Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Updated......Mom for a year....gone, pooof, just like that

Yeee ha....want ya lookie here, we got sunshine.

Somehows I got mixed up on my days again. I was think'n today was Tuesday an' it was gonna be cold again. But today is the beginning of bout 6 days or more of beautiful warm sunshiny weather. That make me feel better.

Test #1, house water pump. The fuse is good. That's all I did.

Test #2, Alternator charging system. The alternator voltage with engine running...14.75 volts. That's good. With engine still running, chasis battery voltage....14.75 volts. That's correct too.
But now we are to the question of why the dash voltage gauge only shows 13.80 volts. 

And the tests go on........


  1. With the sun shining it's time for something special, what are you going to have for dinner?

    1. Maybe Joseph caught some fish for BB?

  2. Dontcha just love having good weather to look forward to?

  3. I too am looking forward to several days of good weather here in Rockport Texas:)

  4. Not a cloud in the sky up this away. Still a little cool.

  5. Be sure and let us know how the golf works out. Have fun down there.

  6. Maybe dash voltage gauge is not reading correctly? Maybe you don't have an alternator problem, perhaps it is a gauge problem?