Saturday, February 1, 2014

Cain't believe I said that....old posts

Just for fun today......old silly stuff I said.

*Jist in case some you new folks don't have the slightest what I'm talk'n bout.....old Billy Bob ain't got no home....no place to live....lives on the street.....begg'n for food....worn out clothes....ain't got no money in his pockets....lost in a tangled world of misfits. Hehehehe....don't ya just love being retired?*

* Did I ever tell ya bout the time....I were sew'n golf cart covers so's we could play golf in the snow....or what ever. Needles was a break'n, of course I were cuss'n, the dogs headed for safer grounds...outside in the cold, and my blood pressure went so high, I had'a go see the doctor.
He says, "do you have any stress in your life"??? LOLOLOLOL....hahahaha.....stress???? Have ya ever see an old man try to sew with a sew machine? Ain't no pretty picture.*

* Ok, I didn't have food poisoning....Sheesh!!! What I had was a bad case of "funnel cake" squirts....or something like that.*

*Old Billy Bob woke up this morn'n think'n...."what ya gonna do today Mr Excitement"??? Two hours later and the only thing I came up with was.....how the hell ya gonna get that sticky burned marshmaller crap out that pan???*

* Got up again this morning, not know'n for sure what day it is....think'n it were Monday. But then I got to think'n, I didn't eat crawfish jambalaya yesterday, so's this has to be Sunday.*

*Well shoot....good thing I didn't decide to take off, all my clothes, git neekid and go swim'n.*

* "Poosh it Billy Bob"....what we did.....bout 30 mile a hour. Up the street bam'n and boom'n.....gasoline and flames shoot'n 3 feets in the air. Then it catched a fire. A BIG fire. People was gather'n and shout'n stuff.* ( we was mechanics ya know)

Ok, I'm done with that nonsense. I could be do'n something constructive.
Ya see, yesterday I was look'n for "the hand" post for Gypsy. By midnight I still ain't find it, but I sure did have a grand time read'n stuff I used to write. I laugh so hard that damn goat run off. Sadie Mae look at me like "what the hell"?

All that time yesterday read'n my old blog posts got me to think'n. I've already told most my life story, there ain't no sense in do'n it again. All ya gotta do is go back an' read. You will be glad ya did.

Freak'n Google piss me off.....update you sucker...grrrrrrrrr


  1. I remember most of those posts you took the quotes from! LOL

    I read somewhere that you could pay to have all your blogger posts taken off and printed into a book. Sounds like someone would pay to read all that eh?

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  2. Always some interesting stuff happen way back when. Try doing more!

  3. Just got home from a month long trip to Quartzsite Az and the River without internet. Looks like you have been freezing your hiny off. we had some cold nights also, several mornings it was in the mid 20's when we got up at 0 dark 30.

    Nice to see that you got rid of that POS Jeep and got a nicer one with some soft suspension. Looking at your blog photo I see a Burro in the yard,how about getting a small buggy and put that Burro to work hauling you around.

    Keep us all up to date on how the water level is at Falcon Lake.

  4. Here I thought I suffered from C.R.S. but how is it that I remember the posts those quotes came from? Selective C.R.S.?

    You always manage to put a smile on my face and have been doing so since I started reading you way back in 2008 :)