Along with the wiring kit. My god, I done spend enough $$$$$ to go all the ways to California an' back. Did you know Amazon is charg'n sales tax now? Dirty bastards. What a bummer. Anyways, estimated day of arrival is Wednesday instead of Friday or Tuesday of next week. How they do that?
Not that it really matters what day it gets here, the weather determines the day of installation. An' that ain't look'n good neither.

I seen many winters in my lifetime an' this is by far NOT the worstest I seen.

I 'member when I was just a tyke in the first grade, us kids had to walk 3 1/2 mile to school in bout two feets of fresh fallen snow. "Moms" would dress me up in a bright red snow suit. Funny how after all these years, I can still remember that red snow suit. We would take off across the yard an' then through the corn field an' come out where the road meet up with the little creek. Short cut ya know. Onest we hit the road, we followed it for bout half a mile or so where we cut off across the neighbors farms an' come out right across the road from the school house. We was froze half to death by the time we get there. For a six year old, this was a adventure. Then that teacher would make us boys stick our hands in a bucket of cold water to thaw 'em out....something bout hot water would make our fingers fall slap off. Yes I believed that kind of stuff. I also believed in trolls up under bridges, fire eat'n dragons an' the devil what stick his pitchfork in little boys. Thanks older boys, I lived half my life in fear.

At six year old, I weren't very tall. Probly somewheres bout 3 1/2 feets....or less. Fall down in a snow drift, Billy Bob is gone.....pooof, just like that. Nuttin stick'n out but a head, leg or arm. In that first year of walk'n to school, I was lost in snow drifts, stinged by a herd of yellerjackets, fall out pear an' apple trees, chase by frick'n cows, fall in the creek a couple time......you know what I'm talk'n bout.
So no, this winter is not all that bad. Of course I don't live in Missouri no more.

Sadie Mae follow me all over the animal shelter yard. I sit down to look over all them little abandoned dogs an' there was Sadie Mae sit'n right next to me wag'n her tail. I chose her out of bout 40 other little dogs, even though she was a she. Never have me a she dog before. I do all the paper work an' stuff an' throws Sadie Mae in the front seat. She all excitis an' stuff. Get back to "el Rancho Abraham" an' turn her loose. All over the yard she go....run'n an' jump'n. Then I brews me up some coffee, sit down in my easy chair to sip up a cup. Sadie Mae sit'n right under my ass in that easy chair. That where she been for the last 9 years. She don't do nuttin. She don't have no toys. If she did, they would just lay there. Won't play with a ball. Won't go fetch a stick. She won't do nuttin. Well, maybe chase a cat once in a while. Sadie Mae loves her cats. Betcha a dollar if'n she catched one she wouldn't chase cats no more. This dog ain't right.

Gald darn Google....piss me off....GRRRRRRRRR!!!!!

Monday, February 3, 2014

A chilly cold day in paradise....paradise, HA right

Oh my god....that soup.

I don't rekon I got to go into details bout that soup I brewed up yesterday, but that shit is sum kind of gooooddd. Or something like that.  Be eat'n on it for the next three days. Yum boy howdy.

Yep, you're right, Billy Bob sat his ass in "da house" all day yesterday.  It was freak'n cold out there after that front what struck with a vengeance. Got the freak'n dirty dishes all warsh up though. Ain't look'n no better for the rest of the week neither. Ain't nuttin predicted but cold weather. Won't be play'n no golf ball swak'n games this week.....unless.

Ok, here's the deal. If'n I had ordered that tow bar bracket last week, it would be here today. But I didn't....like a dumb ass. Why do I do stuff like that? So today, I plan to order the damn thing. Maybe even the wiring harness kit. That's a extra $50 bucks, but probly worth every penny of it. Won't know how to act with out them magnetic tail lights sit'n up there on top. Them magnetic tail lights have their advantage though when you're look'n for your car in a Walmart park'n lot. Stick out like a sore thumb. A spare tire up there helps too. Redneck ya say??? I ain't never lost my car since I put them lights an' spare tire up there......so there.

Remember my little "red bronco II"? Well I lost it one time. I pulls into a Walmart park'n lot, git out an' go inside. Got me a great big ol' load of groceries....."where the hell is my car"? "Think Billy Bob, where did you park"? I push that big load of groceries all over that park'n lot. No little red bronco. Somebody must'a stealed it. I head back to the Walmart store....gonna call the cops. Gonna put somebody in jail. "Oh, there it is", right over there where I park it.

Speak'n of recent photos of Sadie May. Why? This dog looks the same today as she did 9 years ago when I first get her. She's not photogenic. Not at all. All ya see in a big blob of black. Cain't even tell if'n it's a dog or a big ol' cat. But here goes....a recent photo of Sadie Mae.
Well shoot, that my Sadie Mae. Pretty good look'n photo of her don't ya think?. Her purdy, yeah her are.

Somehows, this remind me of the old ugly dog we have on the farm. All he do is lay under that tree out there in the yard an' sleep all day. I sneeks out the front door an' real quiet like, climbs up in that tree. *think'n rodeo star here....bull dog'n*. I jumps slap square in the middle that sleep'n dog. Holy shit, that damn ugly dog bite the hell out me. Stupit dog!!!

