Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Do I give a crap.....not today

Before ya get all excitis think'n the old Billy Bob is all happy bout warmer weather for one day, let me tell ya.....it's 39 degs out there an' the day is half gone. Ya see, another front come through yesterday an' drop the temps rather quickly.....like in bout a hour or so. At this moment I got only one thing to say...."this shit sucks".

Speak'n of sucks, I'm at the point in my life where everthing I plan to do or what I do do, it all sucks. Since it's still winter, I'll put all the blame on "freez'n my ass off" in freez'n temperatures. I'm at that point in my life where I just don't care no more bout anything. I blame that on winter an' freez'n my ass off too. Things can only get better.

On the brighter side......*think'n*....on the brighter side......I'm think'n, still think'n. 

Ok, we got all that crap out of the way....."now what ya gonna do Billy Bob"? Well, as soon as this weather clears up a bit, I got a wiring kit to install on the "billy jeep" so when I step on the brakes in "Sally da house", people behind me will see brake lights come on on the "billy jeep".....an' not crash into me an' destroy every thing I have worked so hard at. That makes sense to me.

After that, I can get back to diagnosing the inoperable alternator in "da house". This has been a chore for me 'cause it gets into stuff I ain't too familiar with. Like big ol' circuit boards. Relays an' solenoids what turn batteries on an' off. Control what batteries get charged and when....stuff like that. This is a repair that you can't just take "da house" to a mechanic an' say...."fix it". Even a mechanic in a RV repair center would scratch his head an' resort to "trial an' error" repair. Even with Google search, I have found no solutions for the problem I have. *still have circuit board replacement on my mind*

And of course, I still have a water pump problem with the house water system. Damn thing don't do nuttin. Fuse??? Stuck pressure switch? Burn slap up pump motor? How the hell do I know, I ain't even done nuttin yet. In case you are wonder'n, this is a minor repair. I have a spare pump if needed.

Of course, when the weather clears up, I will find time for a round of golf ball swak'n. It's been a while ya know, an' the longer I wait, the worster I get at swak'n balls. Only a couple more days an' we gonna have a few days of warm to hot temps. I say hot 'cause anything over 60 degs, I consider to be rather on the hot side in winter. Summer time, 100 degs is get'n on the hot side.

I Googled a piece of property in Alabama at a reasonable price. But it didn't have no big ol' bass lake border'n it with a boat dock. Nor did it have a little creek run'n through it to turn into a pond. I'm think'n what I want an' what I get are two different things. Kind of like what I got when I replaced my "that jeep" with the "billy jeep". I was want'n a Jeep Cherokee Sport (a square one as my son Robert called it). But there ain't none....thanks to Obama an' his failed "cash for cars". Now I'm stuck with a 4000 pounds Jeep. But it purrty.

I still have a Port Aransas run to make.....bout 70 mile round trip. Pick up my mail, what should contain the registration and license plates for the "billy jeep". Buy me up a few more cartons of them little cigars since I ain't do'n worth a crap puff'n them E-cigarettes. Was down to 10 smokes a day an' now I'm back up to over a pac a day......Grrrrrrrrr. Quit'n smok'n ain't easy ya know.

Ok, I'm out of here....laters.

Grrrrrrrrrr.....my post will not update on other blogs......     


  1. Some states require a braking system in the toad. Texas does not. I have one that fits in front of the toad's drivers seat and straps to the brake peddle. Don't use it at all unless I go through states that require it.

  2. .. sometimes it is best to just go with the feeling..I am so sick of this stupid cold! I don't want to hear that it will be spring before I know it..I am refusing to be optimistic..I am cold! Dublin Tx is frozen over.

  3. Back to basics, Billie! Alternator has output and a field feed. Get out a voltmeter and jumpers. If output wire has volts, it's connected to the battery...turn the key on and see if the field feed is working..may be a fusible link blown..use jumpers to provide a temporary field feed from the positive battery post, see if that works.

    1. I concur BB I was getting ready to replace one on my 454 and it was the feed, also now looking for a Joey Jeep (a square one) here in SW Florida found one on Craigslist but no base plate and might be looking for a tow dolly and try that... Hate not being able to go fishing unless I drive the Itasca to the lake... Then you play hell trying to back out a mile or so...