Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My god, somebody knock my teeth out

Ring ring ring.....I just got a email from my mail pick up guy, Port Aransas Business Center if'n you're interested. "Your plates came in yesterday".

Now let me tell ya bout how much sleep I lost last night over them damn plates. I looked at my watch an' it was 2:30 oclock AM. But I am very very glad they have arrived. Now I can transfer my insurance an' be legal.

I showed up at the dentist tooth pull'n place right at 1pm yesterday. The nice lady took me straight into a little room. Asked a few questions. One in particular was "are you allergic to penicillin". Then she went on to have me believe they was gonna give ma a penicillin shot before I left. I made it very clear that was not gonna happen. But it took a full 5 minutes for her to understand I don't do shots. She takes my blood pressure.....holy crap, it's way high. Talk'n bout that shot did that.

In comes the nice dentist doctor. We start talk'n bout grankids while he's mess'n with a pile of tools an' look'n in my mouth. I feeled very comfortable. Then he grabs holt to a big ass needle an' pulls my lip back. That's when I stop him dead in his tracks. This ain't gonna happen this way. You are first gonna put some that deadener stuff on my gums before you stick that big ass needle in my mouth. I don't know what he used, but it was a simple little psssssttt spray. Nurse lady ask me what it taste like. I says "chicken". But it weren't.

Back to talk'n bout grankids, he gives me bout three shots in my gums. Now let me tell ya, I didn't hardly feel a thing.

Now he start scal'n my other teeth. One them super sonic teeth clean'n devices what blows all that plaque to kingdom come. Up under the gums is what hurted the worst. But I endured the time it took him to do a good job. Most time I had that done, it was by a silly young girl what had no compassion for us old folks.

Then he gets a holt to my back tooth with some kind of pliers device. Twists an' turns a bit an' out it comes. Didn't feel a thing. I'm like'n this dentist. He grabs holt to that other tooth. Twists an' turns....the sucker breaks. Ten minutes later I have a empty tooth socket.

It was that easy, nuttin to it.

Then I get back to "da house". Change the wadd'n a few times for the next 2 hours....the bleed'n ain't stop yet. I send Rena to the store. Get me some Advil in case I have pains. Which I didn't. Maybe a little sore, but it don't hurt.

I didn't eat no breakfast, or lunch, before I went to the dentist. I was starv'n slap to death.....an' I cain't eat nuttin yet. Nuttin but liquids. Campbells chicken noodle soup mixed with a can of cream of chicken. Yum boy howdy, that hit the spot.

I take me some more Advil during the evening. Don't feel a thing. Waked up this morn'n....I hurted like hell. But not from my miss'n teeth, it was my back. Them empty teeth places feel no pain at all.

One comment yesterday made my day. Joey has a set of golf clubs. Lots of people don't like golf. They call it cow pasture golf.....stuff like that. But let me tell ya right now, golf is a very competitive an' mind alternating game. You'll find yourself say'n stuff you wouldn't in church. Ya don't just stand there an' hit the ball, ya expertise that hit. You use your mind. When you are stand'n there, get'n ready to swak that little ball, all other things in your life are forgotten. Congratulations Joey, hope you will enjoy golf ball swak'n as much as I do. 

Now I have a few things to do today. Go pick up my plates. Change insurance over. Pick up parking brake shoes. Plus a few other not so important items. That's enough for one day.


  1. I'm glad you feel no pain with the tooth pulling'. Makes it easier to do next time! It's great that you finally got your plates for the Jeep!

  2. Dang, you sure are getting things done and out of the way. Now you can hit the road with Sadie May. Just make sure that goat don't stow away in your RV.

  3. Way to go, BB! I hope I can say the same thing this afternoon - "It's sore but it don't hurt". I think you probably can take a little more pain than I can without cryin'.

  4. Vada here...As we said in the sixtys---Hot Damn--You did it Billy Bob!

  5. Glad you got some worries off your mind. See? Teeth gone, pain gone. Now you are in business to look to your future! If only you could stop that back pain; how about stronger pain medicine?
    I have very old, very weakest dose of tramadol, wouldn't use it but rarely when prescribed...addiction fears, you know. Well, it isn't addictive, I found out from Mayo. I take maybe one when back and brain is threatening to kill me; helps a bit...maybe. Bed rest helps the most but who wants to waste life lying in bed. I don't; nobody does. Hoorah for Billy Bob and settlin' a few issues.

  6. Now all is looking good, soon be good as new and traveling someplace?

  7. Waytago Billy Bob!


  8. At one time my brother and I had a dental young lady who cleaned our teeth..We called her the "butcher"...She would stab us with those sharp pointy things and go "OOPS"..I told her one more oops and we were trading places....The dentist cleaned my teeth from then on...
    I'm glad you found a good one. Bad dental hygiene can lead to just "bad days".....

  9. See...there was nothing to it...proud of you :)

  10. Good for you Billy Bob - you, me, & Gypsy all having the mouth stuff done this week, and mine didn't hurt either. My dentist in Houston is delightful, and gives you warm chocolate chip cookies on the way out. Job security for him, I guess.
    I use over the counter pain reliever called Percogesic for back aches and headaches. One will really do the job, two will put you down & out, so I reserve that dosage for Migraines. Sometimes a little hard to find, but usually on the bottom shelf at WalMart.
    Good hunting for your next camping place - swing by and visit with the Hermit and Dizzy, won't you?

  11. Yikes! Hope you get that teeth fixed or replaced. One shouldn't have to put up with such inconveniences. But when these do arrive, a quick visit to the dentist is always the easiest way out.

    Spring Branch Dental

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  13. It’s good to hear that you didn’t feel any pain on your gums, during and after the procedure. Most of the time, the twisting and pulling sensation create panic on our brain, which causes more discomfort and pain. Anyway, congratulations for a job well done!

    Arun Narang