Ok, one more. Ya gotta hear this one. My cat was do'n what cats do....sleep. He was over there on the couch. I gets down on all fours an' sneeks up on that cat.....quiet like a mouse ya know. He don't hear no evil an' he don't see no evil. I raises my head up, bout 4 inch from that cat an' bark like a big ol' ferocious pit bull. Cat come slap alive out a dead sleep....all puff up an' hissss'n stuff. He beat hell out the top my head afore I know what happen. Big ol' scratches an' gouges.....shit like that. Stupit cat!!~!!

Ok, I'm done. Got stuff to do.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Stuck in Sinton

I were just sit'n here mind'n my own business, door wide open enjoy'n 70 degs outside tamp com'n in "da house". BaaaBaaaam like a shotgun, the freak'n wind blowed my door slap closed. Skeered the hell out me....thought I was shot. The temp start to fall. In less than a hour, it's 52 degs out there an' some of it is in "da house". Supposed to get down to bout 35 tonight. Long sleeve shirt....turn electric heaters on. What the hell???

I been think'n for some time bout what I gonna do when I can't take care of myself no more. I got me 7 kids I could go park in their front yard an' let them take care of me. But shoot, that ain't what I want to do. I 'member when I had to take care of my daddy an' it weren't no fun. Drive backards an' forth between Port Aransas an' San Antonio (235 mile one way) every weekend. One weekend I pulls in the yard, walks inside an' here sits dad with a long ass "work list" in his hand. I looks at the list.....holy crap, "ya hire people to do this kind of stuff". The kids got enough to deal with without hav'n to take care of a....."a what Billy Bob"? I really don't want somebody to take care of me, just somewheres where there's somebody close if'n I need help. Know what I mean Vern?   

Boy howdy, my blog posts sure has fall down on the job. I'm miss'n something somewheres. I cain't think of something interest'n to write about. I thought writ'n bout my past would be a good subject, but shoot, I didn't even get started an' there's no interest. I do this for you too ya know. "Pictures Billy Bob, everbody wants pictures....lot's of pictures".  I ain't got no new pictures.

Speak'n of work lists, mine ain't get'n no shorter. Even with the help of nephew Joseph, I still have a ton of work to do. The new Jeep added to the list. The house water pump is still broke....or what ever. I ain't even look at it yet. The alternator still don't charge. Them are the major jobs to fix before I can go catch me up a 14 pounds bass. Did I mention I still got to transfer bout a hunnert pounds of stuff from "that jeep" to the "billy jeep"? I'm freak'n stuck in Sinton, Texas.

That's it for the day. I need to cook something....anything. I'm starv'n slap to death. Hmmmmm, "Billy Bob chicken tater noodle vegetable soup".

Coming along nicely.....

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Cain't believe I said that....old posts

Just for fun today......old silly stuff I said.

*Jist in case some you new folks don't have the slightest what I'm talk'n bout.....old Billy Bob ain't got no home....no place to live....lives on the street.....begg'n for food....worn out clothes....ain't got no money in his pockets....lost in a tangled world of misfits. Hehehehe....don't ya just love being retired?*

* Did I ever tell ya bout the time....I were sew'n golf cart covers so's we could play golf in the snow....or what ever. Needles was a break'n, of course I were cuss'n, the dogs headed for safer grounds...outside in the cold, and my blood pressure went so high, I had'a go see the doctor.
He says, "do you have any stress in your life"??? LOLOLOLOL....hahahaha.....stress???? Have ya ever see an old man try to sew with a sew machine? Ain't no pretty picture.*

* Ok, I didn't have food poisoning....Sheesh!!! What I had was a bad case of "funnel cake" squirts....or something like that.*

*Old Billy Bob woke up this morn'n think'n...."what ya gonna do today Mr Excitement"??? Two hours later and the only thing I came up with was.....how the hell ya gonna get that sticky burned marshmaller crap out that pan???*

* Got up again this morning, not know'n for sure what day it is....think'n it were Monday. But then I got to think'n, I didn't eat crawfish jambalaya yesterday, so's this has to be Sunday.*

*Well shoot....good thing I didn't decide to take off, all my clothes, git neekid and go swim'n.*

* "Poosh it Billy Bob"....what we did.....bout 30 mile a hour. Up the street bam'n and boom'n.....gasoline and flames shoot'n 3 feets in the air. Then it catched a fire. A BIG fire. People was gather'n and shout'n stuff.* ( we was mechanics ya know)

Ok, I'm done with that nonsense. I could be do'n something constructive.
Ya see, yesterday I was look'n for "the hand" post for Gypsy. By midnight I still ain't find it, but I sure did have a grand time read'n stuff I used to write. I laugh so hard that damn goat run off. Sadie Mae look at me like "what the hell"?

All that time yesterday read'n my old blog posts got me to think'n. I've already told most my life story, there ain't no sense in do'n it again. All ya gotta do is go back an' read. You will be glad ya did.

Freak'n Google piss me off.....update you sucker...grrrrrrrrr