Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Never end'n pains......

Ok, here's the deal.....it's that damn couch over there.

Yesterday afternoon, one them tooths I gonna have pulled started a throb'n pain...an' I'm talk'n pain.

Ok, I'm back. Almost forgot I had started a blog. Now, let's see where we was at. That damn couch. Ya see, when I had it recovered, the guy ask me if'n I wanted to replace the foam in the sit down areas. I looked at it an' says...."looks Ok to me.....no". Well I should have sayed "yes". The part I sit on is all broke down. I sit on the freak'n rails an' my back is in weird positions. Not the kind of positions God had intended. This make my back hurt like hell, an' it did that last night. Thought I was gonna die.

While we're talk'n bout backs an' back pain, I jump in bed last night right bout 12:30am. Roll over on my left side so's I can cuddle with my Sadie Mae. "My God Sadie, you stink". She been outside roll'n in that damn burro poop again. Anyhows, I notice I ain't go no back pain. I got the Number mattress adjust just bout right I figger. After I kick Sadie Mae out of bed, I roll over on my right side. I can't go to sleep on my left. Ya see, when I was sleep'n in a crib or baby bed on the farm, the older boys would mess with my mind. Tell me if I lay on my left side, the devil will ram his pitchfork up through the bed an' into my heart. Then they go in the other room laugh'n their asses off. To this day, I still can't go to sleep on my left side.

Ok, where was we? Oh yeah.....I'm lay'n there on my right side. But, I never go to sleep in that position neither. I got to be on my stomach. So's I roll to the stomach position. My back begins to hurt. Now figger that one out.

About them teeth pains I was hav'n yesterday. I feeled like somebody drive nails in my teeth....I'm talk'n hurt. I tried mouthwash with alcohol. Last like 10 minutes before another carpenter pull my mouth wide open an' drive some more nails. Ambesol don't help neither. To hell with it, I talk me a couple aspirin, then rinse my mouth with warm salt water an' another mouthwash rinse. Ahh....much better. No pain this morn'n.

Made me a big ol' bowl of chili spaghetti last night. I love that stuff. Had my chili been better, I would have eat me up two bowls. Farted up a storm all night long. Got to love pinto beans.

Now....I been think'n how long it gonna be before I can go somewheres. What gonna happen at the dentist Monday will only be a one day affair. Get the two teeth pulled an' a good descale'n. So after Monday, I am free to do what ever I want. But I don't know what I want to do. I've always dreaded this point in my life, an' now I got to deal with it. I'm think'n just a change in camp'n sites may do me some good....but ya never know. You know, like just "down the road a piece". Nuttin special, just a new surrounding.

Ok, that's bout all I want to say today.

Just notice Trouble left a comment on yesterdays blog bout go'n to Mexico for repairs. You do know that I am red tagged on the border cross'n computers...right? Second, I have dental insurance. In Texas, it covers 80%....other states 70%. That's why I don't go to Mexico. 


  1. Ok you are always looking for fodder to write about on the blog. Why on earth are you red tagged at the border? Bet there is a good story about that. Oh, and just so you think I don't care about your tooth pain, I do-- hope it stays better till you see the dentist again.

  2. If you're ever of a mind to tell it, I'd love to hear the story of how you got red-tagged!

  3. A clove (spice) or a swab dipped in clove oil on a bad tooth works well for toothache- if you suffer in future. Glad to hear you are going to get those teeth 'fixed'. Bad teeth do harm us a lot.

    Red-tagged? What is that? Yes, why don't you tell us about that; did you break a law?

    For certain getting older is NO fun with aches and pains. I often wonder why some of my elders didn't tell me this was coming.

  4. Yep that be a good story about the red tag, I am sure...

  5. Yeahhh, let's hear that red tagged story,,, and, good for you, having dental insurance. I have nothing for that, and for my eyes, I can have one exam a year.

  6. Yeeaaahhh....Uncle Billy Bob....please tell the story!

  7. I guess I am the only one that rememberes the "red tagged" story.

    Oh yeah, I forgot I was your first follower and for some reason I remember more about your blog than I do about mine...jajajajaja...selective CRS :-)