Saturday, February 15, 2014

Whoa....it's hot out there

With all the talk bout freez'n temps an' a foot or so of fresh snow, parts of the country are hav'n warm to hot temps. And this is February...right? I heared one person say they was gonna plant some flowers. What the hell, you can't plant flowers in the dead of winter.

Yesterday I was look'n at temps out west an' temps right here in south Texas. Upper 80's an' lower 90's. This gets people all excited....think'n winter is over an' stuff like that. In some cases, that ain't so.

I was out in Yuma, Az. a few years ago. I was catch'n me up a whole bunch of rainbow trout at a little lake/pond thingy. It was get'n hot. And it was bout the middle of March. I hook up "that jeep" an' heads my way to Deming, NM. for some relief from these hot temps. Now remember, this is in March.

On my second day of travel, I pulls into my awaiting RV space, hook up all my stuff, an' then I go sit on "da porch" sip'n up a fresh cup of coffee, visit'n with my "pesky neighbor" Wayne. All is well. We sit'n there in short sleeve shirts.

Bout 7pm, the sun had just go down, I feels a chill. That happens in the desert ya know. When I goes to bed it's down another 15 or 20 degs out there. Come morn'n, I crawl out of bed an' make my way to the coffee pot. Gonna brew me up a pot. I ain't got no freak'n water. What the hell??? My water line is froze solid, it's 20 degs outside.

I sit here an' wonder how my life has change so much in such a short time. Not long ago, I had me a very excit'n an' adventurous life. I was able to do stuff. It weren't nuttin for me to over night hook up an' be on the road come mid morn'n. Weren't nuttin to drive 300 mile to a new camp'n place. Jump on a Walmart special $50 bicycle an' go for a ride. Hike up an' down hills...stuff like that. Go out to the mountains an' dig holes in the ground. Look'n for a little piece of gold. Take in the wondrous sights our National parks have to offer.....Grand Canyon was excit'n to me both times.  

But now I'm at a point where I got to get some stuff fixed by a professional. I ain't one for go'n to doctors an' stuff like that, so it's gonna take some time. Some of the stuff what needs attention, I just ain't gonna worry bout. I'm at a age where it don't matter one way or the other. I sure as hell ain't gonna be hit'n the dance halls an' dancn'n with no young chick-a-babies an' hoochi coochi "hot" wimmins. Foot problems I'll have till the day I die.

What I am concerned with though, is the time it takes to get well after repairs. Who's gonna wait on me hand an' foot dur'n that time? How I gonna make it to the bathroom or the coffee pot? What bout go'n to Walmart? I love Walmart. Being alone has drawbacks......'specially when ya need help.

 Sure do wished I had something excit'n to write about this morn'n, but there weren't nuttin excit'n happen yesterday. I was think'n bout not writ'n at all today, but I got to think'n....something is better than nuttin. Well, it is in some cases. 


  1. Liking that hot weather, and will take it as it comes , sure beats the cold.
    need a young chick a babe to cater to your needs?

    1. I need a permanent place. I hav a 22 ft old rv & wouldnt want 2 liv in an apt or the expense of a house. I got a bunch of dogs so need a settle place. A safe place. No thieves. No hateful ppl. I dont hav a ride. Need a haul. Ill pay for gas. Cuz okla sux i cant get back outta here. Easy to get hauls in tex & ark but not okla. Where is billy bobs?

    2. I need a permanent place. I hav a 22 ft old rv & wouldnt want 2 liv in an apt or the expense of a house. I got a bunch of dogs so need a settle place. A safe place. No thieves. No hateful ppl. I dont hav a ride. Need a haul. Ill pay for gas. Cuz okla sux i cant get back outta here. Easy to get hauls in tex & ark but not okla. Where is billy bobs?

  2. The more I read about it the more I'm convinced that my problems with heart, arteries, having no energy, etc., are due to lack of good dental care in the past few years. I could't afford it after I retired, but it's costing me now. Take care of the teeth that are bothering you as soon as you can, and you may notice an improvement in how you feel. I sure hope so, and good luck.

  3. You are so right, BB. Something IS better than nothing. Would ruin my Saturday if there was no post from you. I hear what you're saying about the problem of being alone. Is none of your kids--sons, grandsons, nephews, etc., ---available to help out if you need it? Maybe you would need to go to GA?

