Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cold??? You betcha!!!

Today is another day. Things have changed. It don't look so good.

Ya see, we had another cold front come through yesterday an' that front brought forth winds and cold temps. 34 degs last night, 39 degs as I type.

I was sit'n there on the couch mind'n my own business, look'n out the winder, watch'n the road for the UPS truck. I dozed off. There was a knock at my door. It was nephew Frank tote'n this big ol' heavy box. Out of curiosity, I open it up. A brand spank'n new Blue Ox tow bar bracket comes into my view. Part # BX1115.
Installation is now a waiting game of the cold weather to leave the area.

Last night I eat me up two homemade taco thingys. Didn't look or taste anything like Taco Bell....or anywheres close. In fact, they sucked. An hour later I was sick. A good puke take care of that. An' then I lay back think'n of well knowed names in my life. They weren't there......they was gone....pooof, just like that. I try other names......grandkids, daughter in laws, old friends...they was all gone too. Now I know that the older ya get, the more ya forget things, but this memory loss just ain't right. I'm a bit worried bout this.

Speak'n of diet, mine ain't work'n worth a crap. But then, I don't diet like other people do. I just stop eat'n two an' three times a day. Cut it down to one small meal a day an' let my body live off'n my swelled up belly fat. Snack a few crackers a few times a day to kill the hunger pangs. I'm still unable to button my pants after two weeks of diet, but I do believe I've lost a inch. But the loss of nutritious food has cost me in other ways. Will be re-evaluating my diet plan in the com'n days.

Oh crap, another month has passed me by. I'm out of meds again. That means a trip to Walmart. Grrrrrrrr, I don't want to go.

Speak'n of meds.....I'm think'n Obamacare has really mess things up. Not only for the younger people, but for us retirees too. Ya see, my medical insurance company won't pay for my lung medication no more (Advair) 'cause it cost too much. But they did suggest two other medications they will pay for. Both are much cheaper than Advair. I see this as a attempt by the insurance companys to regulate my health care....even though my doctor prescribes what he thinks is best for my health. 

For years I have been tell'n people bout vitamin 'C' an' it's ability to rid your body of infectious germs what lead to the flu, the common cold an' lung related stuff like that. But nobody listen to me. I been close to 15 or 18 years with no flu's or colds. All 'cause I saturate my body with vitamin 'C'.....mega dose them suckers.
Now I did catch me a dose of pneumonia back in Dec. 2000, but that was 'cause I was work'n up under the house in 20 degs weather fix'n frozed water pipes. I was sop'n wet from head to foot. I immediately got on mega dose vitamin 'C' an' in 5 days I was good as new.





  1. Leave it to the government to mess up everything.

  2. At least you don't have any of this white stuff on the ground and on the roads.

  3. Get that sudden memory loss checked out. Remember Old Fool. He posted about sudden changes, and the next thing his family posted he had a stroke later that day. Don't fool around with things like that. I don't like it when bloggers I enjoy disappear.