Monday, February 3, 2014

A chilly cold day in paradise....paradise, HA right

Oh my god....that soup.

I don't rekon I got to go into details bout that soup I brewed up yesterday, but that shit is sum kind of gooooddd. Or something like that.  Be eat'n on it for the next three days. Yum boy howdy.

Yep, you're right, Billy Bob sat his ass in "da house" all day yesterday.  It was freak'n cold out there after that front what struck with a vengeance. Got the freak'n dirty dishes all warsh up though. Ain't look'n no better for the rest of the week neither. Ain't nuttin predicted but cold weather. Won't be play'n no golf ball swak'n games this week.....unless.

Ok, here's the deal. If'n I had ordered that tow bar bracket last week, it would be here today. But I didn't....like a dumb ass. Why do I do stuff like that? So today, I plan to order the damn thing. Maybe even the wiring harness kit. That's a extra $50 bucks, but probly worth every penny of it. Won't know how to act with out them magnetic tail lights sit'n up there on top. Them magnetic tail lights have their advantage though when you're look'n for your car in a Walmart park'n lot. Stick out like a sore thumb. A spare tire up there helps too. Redneck ya say??? I ain't never lost my car since I put them lights an' spare tire up there......so there.

Remember my little "red bronco II"? Well I lost it one time. I pulls into a Walmart park'n lot, git out an' go inside. Got me a great big ol' load of groceries....."where the hell is my car"? "Think Billy Bob, where did you park"? I push that big load of groceries all over that park'n lot. No little red bronco. Somebody must'a stealed it. I head back to the Walmart store....gonna call the cops. Gonna put somebody in jail. "Oh, there it is", right over there where I park it.

Speak'n of recent photos of Sadie May. Why? This dog looks the same today as she did 9 years ago when I first get her. She's not photogenic. Not at all. All ya see in a big blob of black. Cain't even tell if'n it's a dog or a big ol' cat. But here goes....a recent photo of Sadie Mae.
Well shoot, that my Sadie Mae. Pretty good look'n photo of her don't ya think?. Her purdy, yeah her are.

Somehows, this remind me of the old ugly dog we have on the farm. All he do is lay under that tree out there in the yard an' sleep all day. I sneeks out the front door an' real quiet like, climbs up in that tree. *think'n rodeo star here....bull dog'n*. I jumps slap square in the middle that sleep'n dog. Holy shit, that damn ugly dog bite the hell out me. Stupit dog!!!

Ok, one more. Ya gotta hear this one. My cat was do'n what cats do....sleep. He was over there on the couch. I gets down on all fours an' sneeks up on that cat.....quiet like a mouse ya know. He don't hear no evil an' he don't see no evil. I raises my head up, bout 4 inch from that cat an' bark like a big ol' ferocious pit bull. Cat come slap alive out a dead sleep....all puff up an' hissss'n stuff. He beat hell out the top my head afore I know what happen. Big ol' scratches an' gouges.....shit like that. Stupit cat!!~!!

Ok, I'm done. Got stuff to do.


  1. I usually don't lose my car in a parking lot becaue I park way in back where there aren't many other vehicles. I started doing that when I had that big old F-350 with dually wheels and needed about 4 parking spaces. Now I just enjoy the walk to the back of the lot. That soup did look pretty good from the picture you posted. I'm fixin to make some ham and split pea soup one of these days.

  2. Replies
    1. I think ya got what I was get'n at Dizzy. But you surely don't think cats are the smartest critter on earth do ya?

    2. Darn DD, you beat me to MY comment,,,hahahahaha.

  3. Nothing a tasty hot soup in the cold weather, enjoy.

  4. Saddie Mae has the most beautiful dog eyes. Where are her dog toys?

    Thank you...

  5. Well Billy Bob, your readers can't say you don't try to please them.

    Sadie Mae is a sweet dog and very lovable when you meet her in person. That sure is a nice picture of her :)

  6. I put my favorite pic of you and Sadie Mae on your Facebook....

    Karen and Steve
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