Thursday, February 13, 2014

Success....I got water

Another beautiful day....although yesterday weren't as beautiful as I had said. 59 degs was the high temp yesterday with a pretty good breeze a blow'n. How do I know? Well shoot, I was out there work'n on stuff.

This is what I did early yesterday.....
Test #1, house water pump. The fuse is good. That's all I did.

Test #2, Alternator charging system. The alternator voltage with engine running...14.75 volts. That's good. With engine still running, chassis battery voltage....14.75 volts. That's correct too.
But now we are to the question of why the dash voltage gauge only shows 13.80 volts.

Yesterday afternoon, I went back to work'n on the water pump. Check this, check that, the pressure switch is bad. I dig around in the back of "that jeep" an' hauls out a replacement pump. The one I use for water transfer while boondocking. Hook that sucker up, turn the power on....and "we got water".

A fellow commenter, Ed, has been follow'n the alternator problems I have and I appreciate his input. I don't know if he is familiar with battery control centers on motorhomes, but mine is not do'n what it supposed to do. Like, it don't parallel the house and chassis batteries when a charging voltage of 13.2 volts is reached. A new circuit board is being researched ($170).

Ya see Ed, all my problems started when I left the hood open and the cover off of the control center while it was rain'n cats an' dogs. Before that, I had no alternator problems....dash gauge showed correct voltage an' solenoids went clickity click. By the way Ed, it's pretty easy to remove the gauge thingy to check voltage at the gauge.  

So how much work can a man do in one day? Well, just about as much as he wants to do I rekon. Yesterday I only work bout a couple hours. Got one item off'n my list. It was time to celebrate, so I didn't do nuttin else. Then when I sit down an' think bout it, I had a successful day.

I hadn't mentioned it yet, but for a couple months I been hav'n some tooth problems. Abscess an'.....how do ya say it, rotted teeth. Ya see, bout every two years or so, I got to have a tooth or two pulled. It's been over that time now. Time for pull'n. I ain't gonna have no chew'n teeth left in bout 8 more years. I'm at a point where I chew tough stuff on my left side an' I chew soup an' jello...stuff like that, on my right side.
But anyhows, a couple days ago, them two teeth like to kill me with throb'n pain. Thought I was gonna die. Using mouthwash an' maximum strength Anbesol to relieve the pain. It helped. It got so bad yesterday, I decided to try warm salty water. OH MY GOD, I'm gonna die for sure. Rinsed that salt out my mouth with more mouthwash....an' I ain't hurted since. Slept all night long. Yeah I know, "go to a dentist". I hate dentists!!!

That's it for the day. I got to get ready for a trip to Port Aransas since it's not cold out there.

"Photos Billy Bob, where are the photos"? I ain't got none.


  1. Glad to hear you got water. I just love it when you talk technical stuff like that. I thought I was going to have about 4 molars pulled, but the dentist didn't want to do it, so I'm having work done to fix 'em up and stop the pain. I told him if I have to have a root canal I want Valium (never took the stuff before). The prescription is waiting for me at the pharmacy. Yee haw, I might be flyin' soon!

    1. My first trip to a dentist was back in 1996 I'm think'n. That sucker plumb hurt me....pull two teeth, when only one needed pull'n. He said it was cracked, but I'm think'n he pulled the wrong tooth to start with. He only charged me for one extraction, what give me further suspension. Since that time, I've had bout 6 more pulled....all chew'n teeth.
      When I think bout root canals an' stuff like that, my first thought is "you're old Billy Bob, it don't matter no more".

    2. My four root canals were totally painless.

  2. Interesting teeth stuff. They seem to be one of the first to fail, maybe because of abuse. I was at the dentists, while I was working, good insurance and copay was only a thousand dollars for a crown/cap or covering the tooth with gold. The dentist made the comment, lack of proper care? I responded, no, I think it stems from opening beer bottles with my teeth. By the way, I had to get it pulled a couple months ago,haven't had the gold appraised yet.
    Hit in the mouth with coke bottles seem to have its shattering impact on teeth also.
    I like dentists, but hate their fees.
    Good luck teething.
    On circuit board, if solar charges house batteries and alternator charges chassis battery and all your driving is done during daylight hours, all batteries get charged. Also, does the generator charge both batteries, it might tie in to the logic board also, could be a problem there.

    1. Mickey, in my case it's probly abuse an' from eat'n dirt an' rocks at a younger age.
      If you was opening beer bottles with your teeth, that was before twist off.....you just told your age.
      Everything to do with the batteries goes through the 'battery control center'. Don't know if'n the generator charges the batteries or not. I do know the converter is energized when the generator is run'n. The converter charges house batteries at bout 7 or 8 amps.

  3. Years ago I told Bill I wouldn't be married to a toothless old man... I think that's when he quite going to the dentist... what do you think the message is? As for you... Heck, go to the dentist and get the pain over with... it only hurts for a little while.

    1. The last 5 or 6 teeth I had pulled didn't hurt at all. Good dentists I'm think'n. Before I can get one pulled, I have to get off my blood thinner meds for 5 days. Been through that a couple time already....5 days of tooth pain. .

  4. When Hermit Jim & I were kids, our parents couldn't afford to take 4 little ones to the dentist, so we went to the University of Houston Dental School. The students needed someone to practice on, they were well supervised, and the fees were probably little to nothing. We were always well taken care of, and I probably have some of those fillings still today...Good luck with your teeth and alternator - both can be real pains.....

  5. Nice to have that extra water pump, we have the same thing for transferring water.
    I was so glad when my final abscessed teeth came out, now have great teeth for chewing and no more pain.

  6. "But now we are to the question of why the dash voltage gauge only shows 13.80 volts."

    "By the way Ed, it's pretty easy to remove the gauge thingy to check voltage at the gauge."
    So you did that and found there was only 13.80 volts at the gauge? Which means that the gauge is reading correct and what I had to say yesterday was NOT the problem. Sorry, I did not realize that you had checked the voltage to the gauge - rather stupid of me.

    I am NOT familiar with battery control centers on motorhomes. But since you are and yours is not do'n what it supposed to do then I guess it needs replacing or you will fix it. I'm also guessing that your original question about the gauge reading was rhetorical and not meant to be answered. Sorry!