Friday, February 7, 2014

My god, it's cold outside

I made a big mistake. I write way too much stuff about myself when I should be writing bout other stuff. You know, research some stuff on the internet, cut an' paste it for a blog post....make everybody happy kind of stuff.
Hee hee hee, I'm just gosh'n wit ya. I'm gonna continue to write bout myself an' if'n I don't get no comments, so be it.

Yes I'm get'n older an' the older I get, the more grumpy an' grouchy I'm gonna get. I made a post bout this one time.....bout get'n old an' grouchy. As I was grow'n up, I always looked at old people as grumpy an' grouchy. Just weren't no way to make 'em happy. I would see them sit'n in a rock'n chair on the porch observing the go'n on's around them....with long faces. Just sit'n there. Await'n the chance to "holler" at someone. "Git off my land", "shut up ya little bastard", "turn that damn racket music down"....stuff like that. That was my expectation of anybody that passed the age of 60 or 70 year old. I wasn't very far off.

So what happens when ya get older? Ya done lived a pretty good life....ya learned a lot. You was successful. Ya made a good liv'n, live in a big ol' house, brand new cars sit'n in the driveway, got hunnerts of crisp dollars in the bank. Then you retire. Ain't never gonna work again. Well hell, I'm just gonna go sit on the porch an' observe how the new generation deals with life. "Hey, that ain't the way ya do that". Ya start cuss'n 'cause the neighbor kids cut across your well maintained yard.....on motor bikes. Ya holler at the news paper guy 'cause he don't throw the paper where ya want it. Ya raise hell with your neighbor 'cause his dog barks all day long. In no time at all, you become a "grumpy an' grouchy old man".  

Now everbody ain't like that. They don't show how they feel when somebody goes against their grain....their way of think'n. Just sit there with a smile an' say...."howdy, have a nice day". But I betcha a dollar that ain't what they think'n.

Today is very cold. 35 degs if'n ya want to know. I had planned to make a run to Walmart today. Get my meds refilled an' maybe buy a new microwave. But I ain't gonna. Cold weather hurts me when I get out in it. My joints hurt, don't know if'n I still get any toes....it's misery I'm tell'n ya, misery. An' misery make me get all "grumpy an' grouchy".

When I lived in West Virginia, it got really really cold there. In the minus numbers every winter. Where was Billy Bob? He was out there play'n in that stuff. Throw'n snowballs, slid'n down hills on sheets of plastic an' sleds go'n a hunnert mile a hour. I worked outside in that stuff. Drove a old VW bus. Scrape ice off'n the inside of the winders (VW heaters do not work under 50 degs). Did I complain? Well hell no, I was young an' dumb.

Oh, did I ever tell ya bout the time....it snowed over night. The temp was down to -10 degs. I had to go fix a nonworking heater. I goes down to the VW bus, scrape snow an' ice off the winders, grabs holt to the door handle....the door is froze shut. I pulls an' pulls. It don't move. So's I rare back an' give it a gentle kick with my foot. Still don't open. Now I'm get'n really cold an' highly pissed. I kick the shit out that door....bout ten times. It opens. My right big toe is in severe pain. Did I break it? Apparently not, but it did swell up for a couple days. That was 35 years ago. Today that toe has got a big lump on it at the joint an' it hurt like hell. This is one reason I can't wear shoes.

Ok, I'm done for the day. See ya laters. 


  1. It's cold AND rainy here, so I guess I got twice as much reason to be grumpy and grouchy. But it happens that I'm in a fairly good mood.

  2. This is winter time, even here in sunny, warm Texas. It doesn't pay to get mad and kick something, now you can't wear cowboy boots even though you are staying in Texas at this time.

  3. Well you never indicated...are you the grouchy "old" man? I can say that cause you're 2 years older than me.

  4. I hate to disagree with you but grouchy has nothing to do with age. I've met twenty and thirty something grouches, also met eighty something happy people.
    Some people don't look at age, like the one firefighter in the story:

  5. It will warm up there some day right?
    You been pretty cold this winter.