Wednesday, February 5, 2014

No golf on a beautiful day.

I made a decision last night. Only to make another decision this morning to forget all bout the first decision from last night. In other words, last nights decision is over there in the trash can. I changed my freak'n mind.

I rolled out of bed a bit early this morn'n. Not 'cause I was want'n to, but I had me a slight bladder problem. That sucker was plumb full an' needed to be drained immediately. Old folks say stuff like that ya know. In fact, old folks gonna tell ya all there is to know bout every kind of ache an' pain, hair loss, bumps an' bruises, pain pills an' medications....stuff like that. Git used to it.

Anyhows, it was beautiful outside. Sun was shin'n, not much wind, an' it was a mite warm....bout 60 degs or so. A perfect golf swak'n day....I left the door wide open. Weren't but bout a half cup of coffee, a great big ol' gust of wind blowed that door slap shut. BaaaBammmm!!!!....skeered the hell out me. So much for a golf game, a new front hits "El Rancho Abraham". Blow'n like hell now an' a bit chilly. Oh wait, sunshine is back out....but windy. NO it ain't. YES it is.

Friend an' feller RV'er Karen (USA big backyard) send me a photo she took a few years ago (think'n 2010) at the "slabs" in southern Ca. We was camped within a stone throw each other an' shared many campfires together. Gived me a quart of pickled beets one time too. Damn them was some good beets. Anyhows, here's the pic she took of the old Billy Bob an' Sadie Mae.
Thank ya much Karen. *I rekon I owe her one now*. Nuttin is free in this world ya know.

As promised, but almost forgotten, here is a pic of that damn goat. In "da house" no less.
Nephew Joseph says I can have that goat if'n I want. Think'n he would make a perfect pet to travel all over the country. I can see it now....."walk'n the goat". Of course, I would have to have a dedicated travel companion to clean up all the little goat poop pellets an' change his diaper bout 4 times a day.

Yesterday was warm enough to go outside. I grabs a hand full of tools an' a electric meter. Open the hood on "Sally da house" an' look that battery control center dead in the eye. I gonna fix this sucker. Note to the uninformed: I only fix stuff that is broke, as in....I can see the break plain as day. I unhooks bout a gazillion plug in thingys an' wires. Removed that circuit board an' put it in my hands where I can inspect it real good up close. I don't see "nuttin", not a damn thing that's broke. Look like brand spank'n new. Ain't nuttin left to do but clean all the contacts, check all the hunnert fuses an' put it all back together. Damn thing still don't work....alternator that is. I ain't fixed nuttin. Three hours slap wasted. "Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob"? Well shoot, I'm gonna start all over....trace that big ol' #4 alternator wire. See where it go an' what controls it. Note to the uninformed: The alternator voltage is 14.45 volts engine run'n. The battery voltage is like 12.70 volts.....what should show the same voltage as the alternator. *Scratch'n my head an' think'n* Betcha a dollar I gonna be spend'n $200 plus dollar on a new circuit board. 

In other news around Billy Bob's Place, I let some air out my mattress last night. Ya see, every morn'n when I wake up, my right hip ain't no good, an' it hurt like hell. Stumble round "da house" for a hour or more before the pain subsides. With the slightly deflated mattress, I waked up to a slightly better feel'n hip this morn'n. What ya think bout them apples? I ain't stumbled yet.

Oh, did I tell ya bout my microwave? Sucker is on it's last leg. Have to slam the door closed 2 or 3 times before it will micro. I'm talk'n "slam" hard. Break stuff slam hard. Fount one at Walmart a while back, but had too much groceries in my cart for it to fit. Plus it was heavy. Used to be I would pick up a microwave with one hand, throw that sucker on my shoulder an' go to the check out. Them days are gone.....pooof, just like that.


  1. Everything seems to wear out, you, me, da house, da jeep, just keep fixin and repairin.
    Good luck.

  2. If you don't use a microwave all that much and don't need all the bells and whistles, you can find a fairly cheap lightweight model that waves just as good as the expensive heavy ones. I still use the kind with the dial you turn - don't like those fancy push button digital models. Nice pic of you and Sadie Mae.

  3. You and Sadie Mae haven't aged over the last few years. You both look young and chipper. What is your and Sadiei Mae's secret. I seem to keep getting older looking and you two don't. Good pictures.

  4. I liked the goat picture. Looks like it would be a good pet. Wonder if they make goat diapers?

  5. Great pic of Saddie Mae and you.

    She looks so sweet...if only they would live until we die.

  6. Went to Target with a guy I was dating a hundred years ago to purchase a microwave. We ended up in a fight and I told him where to go...so I had to unload that sucker on my own. That thing was heavy!

    Decided I needed to think things through and keep my hot temper under control until AFTER someone offers to load and unload a heavy item. I am sure in some way that was the start of my back problems.