    Getting old is not fun. Too many parts that need replacing. If we were talking cars, we'd say just get a newer model! Thanks for going to the trouble to post. Hope your day turns out well.

  4. What ever happened to Pesky Wayne? Refresh my memory. Yep, what would we do with out Wally-World?

  5. I am with you BB on getting old 3 years ago I was traveling and having fun
    now Dr says I can't even drive to TN to visit.
    My kids both want me to live with them not happening.
    I am moving from my home down the road about 50 miles into a 55 plus com.
    so I will have neighbors. I am in the country by myself I own this place but will be paying site rent which will be a new experience. I miss not having anyone to talk to or see everyday.
    Maybe you just need to be in a park where you have neighbors old men to shoot the bull with. lol
    How is Wayne? I look forward to reading your blog everyday so please keep it going.

  6. Not an exciting post but worrisome, BB. Seems you are in exactly same position as mine. I need surgery BUT who's going to help me and also care for my dogs? Last surgery I had in 2008 I was abandoned too early and suffered dearly w/o care. Talk to your nephew - can't he arrange to help you IF the need arises? Heck, I don't even know you but still worried about you. It seems no time at all since you were going here and there and everywhere...with ease.

  7. In the same boat here,,, getting too old to do much, and no one to help. Yeah, family here, but,,,they don't have TIME! Not like it was back when we had parents,,, we helped every day. Whatever was needed. Sure not looking forward to the rest of my life,, already sucks.

  8. Have you considered the Escapees Care facility in Livingston TX? You can park your rig and live on the grounds, and they help out while you are recovering. Of course there is a cost. But, if you can afford it, it could be an option. I don't think you need to be a member to use it. escapeescare.org

  9. Bad teeth can link to heart problems and not drinking enough fluids can too. I learned that back in 2002 with my wife, she was only 50 and thought she was having a heart attack. After tests they couldn't find anything wrong. A year later she had another 'incident' and tests and had 3 stents put in and there was a mention of bad teeth which she had had for years with no explanation why. She had had a number of extractions and was sure she needed another then. The cardiologist I believe it was suggested a dentist might talk to her about removing all her remaining teeth, which is what she ended up doing and has felt much better ever since. Personally, at 55, 17years ago (makes me 71+ now), I had been suffering from indigestion and my doctor suggested (based on family history he said) a stress test... They found 5 blockages, so I had open heart surgery and then my doctor said he thought that is what was wrong with me but didn't want to say so at the time. So based on all that experience, and having read your blog for years... ya need to get the teeth fixed or out, and drink more water or juice etc. whether ya like it or not, or not, you have a choice to do what ya want, but IMO things won't get better if ya don't.


  10. Just found your blog tonight and couldn't help but read all the comments on teeth.Like many I read,I have had the heart issues and 3 stents.Did ya know if ya get 6 they give ya a new pickup truck?,lol.
    I got the helo ride when I had my heart attack and I have some bad teeth as well and have read that can have a great deal to do with heart issues.
    Why is it so many of us are afraid to go to the Dentist?.I know I am.I got my stents thru my wrists and have told people I would rather get a stent than go to the Dentist,lol,less painful,lol. And it ain't money that keeps me from going,not that I am rich.I'm just a chicken.
    I told someone recently that this gettin old sucks,but sure beats livin with the dirt people.
    Everything seems to want to break don't it?.
    Heck,fighting a pinched siatic nerve now and the weakness it left me with.I know all about that settin on the curb and tryin to get up.
    And I can't speak for the rest but I raised my children to be independent and some times wonder if I went to far.They haven't learned the term "make time" yet I guess.
    Plus side is you got a Jeep which equals chic magnet.
    So tonight if ya don't mind,we'll put ya in our prayers.
    Thanks for sharing with us here.

  11. After all I have gone through with my mother...I wonder WHO will take care of me?

    I am an only child, I did not have children (my choice), have no husband or significant other, my uncle is in bad health and my friends are older and in worst shape than I am :(

    At least you have seven kids...I would say try the girls first they tend to be closer to their daddy and have that maternal instinct.